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54 JEWELER’S JOURNEY A Richter & Phillips short film

10 NOMOS made in Glashütte, designed in Berlin 14 WRIST WATCH A Whiskey & Watches feature 19 SEIKO SAVES THE SEAS The Prospex Save The Ocean series 22 BREITLING Complicated watches with sporty appeal


56 THANK YOU We couldn’t do this without our partners

26 ART OF THE AUDIENCE In partnership with Cincinnati Opera 33 STEVEN LAGOS Creative director and master jeweler

57 STYLE BY YOUR STARS Rings by astrological sign 58 ALMOST TIME A very special watch coming soon

36 THE HOT LIST With Mollie Watson

59 AMERICA’S COOLEST STORES 2022 A Richter & Phillips honor

38 A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS From the ladies of Richter & Phillips



42 NATURAL ROMANCE The wonders of a diamond

44 A BRIDE’S GIFT GUIDE Wedding party gifts your ladies will love 50 IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS New engagement ring trends for 2022 52 BANDS ON DECK Multiple men’s bands for all occasions


Rebecca Schaeper • Executive Editor, Creative Director, Designer, and Copy Writer

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Please note that most items are available in white, yellow, or rose gold. CTW = carat total weight of multiple diamonds or gemstones. Prices are subject to change. Please contact the store for current pricing and availability.

Brandon Vazquez for Whiskey & Watches


Fred Fehr, Chairman, Owner | Eric Fehr, President, Owner, Graduate Gemologist Rick Fehr, CEO, Owner, Graduate Gemologist | Freddy Fehr, Eric’s son, Fifth Generation Frederick Fehr MARKING YOUR MOMENTS We consider it a high honor to celebrate life’s milestones with you.

Dear Friends, Welcome to our 2022 holiday issue of Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine . This year we were honored and humbled to again be named Cincinnati’s Best Jeweler and Best Place To Buy an Engagement Ring. We also received national recognition as one of America’s “Coolest Stores.” As far as we are concerned, such honor and recognition also comes with great responsibility — that is to continue to serve the Greater Cincinnati community with the upmost care, expertise, and professionalism.

We are proud to be a part of this community. Cincinnati is a hidden gem featuring world class talent, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and innovators. For that reason, in this issue we feature not only some of the world’s finest jewelry and watches, but also the people and organizations that make Cincinnati uniquely us. When digging through the archives recently, we found a message which was printed in a Richter & Phillips catalogue nearly 100 years ago:

“Among our assets we like to count — the only one that money cannot buy — your good will. And so at this time we extend to you — not as a customer alone, but as a friend, the best of wishes.” It was true then, and is now. Please enjoy the magazine and know that we remain,

Very truly yours, The Fehr Family

Official Jeweler of the Cincinnati Reds

3rd Place Winner of America’s Coolest Store 2022, Big Cool Category

Voted Best Jeweler & Best Place to Buy Your Engagement Ring 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 - Citybeat Magazine




N OMOS timepieces are made by hand exclusively in Glashütte but, in a certain way, they are born in Berlin. This is where the watches are designed, and the famous NOMOS look is created. Berlin, a two hour and ten minute drive north of Glashütte, is where NOMOS’ in-house design studio, Berlinerblau, is located. Glashütte and Kreuzberg may seem worlds apart, but at NOMOS Glashütte they belong together. The combination of 175 years of watchmaking tradition and modern design have led to over 150 awards for design, branding, and quality.

The entire process often takes years before an initial idea is ready to wear on the wrist. The designs for a new watch are first drawn up on a computer monitor, or sometimes the old-fashioned way — in a sketchbook. Working together with the watchmakers is essential here. Generally speaking, there is often quite a period of back and forth between the experts in Glashütte and the design staff in Berlin. Everything depends on the tiniest of details — fractions of millimeters. The perfect wristwatch should combine mechanical accuracy with appealing design, and each

change to the external form could impact the function of the caliber within, and vice versa. Thomas Höhnel, the creative force behind NOMOS’ sports model Ahoi, is Berlinerblau’s senior product designer. What satisfies him most about his work is the challenge of designing to fit the wrist. “Like an architect who’s always working to scale and only sees his design when it’s complete, here it’s the same thing in the other direction — you always draw and think in large dimensions, but the watch will turn out to be relatively small.”

Tangente neomatik 41 Update midnight blue, $4,100.

Club Campus 38 blue purple, $1,650.

Tangente neomatik 39 platinum gray $3,780.









Rich in old-world traditions with a modest mix of modern innovations, the world of watches has curated a landscape of luxurious and quality timepieces. This miniature marvel continuously captivates an invested and ever-growing fanbase. But what makes a watch so wonderful? The art of watchmaking has earned a degree of “cool” with a deepened appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship and inventive artistry that goes into creating each unique device. But the fascination from behind the bench is just the first part of a watch’s journey. A watch is a work of art, a skillful display of exquisite micro-engineering. But it’s also a celebration. It’s the meeting of a milestone, the reward for ambition, the bridge between generations. It’s the commemoration of life’s most meaningful moments. A watch’s wonder is more than telling time, it’s telling a story. A reinvigorated passion for owning timepieces has inspired a new generation of collectors. Wrist Watch celebrates the wrists of Whiskey & Watches, sharing the stories of four local individuals who help make Cincinnati a unique, thriving city full of life, opportunity, and passion.



Every timepiece has a story - & it’s all in the wrist. Enjoy short-form interviews and learn the story behind some of Cincinnati’s finest wrists.




a trailblazer

BRANDONVAZQUEZ Styled by Philippe Haas Thriving as FC Cincinnati’s center forward, Brandon Vazquez is an expeditionist seeking new heights. Whether leading his team to victory or scouting his next adventure, Brandon plays rugged trailblazer on and off the pitch.

When did you realize soccer was your thing? So, I didn’t know any of this until a couple of years ago, but I started playing around 6. I was bigger than all the other kids my age, scoring 6 or 7 goals. And the parents from other teams went up to my dad and said, “Your son cannot play here anymore!” - they were mad that I was better than everybody. They had to raise me up a year to play with older kids. I was still doing the same thing. They had to raise me up a year again. I ended up on my brother’s team, he was three years older than me.

How do you come down from a day of training? I play video games with my brothers. That’s the way I talk to my brothers, we play video games and hop on a group chat. I’ve been picking up a couple hobbies - I started playing piano a couple months ago. I also have dinner with my fiancée and we watch a movie. Speaking of dinner - Go-to Cincinnati takeout spot? There’s this hole-in-the-wall in Oakley called Shaan Indian. Really, really good. Whenever I have a day off and I’m relaxing and recovering, my fiancée and I will order Shaan. What do you love to do best with your fiancée? Spending time in national parks, hiking. She put me on to that when we were in Georgia. I hadn’t traveled or been to national parks, camping, any of that kind of stuff. When she showed me, I was just like, “Wow - this is something that I’ve been missing. I want to see more of this.” What is your bucket list destination? I want to go to Thailand. Really bad. I like tropical environments, so Hawaii and Thailand are on my bucket list. If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would you be doing? No sports? That is a really hard question. I’ve wanted to play soccer my whole life. I’ve never wanted to do anything else. Soccer has been the love of my life. It’s something that has been so fun for me and I don’t see it as a job, I see it as a blessing. I get to play my favorite game every day of my life and I get paid for it. But I don’t take these blessings for granted. I really work hard to be where I’m at.

HAMILTON Khaki Field Mechanical

Why the Khaki Field? I chose this watch because it is an adventure watch. Something that you take on a road trip or hiking. Olive green is one of my favorite colors, so it instantly caught my eye. It’s a rugged look, with the khaki and stainless steel, 42mm, which fits perfect on my wrist. It makes me want to get my Defender and go. Go out and explore...

The new Khaki Field Mechanical is a faithful recreation of its original 1960s forebear and is true to Hamilton’s military heritage. Inspired by the military, built to last, this is the original soldier’s watch featuring a 42mm matt stainless steel case, three hand display, dark dial with light, luminescent numerals, indexes showing hours and minutes, and durable NATO strap.

Styled by Philippe Haas

an illusionist GEEHORTON Contemporary artist, Gee Horton, plays illusionist with his hyper realistic charcoal and graphite portraits. His mesmeric ability to create living, breathing life from a blank sheet of paper is his finest act, wowing onlookers worldwide.

How did charcoal become your master medium? I took one drawing class in college. It was my first interaction with drawing from an educational perspective. I fell in love with it. When I was later reconnected with art, I tried to paint, but it wasn’t right. I picked up a charcoal pencil and it felt right. It’s been that way ever since. What excites you about creating true-to-life pieces? I think it’s the pursuit of making it become real. The process of turning a blank sheet of paper into something where people have to consider if it’s real or not. I’m kind of like Houdini in a way - like a magician. My mission is to convince the viewer that they’re looking at a photograph. It has an element of trickery, manipulation. And, I’m excited that I have that power to trick the mind and eye.

Is there a new medium you hope to explore?

I’m excited to see what building a sculpture could do to help frame a story - play with collages and see how photographs render with drawings. I’m excited to incorporate poetry and spoken word into bringing life to stories. What advice do you have for an aspiring artist? Trust your gut. Sometimes, we have a tendency to search for outside validation, for people to affirm and declare us as an artist. But, you already are one. Step into it, trust your gut, and just give it a go. And, what calls you to keep going? I was at the Basquiat exhibit a couple of weeks ago. Jean-Michel Basquiat, who died way ahead of his time. But, what’s fascinating is how he still lives on. People somehow keep him alive. His work keeps him alive. To be a blip in human existence, this little time frame, and to be able to say, “Basquiat was here, Gee Horton was here and look what he gave us.” These ideas, these stories, these concepts, this ability to get out what’s inside of me, it’s my contribution to the world. Why the Tangente neomatik? What I like about this watch is the aesthetic. It really resonates with me. There’s a minimalistic feel, but also a level of class and sophistication. It allows me to feel like I’m wearing a work of art. I’m wearing something that is timeless - no pun intended.

NOMOS GLASHÜTTE Tangente neomatik 41

An update for the wrist, the award-winning NOMOS classic Tangente is updated with a uniquely designed date ring, artfully displayed far out around the edge of the dial. Featuring two red dots that frame the current date, this highly precise, playful date display makes this timepiece unmistakably NOMOS Glashütte.


What fuels your passion for vintage clothing? People I have known for a long time say, “Marcie is our wise friend.” I’ve always said that I’ve lived before, so I think it comes from past lives, truly. I find appreciation for the older things. Instead of upcycling or redesigning, I like to maintain an item’s original integrity. Which decade has the best vintage fashion? I’d say the early fifties. I love a fit and flair look, that classic Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn style. But, my personal style is more gaudy chic. I love accessories and gold chains - think eighties Versace era. Kind of like cool girl vibes, but timeless silhouettes - a good blazer that you layer up with little funky details. What is your current Holy Grail of vintage finds? A local woman, she must have been a Cincinnati socialite, had gowns and formal wear, but she brought me a Bob Mackie gown that was just completely gold, metallic orange, full- length, and still had the tags on it. That’s my favorite piece. an old soul Styled by Down to Mars MARCIE HON Presently vibing in a cool girl body, old soul, Marcie Hon, owns vintage clothing boutique, Down to Mars Vintage. The fashion design graduate resells vintage items, sourcing exquisite clothing from her personal travel adventures, ex-socialites, meticulous antiquing, and anything and anyone else fabulous in between.

Is vintage going to be a lasting trend? You know, you hit a 30-year mark where everything literally comes back. The resurgence

of early 2000s trends, or nostalgia in general, comes back through TV, movies, music. People want to feel nostalgic. They want to have something that feels comfortable and familiar to them. It’s been a good time for vintage, that’s for sure. What makes vintage so special? Vintage is really exciting because you know that piece has stood the test of time. It’s been around, it’s still living. The story that piece could tell and how many lives it’s been in and out of truly does excite me. And, there might not be another one like it, in that good of condition.

HAMILTON Jazzmaster Lady Auto

Why the Jazzmaster? This watch has a timeless design. It’s something that I can wear with any outfit, formal or casual. The tiny diamonds on the dial give a little sparkle and the stainless band is something that will never go out of style. The see-through case back of the Viewmatic presents the perfect opportunity to see contemporary watchmaking and quality craftsmanship working in harmony. Luckily, the front of this watch is just as captivating as the back.


a storyteller PHIL LIPSCHUTZ UnheardOf founder, Phil Lipschutz, offers Cincinnati’s finest collection of rare, luxury sneakers and eccentric street styles. With influences of pop art, history, and high-profile brand collaborations, Phil stitches deeper meaning into his nationally recognized line of skate clothes through the art of storytelling.

Styled by UnheardOf

What defines Streetwear? There’s no set style or trend. It’s designs from creatives that came from the street. Designers that don’t necessarily go to design school. It’s kids starting brands, clothing lines, modeling, just off the street. How did UheardOf come to be? My background is in skateboarding. I had a big passion to go pro. My best friend became a pro skateboarder and traveled the world - but I didn’t make it. I had dedicated my life to chasing that dream, but one day I had a panic attack - like, I’m not going pro. So, I met this guy at Nike, told him my life story and he said, “You know, there’s always going to be an opportunity for you in skateboarding - figure it out.” So, I decided I’d create this international street culture, lifestyle, graffiti, skateboarding store - carry crazy Nike shoes, Adidas shoes. That’s how I started UnheardOf. It’s my baby, it’s my passion, and it’s my brand. What is the coolest collab you’ve done to date? Major League Soccer. The front office out of New York called my cell and said “MLS wants to collaborate with Phil at UheardOf.” I told them I only wanted to do Cincinnati, because I’m a Cincinnati kid, you know? I can’t tell a story of a team from New York or Austin. So, we worked with FC and designed some unique products - That was probably one of the biggest highlights of UnheardOf.

What pair of sneakers are your most prized posession? Three pairs of shoes by Circa. I bought three pairs for my little sister and she wore them around, tried learning to skateboard in them. After she passed, I kept all three pairs and I have them to this day. Those are my prized sneakers. What inspires you to keep creating? Today, it seems like everybody likes to dress up differently. I think it’s awesome that style has become more open. It’s like a lifestyle or creativity that tells who that individual is. For me, it is a story. Whatever I design, I try to tell some kind of unique story based off the product, design, or what I like to think and believe in. NOMOS GLASHÜTTE Club Campus Why the Club Campus? I think this watch is really cool because it’s fun, it’s unique. The pink face is pretty sick. I like knowing that it’s all made in-house. Like my brand, we try to make everything local. There’s few businesses that do anymore, so that’s pretty unique. It’s also very lightweight and it pops off with my matching shirt. Club Campus deep pink is expressive and striking. This robust all-rounder from NOMOS Glashütte is a reliable life companion.




S eiko’s talent for producing durable diver’s watches, first emerging in the 1960s and 1970s, has resulted in timepieces favored by polar researchers and adventurers. Three special edition Heritage models from the Prospex Save the Ocean series combine the brand’s signature dive- watch architecture with glacier-inspired dials. Best of all, Seiko donates a portion of the proceeds from this collection to assist in the care of the world’s oceans through various conservation initiatives. Each watch is powered by the automatic Caliber 6R35, which delivers a generous power reserve of 70 hours, and the stainless steel cases and bracelets are scratch-resistant. Anti-reflective sapphire crystals ensure high legibility from every angle, and the indexes and hands are coated with Lumibrite for further legibility. Thanks in part to screw- down crowns and screw-in casebacks, the watches are water resistant to 200 meters. The deep-blue dial of the 40.5 mm model (SPB297) is based on Seiko’s first diver’s watch from 1965, which proved its reliability when used by members of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969. The 42 mm model is a reinterpretation (SPB299) of the landmark 1968 diver’s watch — the first Seiko watch with 300-meter water resistance and a 10-beat automatic movement, beating at a frequency of 36,000 vph. A high frequency movement is always more accurate. The white dial on the 42.7 mm timepiece (SPB301) has the same distinctively shaped case as the 1970 classic that served as inspiration. That watch from the past proved its strength and endurance when worn by the Japanese adventurer Naomi Uemura from 1974 to 1976 when he completed a 12,500 km solo dog-sled run from Greenland to Alaska. SEIKO SAVES THE SEAS WITH PROSPEX


MODERN RE-INTERPRETATION OF THE 1965 DIVER’S WATCH In 1965, Seiko introduced its and Japan’s first-ever diver’s watch. It incorporated an automatic mechanical caliber and delivered a then extraordinary 150-meter water resistance. The watch was designed for maximum reliability and legibility in the harshest conditions and was used by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969. Today, in commemoration of this Diver’s legacy, the landmark 1965 design has also been re-interpreted with contemporary styling, upgraded materials, and the 24-jewel 6R35 mechanical movement with a remarkable 70-hour power reserve. The Save the Ocean Special Edition honors the legacy of the original 1965 model featuring a deep blue patterned dial recalling the textures and colors of glacial ice in the polar regions where the history of Seiko diver’s watches began.

MODEL FEATURED: SPB297 // $1,250

TAILORED FOR TODAY While staying true to the design concept of the original timepiece, Seiko has updated the revolutionary 1968 diver’s watch with more tailored and contemporary lines and upgraded materials such as stainless steel with super-hard coating for superior durability. Joining the collection this year, the new Special Edition has a light blue dial with a darker blue bezel evoking the magnificent landscape of Antarctica.

MODEL FEATURED: SPB299 // $1,250


AN ICON RE-IMAGINED The 1970 Seiko Ref. 6105 was one of the most memorable timepieces of its era thanks to its exceptional strength and unique design. The iconic diver’s watch featured an asymmetrical case made with a wide, flowing design to protect the crown at the 4 o’clock position. Offering the same distinctive case shape and crown protector, this case design is now presented in a new Save the Ocean Special Edition with a silvery white dial capturing the glacial seascape of the Arctic encountered by Japanese adventurer Naomi Uemura who used the original model during his explorations.

MODEL FEATURED: SPB301 // $1,350



SPORTS WATCHES B reitling continues to consolidate its position as one of the best quality/value combinations in Swiss sports watches. With in-house movements, bold designs, and eco-friendly packaging, Breitling is crushing it right now. The brand is especially making waves with its Superocean collection, inspired by a design first launched in the 1960s. The new collection really stands out, with its thick minute track, boxy minute hand, and contrasting ceramic bezel — and, of course, its vibrant colors, including neon blue and olive green. There is even a bright orange model, a 1,000-piece limited edition co-designed by surfer and Breitling ambassador Kelly Slater. There’s a size for everyone: 46, 44, 42, and 36 mm, so this is a watch for men and women. Cases are steel, steel/gold, or bronze. QUALITY, COLOR, AND COOL DESIGN BREITLING

Breitling Superocean 42 Kelly Slater Limited Edition

Another great sports watch, the modern version of the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43, originally introduced in 1952, has been updated with a more refined slide rule and a choice of several dial colors. A favorite among pilots and aeronautical enthusiasts for nearly 70 years, the modern Navitimer contains the in-house caliber B01, with a 70-hour power reserve.

Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43.






Founded in 1920, Cincinnati Opera has been a celebrated member of the Cincinnati arts for over 100 years. During this century, thousands of operagoers have been whisked away by immersive stagecraft, dramatic narratives, and powerful vocal decadence. Highly regarded as one of the nation’s oldest, leading operas, its longstanding partnership with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra makes attending Cincinnati Opera a prestigious experience. The opera enchants us with stories of loves lost, wars waged, and treasures sought through song and illustrative music. From new, modern performances to beloved classics, the art of opera remains alive and well in Cincinnati, fueling hearts both young and old with wonder and imagination. But such an immersive exprience begins well before the lights dim, with a spectacular facet of the elegant evening found in an unexpected place– the audience. The opulent backdrop of Music Hall and the classic sophistication of an opera performance entices a certain savoir- faire when it comes to dress – and Cincinnati has no trouble delivering on individual debonair style. Performance night at the Opera beams with brilliance down the cobblestoned street of Elm. The steps of Music Hall are fancifully filled as an artful exhibition themselves with feather frocked hems, dazzling doses of sequin and intricately patterned jacquard dresses, suits and more. With endless renditions of modern-day dress, we have partnered with Ivy Costa, owner of Sloane Boutique, to share inspirational themes on how to dress dazzling for the opera, showcasing swoon-worthy jewelry moments fit for center stage. The ART of the audience Styled by Sloane Boutique

A special thank you to our partners Coordination: Cincinnati Opera, Center Stage Board Associates

SES Creations is inspired by the energy and sparkle of New York City. Dazzling with contemporary interpretations of timeless designs, SES Creations offers an artful collection of classics that never fade away.

Models: Ammon Hollister, Courtney Carroll, Kiley Beale Wardrobe provided by Ivy Costa Styling, Sloane Boutique Photography: Samuel Greenhill Hair & Makeup: Julie Niesen & Tanya LaFever of BRIDEface Production: Houston Raef





Imaginative and compelling, an inspired composition of glimmering diamonds, emeralds, and precious stones will silence a room - or better yet, stir a flurry of conversation. SES Creations’ collection of multi-stone pieces are designed to accentuate the natural flow of your neckline, collarbone, and wrists. Whether provocatively mischievous or refined with intrigue, illuminate your natural allure with jewels worthy of your tale. After all, life is left ordinary without a little bit of drama. A DESIRE FOR DRAMA






Featured from SES Creations: A| Emerald & Diamond Drop Earrings with 10.14ctw pear shape emeralds & 1.43ctw round diamonds in platinum, $26,870 B| Sunburst Hoop Earrings in 14k, 18k or platinum, pricing varies C| One-of-a-kind 7.01ct Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Ring set among 2 cadillac cut diamonds in platinum & 18k, $83,845 D| Diamond Trillion Earrings in 18k two-tone, $12,000 E| Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring in platinum & 18k two-tone, $50,432 F| Princess Cut Diamond Lariat Necklace with 33 round & princess cut bezel set diamonds at 1.68ctw, in 14k, 18k, or platinum, pricing varies starting at $3,065 G| Diamond Bracelet with 40 dazzling, 0.25ct heart shaped diamonds set in 14k, 18k, or platinum, $19,250 H| Platinum & 18k two-tone Emerald & Diamond Bracelet with 15.57ctw emeralds, 8.58ctw diamonds, $78,155 I| Emerald & Diamond Tennis Necklace , true radiance of intense greens & brilliant sparkle, 45.79ctw emeralds and 7.60ctw pear shape diamonds in platinum, $88,355


“ ”

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE, and all the men and women merely players...

Featured from Jewels by Jacob: A| Regal Diamond Leaf Collar Diamond Necklace with 39.58ctw of sparkling diamonds in 18k, $100,000 B| Vivid Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire & Diamond Studs featuring 22.73ctw of sapphire, $240,000 C| Asymmetrical, Modern Diamond Band featuring half & half emerald and oval shape diamonds in platinum, $50,000 D| Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring with diamond side stones in platinum, $44,000 E| Decadent Pink Diamond Necklace featuring 2.09ct pink diamond pendant with marquise, pear, & round white diamonds in platinum, $50,000 F| Pear Shape Diamond Bracelet in 18k, featuring 9.85ctw in diamonds, $24,000 G| Shimmering Pear Shape Chandelier Diamond Earrings in 18k, $50,000 | Pictured below: 1| 5.88ct Ruby Ring with diamonds in 18k, $14,000 2| Fantasy Floral Ring with fancy yellow diamond in 18k two-tone, $4,400 3| 7.06ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14k white gold, $14,000 With a carefully casted exhibition of dashing diamonds, leading golds, and a chorus of gleaming precious stones, you’ll find yourself a climactic manifestation, emerging as the person you dream to be. will you be seen? Dress has the powerful ability to cast you in a role. Done delicately with little details or in grandeur, access0ries are, arguably, the most important embellishment in setting you apart from the rest. What better moment than with the dramatics of theatre to immerse your character with these otherworldly, glittering adornments to unfold the evening’s performance?



Traveling worldwide, hand-selecting only the rarest precious stones, Jewels by Jacob offers an array of beautiful, classic jewelry. The elegant collections are intentionally designed to enhance the natural beauty of each unique stone, turning every creation into a truly magnificent masterpiece.







YOUR PRIMA DONNA Completing the ritual of readiness, are accessories truly the finale of dress - or have they taken center stage all along? Composed of glassy, gleaming enchantment, a perfectly faceted stone is commanding of attention. Jewels by Jacob creates an array of breathtaking pieces so rich with dazzling decadence, the sole charm from a singular design is worthy of the spotlight - a striking star so irresistibly sensational she must be the prima donna.







LAGOS Creative Director and Master Jeweler


Founder and Designer of LAGOS, Master Jeweler, Creative Director.


New York, Philadelphia, Bangkok.

“ Jewelry is one of the most personal forms of art. ”


LAGOS: 45 YEARS OF FINE JEWELRY It’s an exciting time for LAGOS, as the brand celebrates 45 years of fine jewelry innovation. When I started LAGOS in 1977, I envisioned a collection of diverse styles, sizes, and proportions - where everything works together. A woman could create her own look to suit her personal style. That was important to me 45 years ago and still is today. This fall season, our Caviar collections play with size and scale, mixing timeless LAGOS designs with modern Caviar textures. Warm gold with diamonds and cool silver with gemstones are among the options offered, so that every woman can express her personal style. It begs the question: Are you fire? Or are you ice?

SIGNATURE CAVIAR LINKS return with an updated look and feel. This modern silhouette with toggle closure is available in sterling silver, two-tone, and 18K gold, an excellent addition to any collection. The smooth, polished links are a distinct contrast to Caviar beading. ICE The iced opulence of diamonds and gemstones make an impact this fall, with the expansion of our best-selling Caviar Spark collection and the vibrant Signature Caviar Sapphire & Diamond. Diamonds also shine in new luxe versions of the popular Smart Caviar bracelet for the Apple Watch ®. CAVIAR SPARK expands to include circular and linear styles that highlight brilliant diamonds nestled in sterling silver Caviar beading. From everyday looks to statement pieces, these silhouettes deliver a fresh, modern collection. There is truly something for every woman and every occasion. In honor of the brand’s 45th anniversary, LAGOS introduces the celebratory SIGNATURE CAVIAR SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND bracelets with colorful sapphires and classic diamonds. From velvety blue and warm pink to sunny yellow and brilliant white, these styles make a statement. SMART CAVIAR, the fine jewelry bracelet for the Apple Watch®, continues its evolution with new styles just in time for the holidays. Diamonds set in 18K gold and sterling silver elevate the sporty look of the watch to a piece of fine jewelry, offering women options to stay connected in style. Wearable tech is the future and LAGOS is leading the way.

“Are you fire? Or are you ice?”

FIRE The warm luxury of gold is at the forefront for fall, with the new Signature Caviar styles delivering expert craftsmanship and design in 18K gold. SIGNATURE CAVIAR SUPERFINE has a youthful, luxe aesthetic that stays true to classic LAGOS designs. Ideal for layering, these pieces can be worn alone for an understated look or stacked for a bold statement. It’s delicate and light in scale, with superfine Caviar beads that offer a lot of movement. Certain styles feature brilliant diamonds that further elevate the look.




All featured jewelry by Luvente is created with natural precious & semi-precious gemstones set in 14k gold.

THE HOT LIST with Mollie Watson Diamond Sphere Necklace, starting at $1,720 Pavé Diamond Bar Necklace, $1,890

Styled by Sloane Boutique

Pavé Diamond Disc Studs, starting at $630

Pavé Diamond Disc with Asymmetrical Disc Charm, $730


4-leaf, Pear Shape Diamond Studs, $5,180

Cluster studs illuminate with an elegant and playful sparkle, offering a wide range of looks from modern pavé discs to decadent designs with vintage charm. THE NEW STUDS IN TOWN

Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings, starting at $2,230

Sparkle is intensified with radiant diamonds clustered together, making your diamonds appear richer LUSTROUS CLUSTERS



Popularized in the Victorian era for its subtle sophistication, a hammer style setting showcases diamonds mounted flush in a bold surround. Styles range from robust to delicate and often include decorative carvings like moons, flowers, or stars. This setting offers an organic, old- world feel, while emphasizing the natural illumination of the shimmering gold and diamonds.

Hammer Set Diamond Bangle, $6,870


Hammer Set Floral Diamond Band, $2,220

Hammer Set Floral Diamond Huggie Earrings, $1,900


Delicate Stellar Pendant, $340

Celestial Motif Necklace, $390 3. Celestial motifs are contemporary pieces that continue to mesmerize. Crescent moons symbolize positive change, empowerment, and femininity. Gifted as charms of good luck, star emblems symbolize well-wishes and encouragement to chase your dreams. A combination of stars, moons, and suns are representative of the loving bonds between family and friends. Layering on a combination of celestial charms, pendants, and emblems is an enchanting way to curate a fun, modern look with an imaginative twist. STARS ALIGNED Delicate Stellar Stud Earrings, $350

Star Flower Pendant with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay, $1,650


Styled by Sloane Boutique

A piece you simply have to try on to appreciate! This ring is truly the “heart-shape” perfected. Modern symmetry and the flush design give this statement ring a bold but delicate look. Paved in diamonds, you won’t believe the variation of sparkle this beauty radiates. The perfect feminine and flirty addition to your ring collection.

Star Flower Dangle Earrings with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay, $2,100

Mollie is wearing a collection of Luvente Jewelry in 14k gold featuring the Star Flower Dangle Earrings with mother-of-pearl, $2,100 | Delicate Stellar Pendant with diamonds, $340 | Star Flower Pendant with mother- of-pearl, $1,650 | Hammer Set Floral Diamond Band, $2,220 | Opal & Diamond Ring in yellow gold - $1,530 | Brushed Gold Adjustable I.D. Bracelet with diamonds $1,310 | Starry Hammer Set Diamond Hinged Bangle , $6,870 | Turquoise and Diamond Hinged Bangle , $3,000

STYLISH SENTIMENTS Your jewelry is a statement, so make it meaningful

Pavé Diamond Heart Statement Ring, $1,080

$4,220 4.


Initial Disc with White Mother-of- Pearl Inlay, $1,130

Brushed Gold Adjustable I.D. Bracelet, $1,310

Diamond Band with Opal Inlay,

The resurgence in meaningful jewelry has sparked our passion for personalization. Signet rings, lockets, initials, and engravable discs are excellent ways to add a sprinkle of sentiment into your everyday jewelry. MAKE IT PERSONAL

Like a wearable fairytale, opal is the latest color craze and the hottest stone to add to your everyday jewelry stack. Opal is a shimmering, magical gemstone said to bring its wearer good luck and confidence. A kaleidoscope of colors, no two opals are the same, making each piece of opal jewelry a one-of-a-kind experience. OPAL OBSESSION

Opal & Diamond Drop Earrings, $1,425

Diamond Signet Ring, $2000


Opal & Diamond Ring, $1,530



Diamond Encrusted Jaguar with emerald eyes, $1,357




Sunburst Earrings in 14k yellow gold, Afarin, $5,900


Connection Hoops with Diamonds, Michael M, $1,970

THE REIGN OF YELLOW GOLD “Yellow gold is simply timeless. It’s a universal metal that looks good on every skin tone. I think it’s all in the richness of the color. White gold can often be mistaken for sterling, but you can take any charm, coin, tag, pendant or disc and add it to a thin, yellow gold rope chain and the piece is immediately elevated. Right now, yellow gold is great to have in your staple items: yellow gold hoops, a simple, stylized chain, and the basics for your bracelet stack. Very popular are classic, vintage pieces like San Marco bracelets and oval- shaped bangles in solid gold. Those are always gone immediately, particularly from our Estate collection. Signet rings are a close second. Historically a staple for men, a lot of young people love them as alternatives to class rings or as pinky rings with a monogram. If you want to add some sparkle, hammer set diamonds are amazing with yellow gold. They sit flush against the metal, which gives an organic feel to the piece. It also protects your diamonds. I think what’s most attractive about a yellow gold piece is richness in color and when you can really feel the weight of them, again, I feel that plays into the luxury, the richness that yellow gold brings.” - NORA , Hospitality Coordinator, Jewelry Specialist BANGLES, TENNYS, & GLORIOUS STACKABLES “My love is in stackable bracelets. Every day starts with my LAGOS bracelet and yellow gold filigree chain. Then, I refresh the stack by interchanging other pieces. To get started on building a refreshed, modern stack, I always suggest picking an investment piece, a staple like a simple gold bangle. This is the piece you’ll start with every day, and it will wear over time, so make sure your first piece is sturdy. For example, instead of starting with a hollow bangle, opt for a solid one. From a comfort standpoint, oval shapes hug tighter to your wrist, so this is a great shape to start with. Check out our tennis bracelets, but bangle style. The shape is comfortable and easily aligns with any stack. My favorite new way to incorporate diamonds is diamond Cuban link chains. They are gender neutral and add an edgy, but classic texture. Once you have defined your staples, it’s time to mix in the unique statement pieces. We have been getting a lot of unique bracelets lately. We have an amazing bypass tennis bracelet, a cool snake bangle – just pop by the store and try on pieces until you hit your vibe.” – SARA , Diamond & Jewelry Specialist ANIMAL EMBLEMS “Animal emblems are very popular and make a unique statement about the wearer. We choose animals representative of what we are passionate about or identify with. Elephants for wisdom and leadership or jungle cats, like jaguars and cheetahs, to boost your confidence with their fierce, quick-witted nature. But now, the domestic cat is very hot. Cats have always been a symbol of regality. A kitty emblem can showcase a loving and caring personality, but also represents an independent, sultry side to its wearer. Pets are the alternative






favorite these are of our a few things



1| Beaded Bujukan Band in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $1,500 2| Diamond Confetti Bangle, JudeFrances, $11,550

As pictured from top to bottom: A| Diamond Cuban Choker in 14k yellow gold, $5,690 B| Bubble Script “S” Diamond Initial Pendant in 14k yellow gold, $739 C| Lucky Clover Necklace with pavé diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $2,069 D| Sparkling Pear Shape Sapphire Pendant in 18k yellow gold, $7,999 E| 4.80ct Diamond by the Yard Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $14,290 F| Modern Asymmetrical Pearl Necklace on 14k yellow gold paperclip chain, $1,329 G| Elegant Diamond Starburst Pendant in 18k white gold, Afarin, $2,899 H| Diamond Encrusted Jaguar Pendant with emerald eyes in 14k yellow gold threaded on paperclip chain, $1,357 I| Triune Link Necklace with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $2,920 | Right-hand rings from top to bottom: 2mm Digit Ring in 14k rose gold, starting at $260 | Curved Micro Diamond Band in 14k yellow gold, Luvente, $290 | Beaded Bujukan Band in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $1,500 | Open Back Signet Ring in 14k yellow gold, $231


Pavé Singleton Studs in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $1,920

Singleton Studs in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $970

Triune Link Necklace with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $2,920


Orb Ribbed Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,800

side to animal emblems. Dog is (wo)man’s best friend, it’s your protector. So, a paw print pendant is also a popular way to honor that relationship. But do you want to be ahead of the game and really know what’s coming back around? – The snake. Snakes are symbols of eternity and transformation. The snake saw its romantic heyday during the Victorian era when Prince Albert’s engagement ring to Queen Victoria was a gold snake embedded with emeralds. Today, the snake is a sophisticated, intelligent, and transformative creature - a very powerful symbol to wear. Animals are seen throughout designs, typically in yellow gold. Animals of solid gold or pavé diamonds are luxurious ways to showcase your wild side - especially with gorgeous gemstone eyes. Your animal style is completely transformed with a pair of emerald or ruby eyes! Overall, animals are a very personal, unique choice and are not typically universal. It takes a special person to pull it off. So, if you find an animal piece you connect with, then that piece was made for you.” CHRISTY, Inventory & Control Director FLIRTATIOUS FLORALS “The floral designs I’ve been seeing are breathtaking. Floral motifs, flower petals, feminine pieces like that have been popular since the 1920s, but lately clients have been exceptionally drawn to that look. Perfect for layering and exciting when encrusted or pavé set with diamonds. Floral designs are romantic, especially with a brushed gold finish that illuminates your features, but floral can also be sexy. For example, floral silhouettes woven into the “Y” shape or lariat styles are quite alluring. Slinky in style, these designs are complimentary to your natural neckline and curves, drawing the eye in. Florals are not just for spring. They are lively, fresh, and flirty all year long.” KIM, GIA Diamond Specialist, Appraiser, Custom Design Specialist








As pictured from left to right: A| 8mm Rounded Hinged Bangle in 14k yellow gold, $1,739 B| Laser Etched Hinged Bangle in 14k yellow gold, $810 C| Stunning 8.19ct Straight Line Diamond Bracelet in 14k yellow gold, $19,000 D| Emerald-Eyed Diamond Snake Wrap Bracelet in 14k white gold, $3,159 E| Asscher Cut Diamond Station Bangle with diamond detailing in 18k yellow gold, $6,399 F| Shiny 5mm Domed Hinged Bangle in 14k yellow gold, $525 | Left-hand rings: G| Multi-Shape Diamond Band in 18k white gold featuring 3.38ctw diamonds, Michael M, $16,100 H| Orb Ribbed Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,800

6mm Blue Sapphire Caviar Bracelet, LAGOS, $1,650

One-of-a-kind East-West Set Emerald Necklace, price varies by gemstone

MAGICAL GEMSTONES “Fashion is always cyclical. Right now, we are reinventing our ‘Grandmother’s Jewelry’ through fresh takes on vintage styles and what we love about gemstones. Instead of the traditional lighter, pinkish rubies or grassy green emeralds, clients are seeking uniquely colored, one-of-a-kind gemstones and want new ways to showcase them. Toi et Moi, or ‘you and me,’ is the hottest trend right now. This can be pairing a gemstone and fancy shaped diamond in a ring or micro-stones, like birthstones, hammer set into a disc representing your family. Alternative settings like asymmetrical, east to west, or clusters of fancy shapes are also sought after. But everything comes down to color. Unique, intense shades. I’m talking RICH, deep-colored emeralds, and blood- red rubies. Intense, swoon-worthy color you can 39 RICHTER & PHILLIPS JEWELERS MAGAZINE

only find in singular stones – that’s why custom design is huge right now. Using a setting you love and recreating it with heirloom stones or hand- selecting ones that have the exact color and depth you want.” – GINA, Custom Design & Jewelry Repair Specialist ON POINT WITH REIMAGINED PEARLS “Traditionally viewed as a sign of elegance and sophistication, designers are using pearls in a more creative, edgier way. Pearls are sourced from ‘pearl beds’ and in the past few years, farmers have really perfected the freshwater environment for pearls, allowing consistent uniformity in roundness and millimeter size at a lower price point. This accessibility has encouraged designers to be creative

when reimagining what a pearl piece can be. Like stationed-style designs with pearl accents or adding yellow gold into the mix doing half pearl, half paperclip chain, adds a modern contrast to what we see as the traditional pearl. Last year we created a micro-pearl necklace, ‘Daphne,’ from vintage seed pearls we had on hand. It was a perfect, petite pearl accent that was unique and layerable. Pearls are great for layering, like a pearls by the yard in yellow gold, for example. Again, the revitalized creativity around pearls from designers and the affordable price point have made pearls attractive to younger generations.” TERRI, Jewelry Buyer, Jewelry & Repair Specialist WHY WAIT? “Dopamine dressing is wearing pieces that make you feel good, pieces that connect you with the people, places, and experiences in your life that mean the most to you. This can be through fun symbols or colors that evoke a certain emotion, or this can be something sentimental like a form of personalization or an heirloom piece. The past couple of years have been an unprecedented experience for people. The fact that anything can be gone or can change in the blink of an eye was a reality we all shared at once. The realization and shock of ‘this could be it; I need to make it count,’ really impacted how people want to spend their money, especially in the realm of tangible ‘things.’ I think people have realized that they may not need a ton of stuff to be happy, but what they do buy needs to have value, emotional value. People are willing to spend their money on lasting memories and have a ‘why wait’ mentality with it. Something like a diamond, for example, does hold significant meaning. It’s a symbol of love, commitment, and the bond you share with your partner. More people are choosing to upgrade their original diamond – they’ve talked about it for years, let’s do it! Vintage, old-world styles are being purchased or reinvented using family heirlooms. You’ve had your mother’s wedding ring or grandmother’s ruby brooch for years. Let’s get it out of the jewelry box and recreate it into something you can wear and cherish every day! Whether it’s with their childhood, grandparents, or to another moment that gives them peace and joy, people want to feel connection, and we see that more and more with how individuals are choosing to accessorize.” – HEATHER , GIA Diamond & Custom Design Specialist PRETTY PERSONAL “Personalization in accessories is always going to be popular. It allows individuals to add their own touches to their look. To no surprise, birthstones are a go-to for personalization, especially for a representation of kids or grandchildren. But people are getting more creative with how they incorporate this. For example, necklaces with stationary accents instead of pendants. This could be a gold initial charm soldered into a simple chain, adding a birthstone in a bezel setting, or doing a combination. Either way, this is worn asymmetrically, which gives a modern look. The soldered look makes adding to the piece very easy. We can cut the chain where you want the next pieces to be and solder them in. This is so pretty with the bezel set birthstones, sort of like a ‘birthstones by the yard.’ Aside from representing others, I think people enjoy pieces that are representative of their own identity. Family crests and monograms have been requested a lot lately. Whether it’s on a locket, disc, or gold ring, incorporating your identity is a meaningful way to express yourself through accessorizing.” – STEPHANIE , Jewelry Repair Specialist










Rings from top to bottoom: A| Two Bamboo Style Stacking Rings in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $485 per ring B| Oval Checkerboard Cut Citrine Stackable Ring in 14k yellow gold, $799 C| Open Wide Pavé Diamond Band in 14k white gold, Gabriel & Co, $2,620 D| Beaded Bujukan Band in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $1,500 E| Open Back Signet Ring in 14k yellow gold, $231 F| Orb Ribbed Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,800 G| Scrolling Swirl Diamond Band in 14k yellow gold, Luvente, $1,790 H| Fancy Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting in 14k yellow gold, Classique Creations, $2,240 I| Pear Shape Diamond Band in 14k yellow gold, $3,410 Necklace: Toggle Clasp Rolo Style Chain in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, $9,980 Estate: 18k yellow gold and diamond Tiffany Flower Brooch , Richter & Phillips Estate Collection - Tiffany & Co, $3,995

Open Wide Pavé Diamond Ring in 14k white gold, Gabriel & Co, $2,950

Tetra Triple Pavé Band in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,430

Orb Ribbed Huggies in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $3,150

Why wait? - Diamond bands are the perfect gift to celebrate any milestone: anniversaries, birthdays, motherhood, & more! NEW: L’Amour Crisscut 2 Row Pear Shape Diamond Band with 2.31ctw diamonds in 18k white gold from Christopher Designs, $17,563

Orb Split Hinged Bracelet, Michael M, $11,000


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