Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022

when reimagining what a pearl piece can be. Like stationed-style designs with pearl accents or adding yellow gold into the mix doing half pearl, half paperclip chain, adds a modern contrast to what we see as the traditional pearl. Last year we created a micro-pearl necklace, ‘Daphne,’ from vintage seed pearls we had on hand. It was a perfect, petite pearl accent that was unique and layerable. Pearls are great for layering, like a pearls by the yard in yellow gold, for example. Again, the revitalized creativity around pearls from designers and the affordable price point have made pearls attractive to younger generations.” TERRI, Jewelry Buyer, Jewelry & Repair Specialist WHY WAIT? “Dopamine dressing is wearing pieces that make you feel good, pieces that connect you with the people, places, and experiences in your life that mean the most to you. This can be through fun symbols or colors that evoke a certain emotion, or this can be something sentimental like a form of personalization or an heirloom piece. The past couple of years have been an unprecedented experience for people. The fact that anything can be gone or can change in the blink of an eye was a reality we all shared at once. The realization and shock of ‘this could be it; I need to make it count,’ really impacted how people want to spend their money, especially in the realm of tangible ‘things.’ I think people have realized that they may not need a ton of stuff to be happy, but what they do buy needs to have value, emotional value. People are willing to spend their money on lasting memories and have a ‘why wait’ mentality with it. Something like a diamond, for example, does hold significant meaning. It’s a symbol of love, commitment, and the bond you share with your partner. More people are choosing to upgrade their original diamond – they’ve talked about it for years, let’s do it! Vintage, old-world styles are being purchased or reinvented using family heirlooms. You’ve had your mother’s wedding ring or grandmother’s ruby brooch for years. Let’s get it out of the jewelry box and recreate it into something you can wear and cherish every day! Whether it’s with their childhood, grandparents, or to another moment that gives them peace and joy, people want to feel connection, and we see that more and more with how individuals are choosing to accessorize.” – HEATHER , GIA Diamond & Custom Design Specialist PRETTY PERSONAL “Personalization in accessories is always going to be popular. It allows individuals to add their own touches to their look. To no surprise, birthstones are a go-to for personalization, especially for a representation of kids or grandchildren. But people are getting more creative with how they incorporate this. For example, necklaces with stationary accents instead of pendants. This could be a gold initial charm soldered into a simple chain, adding a birthstone in a bezel setting, or doing a combination. Either way, this is worn asymmetrically, which gives a modern look. The soldered look makes adding to the piece very easy. We can cut the chain where you want the next pieces to be and solder them in. This is so pretty with the bezel set birthstones, sort of like a ‘birthstones by the yard.’ Aside from representing others, I think people enjoy pieces that are representative of their own identity. Family crests and monograms have been requested a lot lately. Whether it’s on a locket, disc, or gold ring, incorporating your identity is a meaningful way to express yourself through accessorizing.” – STEPHANIE , Jewelry Repair Specialist










Rings from top to bottoom: A| Two Bamboo Style Stacking Rings in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $485 per ring B| Oval Checkerboard Cut Citrine Stackable Ring in 14k yellow gold, $799 C| Open Wide Pavé Diamond Band in 14k white gold, Gabriel & Co, $2,620 D| Beaded Bujukan Band in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $1,500 E| Open Back Signet Ring in 14k yellow gold, $231 F| Orb Ribbed Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,800 G| Scrolling Swirl Diamond Band in 14k yellow gold, Luvente, $1,790 H| Fancy Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting in 14k yellow gold, Classique Creations, $2,240 I| Pear Shape Diamond Band in 14k yellow gold, $3,410 Necklace: Toggle Clasp Rolo Style Chain in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, $9,980 Estate: 18k yellow gold and diamond Tiffany Flower Brooch , Richter & Phillips Estate Collection - Tiffany & Co, $3,995

Open Wide Pavé Diamond Ring in 14k white gold, Gabriel & Co, $2,950

Tetra Triple Pavé Band in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,430

Orb Ribbed Huggies in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $3,150

Why wait? - Diamond bands are the perfect gift to celebrate any milestone: anniversaries, birthdays, motherhood, & more! NEW: L’Amour Crisscut 2 Row Pear Shape Diamond Band with 2.31ctw diamonds in 18k white gold from Christopher Designs, $17,563

Orb Split Hinged Bracelet, Michael M, $11,000


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