Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022

Pavé Singleton Studs in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $1,920

Singleton Studs in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $970

Triune Link Necklace with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $2,920


Orb Ribbed Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,800

side to animal emblems. Dog is (wo)man’s best friend, it’s your protector. So, a paw print pendant is also a popular way to honor that relationship. But do you want to be ahead of the game and really know what’s coming back around? – The snake. Snakes are symbols of eternity and transformation. The snake saw its romantic heyday during the Victorian era when Prince Albert’s engagement ring to Queen Victoria was a gold snake embedded with emeralds. Today, the snake is a sophisticated, intelligent, and transformative creature - a very powerful symbol to wear. Animals are seen throughout designs, typically in yellow gold. Animals of solid gold or pavé diamonds are luxurious ways to showcase your wild side - especially with gorgeous gemstone eyes. Your animal style is completely transformed with a pair of emerald or ruby eyes! Overall, animals are a very personal, unique choice and are not typically universal. It takes a special person to pull it off. So, if you find an animal piece you connect with, then that piece was made for you.” CHRISTY, Inventory & Control Director FLIRTATIOUS FLORALS “The floral designs I’ve been seeing are breathtaking. Floral motifs, flower petals, feminine pieces like that have been popular since the 1920s, but lately clients have been exceptionally drawn to that look. Perfect for layering and exciting when encrusted or pavé set with diamonds. Floral designs are romantic, especially with a brushed gold finish that illuminates your features, but floral can also be sexy. For example, floral silhouettes woven into the “Y” shape or lariat styles are quite alluring. Slinky in style, these designs are complimentary to your natural neckline and curves, drawing the eye in. Florals are not just for spring. They are lively, fresh, and flirty all year long.” KIM, GIA Diamond Specialist, Appraiser, Custom Design Specialist








As pictured from left to right: A| 8mm Rounded Hinged Bangle in 14k yellow gold, $1,739 B| Laser Etched Hinged Bangle in 14k yellow gold, $810 C| Stunning 8.19ct Straight Line Diamond Bracelet in 14k yellow gold, $19,000 D| Emerald-Eyed Diamond Snake Wrap Bracelet in 14k white gold, $3,159 E| Asscher Cut Diamond Station Bangle with diamond detailing in 18k yellow gold, $6,399 F| Shiny 5mm Domed Hinged Bangle in 14k yellow gold, $525 | Left-hand rings: G| Multi-Shape Diamond Band in 18k white gold featuring 3.38ctw diamonds, Michael M, $16,100 H| Orb Ribbed Ring with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $5,800

6mm Blue Sapphire Caviar Bracelet, LAGOS, $1,650

One-of-a-kind East-West Set Emerald Necklace, price varies by gemstone

MAGICAL GEMSTONES “Fashion is always cyclical. Right now, we are reinventing our ‘Grandmother’s Jewelry’ through fresh takes on vintage styles and what we love about gemstones. Instead of the traditional lighter, pinkish rubies or grassy green emeralds, clients are seeking uniquely colored, one-of-a-kind gemstones and want new ways to showcase them. Toi et Moi, or ‘you and me,’ is the hottest trend right now. This can be pairing a gemstone and fancy shaped diamond in a ring or micro-stones, like birthstones, hammer set into a disc representing your family. Alternative settings like asymmetrical, east to west, or clusters of fancy shapes are also sought after. But everything comes down to color. Unique, intense shades. I’m talking RICH, deep-colored emeralds, and blood- red rubies. Intense, swoon-worthy color you can 39 RICHTER & PHILLIPS JEWELERS MAGAZINE

only find in singular stones – that’s why custom design is huge right now. Using a setting you love and recreating it with heirloom stones or hand- selecting ones that have the exact color and depth you want.” – GINA, Custom Design & Jewelry Repair Specialist ON POINT WITH REIMAGINED PEARLS “Traditionally viewed as a sign of elegance and sophistication, designers are using pearls in a more creative, edgier way. Pearls are sourced from ‘pearl beds’ and in the past few years, farmers have really perfected the freshwater environment for pearls, allowing consistent uniformity in roundness and millimeter size at a lower price point. This accessibility has encouraged designers to be creative

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