Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022


Diamond Encrusted Jaguar with emerald eyes, $1,357




Sunburst Earrings in 14k yellow gold, Afarin, $5,900


Connection Hoops with Diamonds, Michael M, $1,970

THE REIGN OF YELLOW GOLD “Yellow gold is simply timeless. It’s a universal metal that looks good on every skin tone. I think it’s all in the richness of the color. White gold can often be mistaken for sterling, but you can take any charm, coin, tag, pendant or disc and add it to a thin, yellow gold rope chain and the piece is immediately elevated. Right now, yellow gold is great to have in your staple items: yellow gold hoops, a simple, stylized chain, and the basics for your bracelet stack. Very popular are classic, vintage pieces like San Marco bracelets and oval- shaped bangles in solid gold. Those are always gone immediately, particularly from our Estate collection. Signet rings are a close second. Historically a staple for men, a lot of young people love them as alternatives to class rings or as pinky rings with a monogram. If you want to add some sparkle, hammer set diamonds are amazing with yellow gold. They sit flush against the metal, which gives an organic feel to the piece. It also protects your diamonds. I think what’s most attractive about a yellow gold piece is richness in color and when you can really feel the weight of them, again, I feel that plays into the luxury, the richness that yellow gold brings.” - NORA , Hospitality Coordinator, Jewelry Specialist BANGLES, TENNYS, & GLORIOUS STACKABLES “My love is in stackable bracelets. Every day starts with my LAGOS bracelet and yellow gold filigree chain. Then, I refresh the stack by interchanging other pieces. To get started on building a refreshed, modern stack, I always suggest picking an investment piece, a staple like a simple gold bangle. This is the piece you’ll start with every day, and it will wear over time, so make sure your first piece is sturdy. For example, instead of starting with a hollow bangle, opt for a solid one. From a comfort standpoint, oval shapes hug tighter to your wrist, so this is a great shape to start with. Check out our tennis bracelets, but bangle style. The shape is comfortable and easily aligns with any stack. My favorite new way to incorporate diamonds is diamond Cuban link chains. They are gender neutral and add an edgy, but classic texture. Once you have defined your staples, it’s time to mix in the unique statement pieces. We have been getting a lot of unique bracelets lately. We have an amazing bypass tennis bracelet, a cool snake bangle – just pop by the store and try on pieces until you hit your vibe.” – SARA , Diamond & Jewelry Specialist ANIMAL EMBLEMS “Animal emblems are very popular and make a unique statement about the wearer. We choose animals representative of what we are passionate about or identify with. Elephants for wisdom and leadership or jungle cats, like jaguars and cheetahs, to boost your confidence with their fierce, quick-witted nature. But now, the domestic cat is very hot. Cats have always been a symbol of regality. A kitty emblem can showcase a loving and caring personality, but also represents an independent, sultry side to its wearer. Pets are the alternative






favorite these are of our a few things



1| Beaded Bujukan Band in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $1,500 2| Diamond Confetti Bangle, JudeFrances, $11,550

As pictured from top to bottom: A| Diamond Cuban Choker in 14k yellow gold, $5,690 B| Bubble Script “S” Diamond Initial Pendant in 14k yellow gold, $739 C| Lucky Clover Necklace with pavé diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $2,069 D| Sparkling Pear Shape Sapphire Pendant in 18k yellow gold, $7,999 E| 4.80ct Diamond by the Yard Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $14,290 F| Modern Asymmetrical Pearl Necklace on 14k yellow gold paperclip chain, $1,329 G| Elegant Diamond Starburst Pendant in 18k white gold, Afarin, $2,899 H| Diamond Encrusted Jaguar Pendant with emerald eyes in 14k yellow gold threaded on paperclip chain, $1,357 I| Triune Link Necklace with diamonds in 14k yellow gold, Michael M, $2,920 | Right-hand rings from top to bottom: 2mm Digit Ring in 14k rose gold, starting at $260 | Curved Micro Diamond Band in 14k yellow gold, Luvente, $290 | Beaded Bujukan Band in 14k yellow gold, Gabriel & Co, $1,500 | Open Back Signet Ring in 14k yellow gold, $231


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