Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022



Founded in 1920, Cincinnati Opera has been a celebrated member of the Cincinnati arts for over 100 years. During this century, thousands of operagoers have been whisked away by immersive stagecraft, dramatic narratives, and powerful vocal decadence. Highly regarded as one of the nation’s oldest, leading operas, its longstanding partnership with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra makes attending Cincinnati Opera a prestigious experience. The opera enchants us with stories of loves lost, wars waged, and treasures sought through song and illustrative music. From new, modern performances to beloved classics, the art of opera remains alive and well in Cincinnati, fueling hearts both young and old with wonder and imagination. But such an immersive exprience begins well before the lights dim, with a spectacular facet of the elegant evening found in an unexpected place– the audience. The opulent backdrop of Music Hall and the classic sophistication of an opera performance entices a certain savoir- faire when it comes to dress – and Cincinnati has no trouble delivering on individual debonair style. Performance night at the Opera beams with brilliance down the cobblestoned street of Elm. The steps of Music Hall are fancifully filled as an artful exhibition themselves with feather frocked hems, dazzling doses of sequin and intricately patterned jacquard dresses, suits and more. With endless renditions of modern-day dress, we have partnered with Ivy Costa, owner of Sloane Boutique, to share inspirational themes on how to dress dazzling for the opera, showcasing swoon-worthy jewelry moments fit for center stage. The ART of the audience Styled by Sloane Boutique

A special thank you to our partners Coordination: Cincinnati Opera, Center Stage Board Associates

SES Creations is inspired by the energy and sparkle of New York City. Dazzling with contemporary interpretations of timeless designs, SES Creations offers an artful collection of classics that never fade away.

Models: Ammon Hollister, Courtney Carroll, Kiley Beale Wardrobe provided by Ivy Costa Styling, Sloane Boutique Photography: Samuel Greenhill Hair & Makeup: Julie Niesen & Tanya LaFever of BRIDEface Production: Houston Raef


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