Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022

Styled by Philippe Haas

an illusionist GEEHORTON Contemporary artist, Gee Horton, plays illusionist with his hyper realistic charcoal and graphite portraits. His mesmeric ability to create living, breathing life from a blank sheet of paper is his finest act, wowing onlookers worldwide.

How did charcoal become your master medium? I took one drawing class in college. It was my first interaction with drawing from an educational perspective. I fell in love with it. When I was later reconnected with art, I tried to paint, but it wasn’t right. I picked up a charcoal pencil and it felt right. It’s been that way ever since. What excites you about creating true-to-life pieces? I think it’s the pursuit of making it become real. The process of turning a blank sheet of paper into something where people have to consider if it’s real or not. I’m kind of like Houdini in a way - like a magician. My mission is to convince the viewer that they’re looking at a photograph. It has an element of trickery, manipulation. And, I’m excited that I have that power to trick the mind and eye.

Is there a new medium you hope to explore?

I’m excited to see what building a sculpture could do to help frame a story - play with collages and see how photographs render with drawings. I’m excited to incorporate poetry and spoken word into bringing life to stories. What advice do you have for an aspiring artist? Trust your gut. Sometimes, we have a tendency to search for outside validation, for people to affirm and declare us as an artist. But, you already are one. Step into it, trust your gut, and just give it a go. And, what calls you to keep going? I was at the Basquiat exhibit a couple of weeks ago. Jean-Michel Basquiat, who died way ahead of his time. But, what’s fascinating is how he still lives on. People somehow keep him alive. His work keeps him alive. To be a blip in human existence, this little time frame, and to be able to say, “Basquiat was here, Gee Horton was here and look what he gave us.” These ideas, these stories, these concepts, this ability to get out what’s inside of me, it’s my contribution to the world. Why the Tangente neomatik? What I like about this watch is the aesthetic. It really resonates with me. There’s a minimalistic feel, but also a level of class and sophistication. It allows me to feel like I’m wearing a work of art. I’m wearing something that is timeless - no pun intended.

NOMOS GLASHÜTTE Tangente neomatik 41

An update for the wrist, the award-winning NOMOS classic Tangente is updated with a uniquely designed date ring, artfully displayed far out around the edge of the dial. Featuring two red dots that frame the current date, this highly precise, playful date display makes this timepiece unmistakably NOMOS Glashütte.


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