Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022

What fuels your passion for vintage clothing? People I have known for a long time say, “Marcie is our wise friend.” I’ve always said that I’ve lived before, so I think it comes from past lives, truly. I find appreciation for the older things. Instead of upcycling or redesigning, I like to maintain an item’s original integrity. Which decade has the best vintage fashion? I’d say the early fifties. I love a fit and flair look, that classic Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn style. But, my personal style is more gaudy chic. I love accessories and gold chains - think eighties Versace era. Kind of like cool girl vibes, but timeless silhouettes - a good blazer that you layer up with little funky details. What is your current Holy Grail of vintage finds? A local woman, she must have been a Cincinnati socialite, had gowns and formal wear, but she brought me a Bob Mackie gown that was just completely gold, metallic orange, full- length, and still had the tags on it. That’s my favorite piece. an old soul Styled by Down to Mars MARCIE HON Presently vibing in a cool girl body, old soul, Marcie Hon, owns vintage clothing boutique, Down to Mars Vintage. The fashion design graduate resells vintage items, sourcing exquisite clothing from her personal travel adventures, ex-socialites, meticulous antiquing, and anything and anyone else fabulous in between.

Is vintage going to be a lasting trend? You know, you hit a 30-year mark where everything literally comes back. The resurgence

of early 2000s trends, or nostalgia in general, comes back through TV, movies, music. People want to feel nostalgic. They want to have something that feels comfortable and familiar to them. It’s been a good time for vintage, that’s for sure. What makes vintage so special? Vintage is really exciting because you know that piece has stood the test of time. It’s been around, it’s still living. The story that piece could tell and how many lives it’s been in and out of truly does excite me. And, there might not be another one like it, in that good of condition.

HAMILTON Jazzmaster Lady Auto

Why the Jazzmaster? This watch has a timeless design. It’s something that I can wear with any outfit, formal or casual. The tiny diamonds on the dial give a little sparkle and the stainless band is something that will never go out of style. The see-through case back of the Viewmatic presents the perfect opportunity to see contemporary watchmaking and quality craftsmanship working in harmony. Luckily, the front of this watch is just as captivating as the back.


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