Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022

a storyteller PHIL LIPSCHUTZ UnheardOf founder, Phil Lipschutz, offers Cincinnati’s finest collection of rare, luxury sneakers and eccentric street styles. With influences of pop art, history, and high-profile brand collaborations, Phil stitches deeper meaning into his nationally recognized line of skate clothes through the art of storytelling.

Styled by UnheardOf

What defines Streetwear? There’s no set style or trend. It’s designs from creatives that came from the street. Designers that don’t necessarily go to design school. It’s kids starting brands, clothing lines, modeling, just off the street. How did UheardOf come to be? My background is in skateboarding. I had a big passion to go pro. My best friend became a pro skateboarder and traveled the world - but I didn’t make it. I had dedicated my life to chasing that dream, but one day I had a panic attack - like, I’m not going pro. So, I met this guy at Nike, told him my life story and he said, “You know, there’s always going to be an opportunity for you in skateboarding - figure it out.” So, I decided I’d create this international street culture, lifestyle, graffiti, skateboarding store - carry crazy Nike shoes, Adidas shoes. That’s how I started UnheardOf. It’s my baby, it’s my passion, and it’s my brand. What is the coolest collab you’ve done to date? Major League Soccer. The front office out of New York called my cell and said “MLS wants to collaborate with Phil at UheardOf.” I told them I only wanted to do Cincinnati, because I’m a Cincinnati kid, you know? I can’t tell a story of a team from New York or Austin. So, we worked with FC and designed some unique products - That was probably one of the biggest highlights of UnheardOf.

What pair of sneakers are your most prized posession? Three pairs of shoes by Circa. I bought three pairs for my little sister and she wore them around, tried learning to skateboard in them. After she passed, I kept all three pairs and I have them to this day. Those are my prized sneakers. What inspires you to keep creating? Today, it seems like everybody likes to dress up differently. I think it’s awesome that style has become more open. It’s like a lifestyle or creativity that tells who that individual is. For me, it is a story. Whatever I design, I try to tell some kind of unique story based off the product, design, or what I like to think and believe in. NOMOS GLASHÜTTE Club Campus Why the Club Campus? I think this watch is really cool because it’s fun, it’s unique. The pink face is pretty sick. I like knowing that it’s all made in-house. Like my brand, we try to make everything local. There’s few businesses that do anymore, so that’s pretty unique. It’s also very lightweight and it pops off with my matching shirt. Club Campus deep pink is expressive and striking. This robust all-rounder from NOMOS Glashütte is a reliable life companion.


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