Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine 2022

A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA Personalization is always an amazing touch. Paperclip chains are the perfect, subtle addition for an elegant, modern glimmer. These are easily personalized by adding a diamond initial or other special charm. Your Maid of Honor was a total no-brainer. This person is your ride or die, your BFFL - and she should be honored with a little something extra. Help her stand out as the HBIC (head bridesmaid in charge) with a variation on the gift set. The Charlotte Hoop & Charm Earrings will match the other ‘maids but offer variation in the design.

Charlotte Studs in Jade Green, Julie Vos, $125

Richter & Phillips Jewelers: 14k Yellow Gold Adjustable Delicate Paperclip Chain, $329 | 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Initial Necklace, $499

Charlotte Delicate Necklace in Jade Green, Julie Vos, $135

STYLISH SETS Sets leave more to adore. The Charlotte Delicate Necklace and matching Charlotte Studs add a fun flash of color and a little bit of sparkle. Available in a range of bridal tones, this delicate necklace is meant to layer endlessly, inspiring each person’s look to be unique.

Charlotte Studs in Charcoal Blue, Julie Vos, $125

Charlotte Delicate Necklace in Charcoal Blue, Julie Vos, $135

Charlotte Hoop & Charm Earrings, Julie Vos, $155

COLOR CONNECTION Colors drive sensations that have a powerful impact on our experiences. They set the tone, define the ambiance, and hold a significant influence over your energy. Colors help establish balance and impact how you feel, especially during a highly emotional day, like your wedding! Your wedding colors are a vivid, memorable part of the day’s experience. For better or for worse, you best believe your bridesmaids will remember their dresses. A matching set of jewelry complimentary to their dress color and personal style is a meaningful way to gift them a piece of their wedding attire and something special to wear commemorating the day long after.

SISTERS, BRIDESMAIDS AND THE HBIC Like diamonds, besties are rare and add extra sparkle to your life! Your sisters, your childhood BFF, or that person you met randomly and instantly clicked with, these are the people you just know you need by your side at your wedding— and they’re probably just as excited as you are! It’s not easy to combine years of memories into one memento, but the right piece of gorgeous jewelry might just do the trick…

Diamond Bar Necklace in 14k Yellow, White or Rose, Luvente, $380

Luna Caviar Pearl Studs, LAGOS, $300

KSL Diamond Heart Studs in 18k Gold, LAGOS, $1,100

Luna Pearl Studs, LAGOS, $200

Caviar Icon Pearl Gold Station Bead Bracelet, LAGOS, $475

EDGY, SOPHISTICATED The KSL Stud Earring Collection from LAGOS is an edgy take on LAGOS studs. Fashioned in 18k gold, each stud is defined with signature LAGOS Caviar beaded details. An array of modern shapes offers variety in style, representing an individual look for each friend’s personality. These studs are the perfect gift to celebrate your favorites!

LAGOS: KSL Stud Earrings in 18k Gold, Gold Heart Studs, $600 Diamond Triangle Studs, $900 | Gold Star Studs, $600 Diamond Circle Studs, $1,000

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