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THE INCOMPARABLE POWER everlasting detail o f Y our engagement ring is a tiny but telling testament of your love story, a piece that you plan to keep for the rest of your life. Today, couples have endless renditions of extraordinary settings and bands to explore, each designed with remarkable craftsmanship and meaningful intentions. With a world of possibilities, it comes down to the small, unique moments that make your ring one-of-a-kind. For couples that want to propose with a piece that is truly their own, 2022 brought new ways to custom design a gorgeous engagement ring with some refreshing twists and modern additions. OUR LITTLE SECRET Meaningful sentiments shared just between the two of you are what make your bond intimate. A “hidden moment” within your ring is a special secret meant for your eyes only, or those you choose to share it with. This year, couples are incorporating a secret stone or hidden initial into their rings. Typically tucked beneath the crown of the ring, symbolic gems, like your birthstones or a special diamond, are a meaningful surprise for your partner. Instead of a laser engraving, couples are casting a secret initial beneath the crown. Because this is created with gold or platinum, the initial will remain a permanent piece of your ring. Imagine their surprise when they discover this little secret meant just for them.

PLAYING WITH PRONGS Often overlooked, prongs are a darling little detail we love to see couples play with. We usually see our ring in an aerial view, looking top-down onto your finger. This view makes your prongs a prominent piece of the ring, so be intentional with how you display your prongs. Prongs can be artful. Like choosing a 6 or 8 prong setting to add a geometric silhouette to your center stone. Prongs can be the perfect place to add some extra sparkle. Highlight the build to your center stone by detailing the prongs with spotlight diamonds. Or prongs can “disappear.” White gold prongs will create a minimal appearance. If your setting is yellow or rose, you can cast your crown in white gold or platinum by choosing a two-toned setting. This will allow your prongs to blend in with your diamond, making your center stone appear larger.

Classique Creations, Hidden Diamond Detail

Michael M, Europa Side Diamond Adornments

Martin Flyer, Two-tone Hidden Halo

Michael M, Secret Accent Stones

Michael M, Cushion Shaped 8-Prong Crown

Michael M, Europa Side Diamond Adornments


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