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Greetings from all of us at Long’s Jewelers! It’s no secret 2020 has been a remarkable and challenging year for all. In our lifetimes, we have never seen such sudden, strange, and difficult changes that have impacted almost everyone’s lives, health, careers, and families. We hope you and yours have stayed safe and will remain so for the holiday season and beyond.

Since reopening in June, we have been fortunate to see so many of you who just wanted to celebrate life and share joy with those you love. Once our doors reopened, you could not be stopped! We have heard countless stories of joyful events - from creative proposals and rescheduled weddings to intimate birthday celebrations and “just because they deserve it” moments. 2020 has reminded us how important it is to find ways to live life to the fullest, even when we have to maintain distance or stay close to home. More than ever, we are so excited to be there for you this holiday season. There has never been such a perfect year for sharing truly meaningful gifts. Jewelry unquestionably expresses love, gratitude, and appreciation. Our collections this year focus heavily on classics that can be appreciated every single day, plus unique art that invokes joy and makes the wearer feel truly special. Even this book is written with a different view: to celebrate life and all the emotions that go with it. In recognition of changing times, we have found new ways to serve you. Of course, we have new procedures in place to keep our guests and employees safe while shopping in-store. For your convenience, you can now shop a large selection of product on our brand new website right from the comfort of your own home! If you choose to shop online, we can save you the trip by shipping directly to your home or you can select “pick up in store,” either curbside or in the store. We are ready and prepared to help you via a virtual visit, as

New Rolex Boutique by Long’s Jewelers 8 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 Opening December 2020

well. Whether it is a video call, phone call, or text, our goal is to make it easy for you to find amazing jewelry and timepieces - however you prefer to browse, learn, and choose. No matter how you choose to shop with us this holiday season, we are truly honored to be a part of the important moments in your life, and we are here to make celebrating those as easy and safe as possible. Like you, we haven’t allowed 2020 to stop us, and we are also proud to celebrate the opening of our new Rolex Boutique at 8 Newbury Street in Boston! This store has been in the works for nearly two years, and it is the largest Rolex store in the country! We can’t wait for you to visit!

As always, we remain committed to keeping you safe in our stores and to offer only the best standards of quality, service, and value. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your jeweler!

With gratitude, The Team at Long’s

ONCE UPON A DREAM - Breona Holmes, Rochester, NY

Your #FOURWORDCELEBRATIONS have captured our hearts and reminded us that even in the strangest of times, real-life love stories endure. LOVE IN FOUR WORDS


- Lisdany Pazos, Marblehead, MA


The tale of 2020 has been anything but a storybook. But in our 142 years of helping people celebrate game-changing moments and relationships, we’ve learned that the stuff of everyday love has a way of riding out even the most unexpected chapters. To mark a year of twists and turns, we invited our customers to tell us about the silver linings that have helped them weather challenging times like the ones we’re currently living through. There was just one catch: Say it in exactly four words. Your short, sweet, tributes to the friends, soulmates, and triumphs

that bring joy and meaning to your stories have made us laugh, tear-up, and cheer out loud. They’ve also been a heartening reminder that no matter what’s breaking news, the people who make life’s plot twists worth it will always be a reason for celebrating. CAN YOU SAY IT IN JUST FOUR WORDS? Share your story celebrating real love and moments that matter, and see the latest #FOURWORDCELEBRATIONS on Facebook and Instagram: @longsjewelers .

- Carolyn Smith, Norton, MA

- Dan &Holly Patterson, Greenville, NH NOTHING WE CAN’T DO


- Shelley & Victoria Alves, Seekonk, MA

LOVE AT FIRST RUN - Susan & Kevin Power Prides Crossing, MA





Pictured above 1. Mariah Lojek & Sailor Marie 2. Carol Anne & Liam Watts 3. Jacqueline & Calvin Scott 4. Ashley & Michael Coe

FINALLY, I’M A MOM Mariah Lojek & Sailor Marie (7mos), Dedham, MA

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Carol Anne & Liam Watts, Hudson, NH

When Mariah and her husband welcomed baby girl Sailor Marie to the world in the early moments of March 2020, Covid-19 hadn’t yet upended daily life as we once knew it. But by the time mom, dad, and baby left the hospital to start settling into their Dedham home as a newly-formed trio, it had escalated to a global health crisis. Parenting during a pandemic is a new kind of daunting. For Mariah, one of the hardest parts has been coming to terms with maintaining a safe physical distance from her friends and family as she celebrates new motherhood. Still there’s no suppressing her elation that this long-awaited chapter, a lifelong dream, has begun. “I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember, so not even 2020 can make me feel less thrilled about it,” she says, sharing that it helps that Sailor Marie might be sunshine in tiny human form. “She’s a happy baby. It just takes one laugh from her to turn hard days back to pure joy.”

As a student at St. Anselm’s College in 2003, Carol Anne was late for class a lot. It can happen when you work retail 30-plus hours a week. “I’d arrive straight from my job, in my business blazer, and then I’d always stay after class to apologize to the instructor and ask for my tardiness to be excused,” she explains, citing the college’s strict attendance policy. She wasn’t the only one staying after class for the same reason: “I remember the first time I saw Liam, rolling into class in his blue mechanic shirt from his job at a motorcycle shop. I thought he was cute right away.” The late-arrivers struck up an instant friendship, and the rest is history. The pair returned to St. A’s eleven years later to get married, and took their first photo as husband and wife in the very classroom where they met. “We were probably a tiny bit late for our wedding, too” she admits. And in case you were wondering about the subject of the course that brought



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them together? It was Early American Lit. It ended up being one of Carol Anne’s favorite classes. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, LOYALTY Anika Depina, Stoughton, MA For Anika Depina, the greatest gift her parents Jacqueline and Calvin Scott ever gave her was a lifelong master class in unwavering love. “They’re why sayings like ‘they’d give you the shirt off their backs’ exist,” she says of her mom, who worked for 40 years as a nurse, and her late father, an accountant known for his love of poetry and playful sense of humor. They also taught her how the smallest moments of tenderness can help carry love through hard times. “They loved each other for 61 years. Through raising a family, through everything, they always made each other laugh,” she says. “My mother is still alive and suffers from Alzheimer’s, and my father forgot so many things before he passed. But they never forgot that love, or each other.” STILL SAID I DO Ashley & Michael Coe, Los Angeles, CA Ashley and Michael met on the set of a student film as undergrads at San Francisco State. Oddly, the cinema/media majors had never run into each other before. When they finally crossed paths, it was what old school Hollywood types might have called a meet-cute. “We were both running around and stressed out,” says Ashley. “The life of a student film production is barely controlled chaos. But as soon as we met, we clicked.” When their summer wedding plans encountered a different kind of chaos in the wake of Covid-19, the duo rolled with the punches and changed locations like seasoned pros. They kept the date and got married in Ashley’s parent’s backyard, joined by just their immediate family and their English Springer Spaniel, Phoebe. They pulled it off, but not everyone was thrilled by the festivities. “Phoebe hates having her pictures taken,” Ashley says. “But I’ll always laugh at the memory of her on our wedding day being less than thrilled at the whole production.”


- Amy Vernava & Chris Atwood, Marblehead, MA



- Lauren Grenier & Tom Cheney, Quincy, MA

- Brian & Dawn Gagye, Boxborough, MA



- Lynn Jennings, Milford, MA

- Alyssa Powers, Milford, NH



- Diana DiPerri Souza, Billerica, MA

- Jessica &Thomas Waitt, Rowley, MA



- Sara & Brent Shannon, Beverly, MA

- Dave Vadala, Windham, NH

service your way

b y J E N N I F E R B R U G H


This year, everyone is shopping from home a bit more — be it just to pre-shop before you go into a store or to pull the trigger and buy online. But the endless scrolling to find that perfect piece of jewelry or engagement ring based on pictures alone is like buying a home without a walk through — it’s a very personal purchase, so you want a more personal experience. Whether you’re making a meaningful purchase for yourself or someone else, it’s crucial you don’t go into it blind. You should feel confident about the adornment you’re buying virtually, which is why Long’s is making it easy for you to shop virtually with one of our sales professionals. We’re utilizing the same technology you use every day. Whether it’s texting, FaceTime, or Zoom, we offer that new, exciting, one-on-one shopping experience everyone is after these days. If you can’t come to us, or just prefer to be virtual, we’re still here to serve you.


Your sales professional will guide you through the entire diamond, jewelry, or watch-buying process, giving you the space and freedom to shop right from your phone, computer, or tablet. We’ll enjoy walking you through the store while you’ll enjoy the same high-quality customer service you’d expect from an in-person appointment at Long’s. You become so immersed in the experience that you’ll forget we’re on a Zoom call until it’s time to hang up. It’s the next best thing to being here! We make it possible to shop with us from wherever you are, at your convenience, in a completely safe and comfortable setting. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling, you can find that perfect something special from Long’s.

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 13

long’s commitment




18K White Gold Oval Halo Mounting With Oval Center Diamond by Long’s Jewelers

At Long’s Jewelers, we are proud and grateful to be the jeweler that you have chosen to celebrate your life with. Since our company was founded back in 1878, we have had the honor of meeting and working with multiple generations of families over the past 140 years. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting to know our customers and hearing the stories that go along with your jewelry. When you buy a piece of jewelry, you are investing in a work of art, a keepsake that you will be able to treasure forever as a memory of a milestone in your life — or even just a celebration of life itself — and you want to make the right decision. Buying a piece of jewelry, whether it is for yourself or to celebrate a loved one, is a truly happy experience and we are thrilled to share in this excitement with you. You have put your faith in us to be your jeweler, and with that, we have promises that we will make to you: YOUR PERSONAL JEWELRY CONCIERGE We curate the world’s best and most significant jewelry with pieces that are destined to become heirlooms. Our expert buyers travel the world to find the highest quality, most rare gemstones, one-of-a-kind pieces, GIA-certified diamonds and the most sought-after jewelry in the world that is truly unique. You will always be able to find the latest trends alongside the timeless classics, to ensure there is something for everyone and every celebration. If you ever have trouble finding the perfect piece, we promise to help you every step of the way — whether it is an extension of our inventory or a completely custom piece crafted by our jewelers, we are there to guide you. We ensure that your experience will be enjoyable and stress-free.

We carry the world’s top brands, such as Rolex, David Yurman, Mikimoto, Roberto Coin, Oscar Heyman, Marco Bicego, Breitling and many more. We also have our own locally crafted collections — all assembled in New England by our master jewelers. SERVICE When you make a purchase at Long’s, we want you to know that we are here for whatever you may need after the purchase, too. Your purchase is just as important to us as it is to you, and should you ever need it fixed, cleaned, or appraised, we are here and ready to help—we promise! We offer custom design services for when you want to create something from scratch, buying and selling of old jewelry, financing options to ease your mind, repairs and maintenance to protect your investment, and insurance replacements and appraisals. At Long’s we will create a comfortable, warm, and inviting atmosphere and will always make sure that you are happy with your service or purchase. COMMUNITY Finally, we feel that a vital part of being a small local business with roots in the community, is extending family values to neighbors, friends, and complete strangers. We take pride in the many local charities we support and the feeling of responsibility and friendship we have fostered with all of you who have become like family to us. We promise to be there as you continue to celebrate your lives and new generations. Our family and staff look forward to seeing and helping you soon!

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 15


b y D E B O R A H Y O N I C K


Milestones Deserve to be CELEBRATED

There is no gift that can capture moments, milestones, and meanings in our lives quite like jewelry. Times are different now; that truth is especially evident in our celebrations, but the importance of cherishing moments and bonds between the ones we love are, in some ways, more important than ever. Weddings are far more intimate. Graduations may be canceled, but the achievement still deserves acknowledgment. Babies are still being born. How will your memories of this moment in time be remembered? When marked with a special gift to commemorate the celebration, that gift becomes a story to be told and cherished for years to come.

A diamond, which signifies forever, is the gemstone of choice for weddings and anniversaries, but because it comes in so many classic jewelry varieties, diamonds are popularly used to celebrate any occasion. The name is derived from the Latin diamas meaning unconquerable. A diamond is the hardest gemstone and therefore, associated with strength and longevity. Diamonds are believed to inspire loyalty, romance, and a joyful life. Current style standouts are two-stone diamond ring designs and three-stone styles with white center and gemstone sides. One great thing about diamonds is the many colors from which to choose, including yellow, champagne, and brown, three hues especially popular right now. diamond

18K White Gold Five Row Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond Ring by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Diamond Flower Pendant by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Long’s Jewelers

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 17

This hue of blue could look beautiful on you! Next to diamond, sapphire is a favorite choice for a wedding gem, inspiring sincerity, peace, and joy. Many celebrate the birth of a baby boy or girl with a push present of blue or pink sapphire jewelry. One of the most popular sapphire gifts are stackable bands that can be collected for different celebrations and worn together. The great thing about sapphire is that it comes in several colors, with blue, yellow, and pink to choose from. Other iconic designs include bold sapphire rings and three-stone styles with diamonds, as well as different earring treatments and bracelets, sometimes in ombré or mixed color patterns. sapphire

Platinum Cushion Cut Sapphire Ring with Half Moon Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

14K White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Huggie Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

Platinum Shared Prong Band with Cushion Cut Blue Sapphires and Round Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Round Sapphire Double Halo Diamond Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Round Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet by Long’s Jewelers

18 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

pearls Pearls are classic, timeless, and oh so feminine, but styles have greatly evolved over the years, and today, pearls can be powerful, edgy, and modern, too! Pearls have a long history as a wedding gem, dating back to the early Hindus, when Krishna gave his daughter a pearl on her wedding day. Today many brides and mothers of the bride and groom choose to wear pearls with their gowns. A strand of pearls is also a popular graduation gift and sometimes revered as a symbol of power when worn by a woman in the workplace. Pearls offer lots of options, from classic Akoya to bold South Sea to colorful, shapely freshwater varieties. Popular gifts include long pearl strands and necklaces that mix pearls with chain and other gems, as well as bespoke designs in drop earrings and standout rings.

18K White Gold Multi South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace by Mikimoto

18K White Gold Classic White South Sea Cultured Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings by Mikimoto

18K White Gold Black South Sea Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings by Mikimoto

18K Yellow Gold Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings by Mikimoto

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 19

When Two Become One

the HEALING POWER of JEWELRY 110 Ct. Oval Morganite Gemstone

Physical and spiritual wellbeing are at the top of everyone’s page right now, and there is no better time to don your favorite talisman and feel the power. The allure of jewelry goes beyond the natural beauty and the ability to lift your spirits with their joyful presence. For centuries, people have believed in the powerful healing properties of gemstones and precious metals. Here are some of the benefits thought to be associated with popular gemstones. GARNET In centuries past, garnets were thought
to light up the night. They not only nurture love and positive relationships, but they improve your sleep by offering protection from nightmares and negative energy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, garnet is a healing stone that supports the flow of Chi throughout the body, boosting the detox of negative emotions, working to balance your mind and your emotions to give way to new paths of abundance, vitality and a higher expression of love.

18K Yellow Gold Round Multi-Color Tourmaline Necklace by Amali

Worn in jewelry, garnet is brilliant and durable and can be used as
an accent stone or the center of attention. This earthy and subtle-looking gemstone harnesses the rich, life-giving elements of the planet. Garnet comes in a variety of colors, such as green, orange, peach, pink and purple as well as the traditional mauve and rust colors. TOPAZ Topaz is a soul-cleansing, balancing gemstone that is believed to help release the pain of past traumas and to promote spiritual healing. The cool and tranquil color has the power to soothe the soul, balancing emotions, releasing tensions and preventing mental exhaustion. After it heals, it uplifts, bringing peace and renewed energy. Keeping a topaz stone with you will also help with self-awareness, giving you a better sense of your emotions, actions and their karmic effects. You can even place a topaz under your pillow or wear it in your sleep to ward off bad dreams. In its natural state, topaz is a golden-brown color but a variety of treatments could make topaz a shade of blue, light green, pink and violet.

18K Yellow Gold White Topaz Bezel Set Earrings by Ray Griffiths

18K Yellow Gold Manderine Garnet, Sapphire, Ruby and Chalcedony Bezel Set Drop Earrings by Mallary Marks

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 21

18K Yellow Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring by Suzy Landa

18K Yellow Gold Green Jade Earrings by Marco Bicego

TOURMALINE Tourmaline has natural healing properties that release a wholesome energy to all parts of the body. It channels your heart chakra to encourage strength of spirit, and will help calm the nerves. Tourmaline is believed to have the power to balance your energy, clear your aura and remove personal roadblocks, making way for courage, strength, and stamina. And according to lore, when you wear tourmaline on the right side of the body, you will be sending all of that positive energy out into the world. Tourmaline is quite resistant to scratching, chipping, and cracking, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear in jewelry. Tourmaline comes in a number of hues, with bright green, blue, yellow and red being the most popular choices. AMETHYST In addition to bringing peace, happiness, and emotional well-being, amethyst is credited with the power to enhance your intuition and psychic powers This stone’s healing properties facilitate intuition and communication, two things that can definitely be applied to work efficiency, since working from home means more distractions. Meditating with amethyst soothes irritability, balances mood swings, alleviates sadness and grief and dispels anger, rage and fear. It was also believed to protect you from snake bites, evil spirits – and drunkenness! Amethyst is readily available in large sizes, so it is often seen in bold cocktail rings. JADE Jade comes in several glorious hues of green, a peaceful color that relaxes and invigorates the soul. It has traditionally been associated with good luck, and believed to bring peace and purity into your life as well as prosperity and abundance. Jade channels a profound connection to the universe and the essence of life, making it a powerful

emotional balancer. Its color stirs a connection with the heart chakra, helping to open your heart to unconditional love and ward off any signs of an existential crisis. For good fortune, light a candle and hold the jade in your hand to enhance your connection to the earth as you visualize your ambitions into reality.

One-of-a-Kind Hand Carved Amethyst Quartz Bowl Available Exclusively at Long’s Jewelers

22 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

18K Yellow Gold Oval Link Chain and 18K Yellow Gold Carved Moonstone, Sapphire and Diamond Pendant by Temple St. Clair

173 CT Aquamarine Gemstone

AQUAMARINE Aquamarine reflects the color of earth’s life-giving forces – the sea on a warm tropical holiday or a cool iceberg in the Antarctic – generating wellness and vitality. Aquamarine was believed to have originated in the treasure chests of fabulous mermaids, who doled it out to protect and rejuvenate their favorite sailors. It is also said to fight against fears, phobias and stress and to give you the inner strength and courage to fulfill your dreams. If you’re feeling drawn to this stone, you may be in need of some Vitamin “sea” and the rejuvenating properties of water, washing away any anxiety and leaving only peace and tranquility in its wake. MOONSTONE This mystical, shimmering gemstone channels the energy of the moon, regulating the tides of your emotions and keeping your life in balance. Moonstone is thought to be a talisman of the inward journey. When you wear it, you will feel the flow of its energy through the ups and downs of your daily life, guiding you on your path to wisdom. Legend has it that if you keep a moonstone close by, the moon will infuse your chakras with its brilliant white light, clearing your mind and centering your spirit. TURQUOISE Turquoise is a beautiful stone that, despite its classification as an opaque gem, delivers a pop of color like that of the more highly valued transparent “precious” gemstones. Used for centuries, this protective stone serves as a spiritual shelter for the heart, especially one that has been damaged by emotional wounds or chronic stress. Turquoise is also noted for its healing properties, particularly when it comes to respiratory, skeletal and immunity issues. Wear this stone and harness its healing effects, leaving you open to only positive, life-affirming thoughts and actions.

18K Yellow Gold Turquoise and Orange Sapphire Earrings by Mallary Marks

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 23


custom creations



Now more than ever, we all deserve something truly special, personal and unique to us. There is no better time to create a one-of-a-kind piece straight from your heart for your one-of-a-kind person. Together with our design experts, we will help you create a custom and meaningful piece that is meant just for them. At Long’s, we will work closely with you and learn exactly what you are looking for. Our design team is able to create a customized piece of jewelry using the latest in design technology. Our team will help guide you through the process every step of the way. GIA-certified diamonds, precious, semi-precious and exotic gemstones have been collected by the Long’s team for years and are available for you as you create your custom piece. Make it truly memorable and have the piece engraved with your initials, a special date or anything you choose to make it extra special!



L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 27


b y C A R O L B E S L E R



Bright and bold jewelry has the power to lift your spirits and turn a black-and-white world into a sunny spring day, full of color and possibility. Certain colors may bring back memories of a wonderful moment or a milestone achievement, or they can remind us of the beauty of the ocean or a lush forest or a newborn baby girl or boy. Red can inspire passion and call to mind the love of your life. Birthstones have been used for centuries to commemorate the month you and your loved ones were born. Color adds life, joy, and energy to our world. It infuses jewelry with a special beauty that serves as a beacon in a fashion world

full of neutrals. Gemstone jewelry is not just an accessory, it is the magic finishing touch that makes a little black dress or a tone-on- tone ensemble come alive. From the reds of ruby and garnet to the blues of aquamarine and sapphire and the greens of tourmaline and emerald, there is something for everyone, at every price point, in the wonderful world of color. Gemstones offer a world of possibility in terms of personal expression and the art of adornment, and they allow us to be truly creative in our choice of accessories. Stack them, layer them, mix them together — the sky’s the limit.

Platinum Cushion Cut Ruby Ring with Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bezel Set Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Lapis, Pearl and Diamond

Drop Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

28 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Platinum Pink Sapphire Ring with Asscher Cut Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Morganite Briolette Pendant with Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Jadeite and Diamond Ring by Long’s Jewelers

14K Yellow Gold Teardrop Amethyst Earrings from Long’s Jewelers Vintage & Estate Collection

18K Yellow Gold and Platinum Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet by Oscar Heyman

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 29

by a woman, for a woman sylviecollection.com

style guide

b y L O R I R O B E R T S

T R E N D I N G STYLE on RISE the There is so much to celebrate in life: friends and family, but also milestones, anniversaries, and achievements. Adding something special to your jewelry wardrobe is a perfect way to commemorate and celebrate the many joys of life.

PICK-ME-UPS Comfort and Joy — Jewelry that makes your heart happy is always a winning choice. It’s a caffeine-free way to start your day off right. Choose symbols that are close to your heart, motifs that bring you closer to nature, or signs that spread peace and love. Sounds good to us! Pick a piece to wear every day along with your smile.

24K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Micro Mosaic Evil Eye Charm, 24K Yellow Gold Malachite Pendant and 24K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Coral Buddha Charm on Blackened Sterling Silver Chain by Prehistoric Works

MIXED METALS AND MORE Silver, gold, and rose –— oh my! Now you can add to that blackened, jeweled, woven, hammered, textured, and more.

18K Yellow Gold Rainbow Sunrise Drop Earrings by Sia Taylor

18K Yellow Gold and Blackened Sterling Silver Scalloped Crown Ring by Armenta 18K Yellow Gold and Blackened Sterling Silver Ring with White Pear Shaped Sapphires and Champagne Diamonds by Armenta

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 31

18K Yellow Gold Station Black Diamond Necklaces in 16” and 26” by Amali

STACKS & LAYERS More is more when it comes to layering on necklaces, stacking bracelets, and combining rings. And the rules? They are out the window! Experiment with various textures and colors to create a new look each day and a style that is all your own. With necklaces, start up high with a choker style and work your way down to longer chains that move with your every step. If you prefer the designer to do the work for you, many bracelets and rings have stacked looks in a single piece.

18K Rose Gold Bar Set Band with Emerald Cut Diamonds by Mark Patterson 18K Yellow Gold Prong Set Band with Round Diamonds by Precision Set 18K Rose Gold Band Alternating with Bezel Set Round and Marquise Diamonds by Mark Patterson

18K White Gold Bezel Set Band with Baguette Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

Platinum Precious Prong Eternity Band by Memoire

18K White Gold Alternating Shapes Milgrain Band by Sylvie 18K White Gold Double Row Shared Prong Band by Artcarved

18K White Gold Bezel Set Round Diamond Pendant by Long’s Jewelers 14K White Gold Diamond Baguette Bar Necklace by Long’s Jewelers

32 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

VIVID COLOR Color is coming on strong in 2021. Shy blush tones are being overtaken by bold reds, blues, amethyst, and emerald hues in both precious and semiprecious gemstone varieties. Colorful gemstones with warm yellow gold tones create a vivid statement. Enamel introduces affordability, so you can start your collection easily.

18K Yellow Gold Turquoise Drop Earrings by Suzy Landa

18K Yellow Gold Sapphire, Tanzanite and Amethyst Adjustable Necklace by Mallary Marks

DROP ME A LINE There’s something strong and confident about a sleek, linear drop, especially if it happens to be coated in diamonds. Earrings with the linear look can stretch clear to the collar bone for a high fashion flash; likewise a necklace can drop to disappear in your décolletage . Beyond those runway looks lie plenty of pretty options for everyday wear too. So go long or go home, as they say.

18K White Gold Diamond Drop Earrings by Mark Patterson

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Drop Earrings by Zoe Chicco

18K White Gold Diamond Line Drop Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

18K Rose Gold Rainbow Sapphire Diamond Dangle Earrings by Penny Preville

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 33

timeless treasures

WHAT’S OLD IS A piece of estate jewelry is more than just a beautiful addition to your jewelry wardrobe. It’s a piece if history, a talisman that joins the present to the past, full of meaning and secrets and the special energy of having been previously loved. Here are some of our favorite and unique vintage pieces. NEWAGAIN

18K White Gold Andreoli Necklace with Graduated Diamonds

Top: 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Philippine Ring by Van Cleef & Arpels Bottom Left: 18K Yellow Gold Coral and Diamond Philippine Ring Bottom Right: 18K Yellow Gold Lapis and Diamond Philippine Ring

Platinum Diamond Pagoda Jazz Earrings by Tiffany & Co.

36 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Natural Coral Carved Bead Necklace

At Long’s, we are proud to carry thousands of pieces in our extensive Vintage & Estate collection. Our collection includes beautiful and extremely valuable designer vintage pieces by highly sought after designers like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and many more. Visit longsjewelers.com or visit any of our five stores to find your next treasure.

Platinum Black Starr & Frost Edwardian Diamond Necklace

14K White Gold Marquise and Baguette Diamond Ring

18K White Gold and Platinum Edwardian Diamond Swallow Pin

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 37

restyle redesign

b y N A N C Y S I N D T

RENEW, REFRESH WHEN (AND HOW) TO RESTYLE YOUR JEWELRY RESTYLE Do you have jewelry that has made its way to the back of your jewelry box? Are there pieces you used to love but just don’t wear anymore, or things that are valuable, perhaps passed down to you, but are not your style? There are several ways you can refresh, restyle, and revive them to make them a joy to wear.

REVIVE You don’t remember that gold bangle looking so worn and dingy, but you haven’t sported it in years and have forgotten it could actually shine. Sometimes a simple cleaning and polishing can revive and restore a piece you used to love back to its old luster and beauty. Bring it in, let’s find the sparkle! TIME AND TIME AGAIN If you re-discovered watches during this year’s spring-cleaning binge, they could probably use a good professional cleaning and inspection. Whether it’s your grandfather’s old pocket watch or one of your old favorites that just fell by the wayside, bring it in and we’ll find out what makes it tick. For quartz watches, it could be as simple as a battery change. For automatic watches, you may need a full service.

Either way, it deserves an encore, so bring it in. We’ll have it up and running again in no time.

RESELL If you found something in your jewelry box that you know you won’t wear again or turn into something else, consider selling it. There is demand for vintage and pre-owned jewelry, especially diamonds, designer items, and Swiss timepieces. If your items are broken or in disrepair, recycling them is also an option. With the current high values of karat gold, it’s the perfect time to cash in, or you can receive 25 percent more if you choose store credit and shop for something new to love at Long’s.

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REFRESH Remember that stunning diamond ring that used to be your grandmother’s? You could have the diamond accentuated with a halo setting and placed in what could quickly become your favorite new diamond necklace, full of beauty and sentimental value. There are so many new and unique options for redesigning old jewelry. Long’s has a team of expert designers who can create something amazing for you to wear and enjoy for years to come.

Old treasures ready for new life can become...

...new treasures that add a refreshed, contemporary style to your wardrobe.

RESTYLE More can be more! Today’s look is all about layering and mixing. You can wear silver with yellow gold, beads with chains, and everything in between. We are pros at helping you layer in your old favorites with a fresh new style to create a look that is both modern and reminiscent at the same time. You could be one paperclip necklace away from your new favorite go-to sweater weather accessory.

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b y J E N N I F E R B R U G H




early 20 years ago, a machine broke down, causing a gold chain to spiral. Rather than scrap the gold to make something new, Marco seized the opportunity to master the technique and turn it into what is now one of his signature collections, including one of his first collections, Marrakech. To this day, the Marrakech remains one of Marco’s favorite collections. Globally, the coil technique and designs that Marco creates have made his brand recognizable, and no other jeweler has come close to duplicating his pieces. “I am very attached to the process of wounding the wire that we call ‘Spirale’ (coil). My entrepreneurial and design journey starts with coils. The coil has become a symbol of my company, a thread that leads back home.”

18K Yellow and White Gold Three Oval Link Marrakech Onde Drop Earrings

18K Yellow and White Gold Three Oval Link Marrakech Onde Earrings

18K Yellow and White Gold Five Row Diamond Marrakech Onde Ring

42 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

18K Yellow Gold Marrakech Onde Link Bracelet

18K Yellow and White Gold Open Link Marrakech Onde Necklace

The Marrakech Onde Collection — SAME COIL, NEW TWIST This year marks the 20th anniversary for the brand, and Marco Bicego is putting a new twist on the beloved coil through the new fall collection: Marrakech Onde. “It is a new, different, and contemporary collection. The main element is our signature light 18k yellow gold coil deliberately shaped into irregular ovals and embellished with diamond pavé.” Marrakech Onde is taken straight from the DNA of the brand and features a modern interpretation of the classic link. The simplicity and sophistication behind each piece means there are a number of combinations that can be worn. Like all of his other collections, the Marrakech Onde features a timeless design and is made for everyday luxury. Every woman’s unique style brings new life to the Marco Bicego brand, complementing her glowing inner beauty on the outside.

18K Yellow Gold Three Row Marrakech Onde Bracelet with Diamonds

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 43


b y C A R O L B E S L E R


REDEFINES CLASSIC DESIGN DAVID YURMAN David Yurman is known for creating jewelry that is dramatic yet simple and organic. It moves with the body, it is proportioned for the body, and it makes a statement about the way jewelry can be used to reflect the beautiful forms that surround us in everyday life. The Starburst collection, with its dramatic bursts of light, is a perfect example of the designer’s ability to translate his talents as a sculptor, and the Helena collection is a celebration of the signature Cable motif from the 1980s.

Starburst Y Necklace with Diamonds

The Starburst collection has romantic origins. The inspiration came about while David Yurman and his wife Sybil were watching fireworks illuminate the Paris night sky. The magical bursts of light showering the Eiffel Tower and Tuileries Gardens greatly moved the couple, inspiring David to create designs of brilliant star motifs. The collection explodes with bursts of gold and silver, accented with diamonds. Ethereal golden rays set with diamonds radiate out from the center as three-dimensional objects that seem to be in the midst of exploding.A Starburst bangle, earrings, or a pendant with stations of small motifs along the chain adds just the right touch of drama, conjuring images of fireworks, planets, or stars in the night sky.

Starburst Stud Earrings with Pavé Diamonds

Starburst Open Cable Bracelet with Pavé Diamonds

46 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

The Helena collection is more classic. It is a celebration of David Yurman’s signature motif, the woven gold Cable design that debuted in 1983 and has since become iconic. In this collection, golden threads punctuated with hand-set pavé diamonds wrap around the cable strands like ribbons, adding extra dimension and sparkle to the timeless design. Now offered in narrower, more petite silhouettes, each Helena piece is engineered to be light in weight yet crafted with the same artisanal quality as the original Cable bracelet created nearly 40 years ago. As with all of his designs, your body is the muse for this season’s David Yurman collections. They are created through the eyes of a sculptor, inspired by love, and meant to adorn you with all the care and craft that goes into a work of art.

Petite Helena Y Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Petite Helena Two Station Wrap Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Petite Helena Hoop Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

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P A S T • P R E S E N T • F U T U R E

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b y C A R O L B E S L E R


LOVE ENDURES rom the very beginning of when Mark Patterson set out to build his bridal collection, he was inspired by one MARK PATTERSON’S BRIDAL COLLECTION WAS BORN OUT OF HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

important driving force from the start: love. When Mark began designing his bridal collection back in 2001, he knew back then that whatever happens in the world and no matter how unprecedented times could become, he “would just want to be with the person I loved. I’d want to get married so that we could get through bleak and crazy times together. The only thing that matters, the only thing that people are actually going to want to purchase during times like that, is an engagement ring.” F

The first Mark Patterson engagement rings were designed specifically to sit flush with a wedding band. “That feature is standard in engagement ring design nowadays, but I never thought to market this choice as proprietary,” says Mark. “I just thought it was the right thing to do.” Part of a collection called Promise, these early engagement rings had a four-prong setting; the rest of the design was slender, light, and airy. The remarkable thing was that Mark had decluttered the bottom of the setting, completely stripping away any excess metal from the basket and gallery. This ultimately allowed more light to shine through. “Some retailers didn’t get it initially, and we had to explain that all that excess metal wasn’t necessary to keep the diamond secure,” says Mark. “And that tearing out all that metal was what enabled the engagement ring to sit perfectly flush with a band. Many consider the Patterson approach to be the benchmark of exceptional bridal jewelry design, operating at a different level of technique and innovation. To date, Mark Patterson has created more than 30,000 bridal pieces and evolved that initial “Promise” to encompass dozens of engagement ring and wedding band styles. Mark and his partner, Josette, have also tailored their offerings to fit a range of looks, from clean and modern to romantic and vintage-inspired. Mark Patterson’s newest designs include engagement rings with oval and marquise accent stones, and oval and marquise bands.

Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

18K Rose Gold High Polished Platinum Edge Band

18K Yellow Gold Half High Polished and Half Satin Finish

Platinum Oval Cut Engagement Ring Setting with Round Diamonds and Platinum Band with Round Diamonds

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 49

Les Pétales Place Vendôme Col lect ion

18K White Gold Diamond Ring by Long’s Jewelers, $1,355

18K Rose Gold Bezel Set Morganite Studs by Kimberly Collins, $745

18K White Gold Art Deco Bangle with Center Baguette Diamond by Penny Preville, $5,950

14K Rose Gold Moon and Star Diamond Necklace by Long’s Jewelers, $430

FOR HER At Long’s, we’re firm believers that the biggest surprises come in the smallest boxes. You pick the little something, and we’ll wrap it into a beautiful presentation for her this year. After all, she deserves a gift worth remembering. Shop these styles at longsjewelers.com or visit our stores.

18K White Gold Blue Zircon Cushion Cut Earrings by Kimberly Collins, $1,750

14K Yellow Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings by Long’s Jewelers, $325

18K White Gold Baguette Diamond Bar Necklace by Long’s Jewelers, $1,185

18K White Gold Diamond Bouquet Earrings by Long’s Jewelers, $845

18K White Gold Black South Sea Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings in 8MM by Mikimoto, $1,420

14K White Gold Three Stone Cluster Earrings by Long’s Jewelers, $3,070

18K White Gold Cultured Black South Sea Single Pearl Pendant by Mikimoto

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 51

men's collection

Cartier Ronde Solo de Cartier Date, $3,850

14K Yellow Gold Figaro Chain by Long’s Jewelers, $2,125

14K Yellow Gold Curb Chain by Long’s Jewelers, $965

24K Yellow Gold Cornicello Charm, $180, 24K Yellow Gold Jasper Stone Pendant, $415, 24K Yellow Gold Horseshoe Charm, $480

14K Yellow Gold Paperclip Tie Bar by Long’s Jewelers, $650

FOR HIM This holiday season, the man in your life doesn’t need to put together a wish list. We’ve rounded up our favorite picks for the special guy in your life that he will be sure to love. Shop these styles at longsjewelers.com or visit our stores.

Axis Copper Double Watch Winder by Wolf, $1,045

18K White Gold Bezel Set Diamond and Sapphire Band by Long’s Jewelers, $5,940

Sterling Silver Oval Polished Cuffs by Long’s Jewelers, $100

L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 53

smaller celebrations


54 ] L O N G ’ S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E


Photography by Sarah Pudlo

f you are recently engaged and have been actively planning your wedding, you may have found that your plans came to an abrupt halt this year. For some people, they have dreamed about their wedding day from a young age. Even though current events may have changed how weddings are happening this year and into the future, there is one major factor to remember: you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that alone is the biggest celebration there is. Couples are finding new ways to make their love official, even in uncertain times.

Microweddings have taken center stage this year, which are small celebrations with 50 people or less, and are becoming increasingly more popular. Some couples are opting for minimonies, which are ceremonies in which only immediate family members are present. Court elopements have also become more common. Though these options might not be what the couple originally had in mind, these celebrations are so special because it is an intimate moment shared with only your nearest and dearest and the focus is the married couple only — no frills attached. Other couples are simply postponing

to a future date to have the big party they have been dreaming of. No matter the decision, it’s something to be decided upon by the couple to meet their own personal preference. If one of the first big decisions you are making together is whether or not to postpone or change your wedding, then it is great practice for all of the decisions you will need to make together as a married couple!

18K Rose Gold Shared Prong Alternating Diamond Band by Long’s Jewelers 18K Rose Gold Shared Prong Diamond Band by Long’s Jewelers 14K Rose Gold Bead Set Band with Alternating Diamonds by Sylvie

18K White Gold Double Row Shared Prong Band by Artcarved 18K White Gold Alternating Shapes Milgrain Wedding Ring by Sylvie Platinum Precious Prong Eternity Band by Memoire 18K White Gold Bezel Set Band with Baguette Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers

18K White Gold Satin and Blue Ceramic Band by Furrer-Jacot

18K White Gold Three Row Shared Prong Diamond Band by Long’s Jewelers

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