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18K Yellow Gold Oval Link Chain and 18K Yellow Gold Carved Moonstone, Sapphire and Diamond Pendant by Temple St. Clair

173 CT Aquamarine Gemstone

AQUAMARINE Aquamarine reflects the color of earth’s life-giving forces – the sea on a warm tropical holiday or a cool iceberg in the Antarctic – generating wellness and vitality. Aquamarine was believed to have originated in the treasure chests of fabulous mermaids, who doled it out to protect and rejuvenate their favorite sailors. It is also said to fight against fears, phobias and stress and to give you the inner strength and courage to fulfill your dreams. If you’re feeling drawn to this stone, you may be in need of some Vitamin “sea” and the rejuvenating properties of water, washing away any anxiety and leaving only peace and tranquility in its wake. MOONSTONE This mystical, shimmering gemstone channels the energy of the moon, regulating the tides of your emotions and keeping your life in balance. Moonstone is thought to be a talisman of the inward journey. When you wear it, you will feel the flow of its energy through the ups and downs of your daily life, guiding you on your path to wisdom. Legend has it that if you keep a moonstone close by, the moon will infuse your chakras with its brilliant white light, clearing your mind and centering your spirit. TURQUOISE Turquoise is a beautiful stone that, despite its classification as an opaque gem, delivers a pop of color like that of the more highly valued transparent “precious” gemstones. Used for centuries, this protective stone serves as a spiritual shelter for the heart, especially one that has been damaged by emotional wounds or chronic stress. Turquoise is also noted for its healing properties, particularly when it comes to respiratory, skeletal and immunity issues. Wear this stone and harness its healing effects, leaving you open to only positive, life-affirming thoughts and actions.

18K Yellow Gold Turquoise and Orange Sapphire Earrings by Mallary Marks

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