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T R E N D I N G STYLE on RISE the There is so much to celebrate in life: friends and family, but also milestones, anniversaries, and achievements. Adding something special to your jewelry wardrobe is a perfect way to commemorate and celebrate the many joys of life.

PICK-ME-UPS Comfort and Joy — Jewelry that makes your heart happy is always a winning choice. It’s a caffeine-free way to start your day off right. Choose symbols that are close to your heart, motifs that bring you closer to nature, or signs that spread peace and love. Sounds good to us! Pick a piece to wear every day along with your smile.

24K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Micro Mosaic Evil Eye Charm, 24K Yellow Gold Malachite Pendant and 24K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Coral Buddha Charm on Blackened Sterling Silver Chain by Prehistoric Works

MIXED METALS AND MORE Silver, gold, and rose –— oh my! Now you can add to that blackened, jeweled, woven, hammered, textured, and more.

18K Yellow Gold Rainbow Sunrise Drop Earrings by Sia Taylor

18K Yellow Gold and Blackened Sterling Silver Scalloped Crown Ring by Armenta 18K Yellow Gold and Blackened Sterling Silver Ring with White Pear Shaped Sapphires and Champagne Diamonds by Armenta

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