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the HEALING POWER of JEWELRY 110 Ct. Oval Morganite Gemstone

Physical and spiritual wellbeing are at the top of everyone’s page right now, and there is no better time to don your favorite talisman and feel the power. The allure of jewelry goes beyond the natural beauty and the ability to lift your spirits with their joyful presence. For centuries, people have believed in the powerful healing properties of gemstones and precious metals. Here are some of the benefits thought to be associated with popular gemstones. GARNET In centuries past, garnets were thought
to light up the night. They not only nurture love and positive relationships, but they improve your sleep by offering protection from nightmares and negative energy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, garnet is a healing stone that supports the flow of Chi throughout the body, boosting the detox of negative emotions, working to balance your mind and your emotions to give way to new paths of abundance, vitality and a higher expression of love.

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Worn in jewelry, garnet is brilliant and durable and can be used as
an accent stone or the center of attention. This earthy and subtle-looking gemstone harnesses the rich, life-giving elements of the planet. Garnet comes in a variety of colors, such as green, orange, peach, pink and purple as well as the traditional mauve and rust colors. TOPAZ Topaz is a soul-cleansing, balancing gemstone that is believed to help release the pain of past traumas and to promote spiritual healing. The cool and tranquil color has the power to soothe the soul, balancing emotions, releasing tensions and preventing mental exhaustion. After it heals, it uplifts, bringing peace and renewed energy. Keeping a topaz stone with you will also help with self-awareness, giving you a better sense of your emotions, actions and their karmic effects. You can even place a topaz under your pillow or wear it in your sleep to ward off bad dreams. In its natural state, topaz is a golden-brown color but a variety of treatments could make topaz a shade of blue, light green, pink and violet.

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