Long's 2020-2021 Digital Magazine

REFRESH Remember that stunning diamond ring that used to be your grandmother’s? You could have the diamond accentuated with a halo setting and placed in what could quickly become your favorite new diamond necklace, full of beauty and sentimental value. There are so many new and unique options for redesigning old jewelry. Long’s has a team of expert designers who can create something amazing for you to wear and enjoy for years to come.

Old treasures ready for new life can become...

...new treasures that add a refreshed, contemporary style to your wardrobe.

RESTYLE More can be more! Today’s look is all about layering and mixing. You can wear silver with yellow gold, beads with chains, and everything in between. We are pros at helping you layer in your old favorites with a fresh new style to create a look that is both modern and reminiscent at the same time. You could be one paperclip necklace away from your new favorite go-to sweater weather accessory.

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