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ROLEX CELLINI MOONPHASE Cellini is Rolex’s dress watch collection, combining the best of Rolex know-how and the refinements of timeless design. The name is inspired by Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini, and pays tribute to the clean lines and harmonious proportions of monumental architecture. The Moonphase model displays the full moon at one end of the disk, depicted by a meteorite applique, and the new moon at the other, surrounded by a silver ring. The disk rotates to indicate the phase of the moon via a marker at the top of the subdial. It is astronomically accurate for 122 years. The watch also tracks the date, using a blue colored central hand.

ROLEX GMT-MASTER II Originally launched in 1955, the GMT-Master is one of the most nicknamed models of Rolex watches. The Pepsi for example, has a half red and half blue bezel; the Coke is half red and half black; and the Batman is blue and black (Roger Federer wears one). On the newest models, the bezel is made of Cerachrom, Rolex’s proprietary ceramic that is scratch-proof and never fades. Rolex has derived an in-house process that enables it to seamlessly create bi-colored bezels. The movement, the automatic caliber 3285, is chronometer- rated and accurate to within -2/+2 seconds per day.

TUDOR BLACK BAY BRONZE The Black Bay, originally launched in 1954, was used by divers of the French Navy and was one of the world’s first professional dive watches. The new Bronze has all the signature features of the original, including the distinctive snowflake hands, along with an impressive 200-meter water resistance. Bronze is the perfect material for diving watches because of its particular resistance to salt water. The metal develops a patina that is unique to the wearer and adds character to the watch. It contains an in-house manufacture movement, automatic Caliber MT5601, with COSC certification and a 70-hour power reserve. CARTIER TANK FRANÇAISE The Tank was one of the first wristwatches ever created. It was conceived in 1917, the same year the French military introduced the Renault FT-17 tank, and the side stanchions were meant to mimic its treads. Since then, the watch has become an icon, and Cartier has created six different Tank styles over the years, including, in 1996, the Tank Française. It is distinguishable by its elongated rectangular case and side brancards with beveled shoulders, as well as the distinctive chain-link bracelet that resembles tank treads. It is worn by Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge.

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