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happily ever after


What did you do on your first date and how did it go? M: Well... our first date was about 10 years ago, and apparently it did not go very well, because it took us 9 years to go on our second date! Let’s blame it on immaturity. Years of growing up were needed before we had our next date, which is where our romance really began. We met up for happy hour at Cobblestone in OTR on a Thursday afternoon. Happy hour turned into us hopping around OTR for numerous drinks and appetizers before we called it a night and agreed to hangout again on Saturday. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

H: Our first date was circa 2009. I picked her up at her parents’ house and took her out to dinner (I can’t remember where we went, for the life of me), then went to a comedy show at Funny Bone in Newport.Apparently, the comedian was not very funny, because the date went nowhere. On our “second first date” in 2019, we met downtown and then went up to Over The Rhine for some drinks. That one went much better, and we went out again a couple days later. What is the first thing you noticed about him/her? M: When we first started dating, what I first noticed and loved about him was his laugh. He’s got the greatest laugh. Sarah and Paul Photography

H: What was the first thing I noticed? Those big blonde curls! When did you realize they were the one?

M: I knew right after our “second first date” that there was a strong possibility we would end up together. A couple of months later, I tagged along for his work conference in Vegas, and I came back completely smitten. I think those were the exact words that I used when I told my mom how things went (with a beaming smile across my face). Meeting his amazing family helped seal the deal, too. I definitely hit the in-law jackpot. H: I would have to say it was in Folly Beach on my family vacation a couple months after we started dating. I can’t say exactly how I knew; I just knew.

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