Richter & Phillips Magazine 2020

Eric Fehr, Vice President and owner, credits the store’s lengthy history with Richter & Phillips’ adaptability. “Buying a diamond in 1896 was nothing like buying a diamond in 2020. We’ve always been able to adapt to the times and the needs of our customers, and we’ve always been willing to try something new.” A successful practicing attorney, Eric faced a crossroads when offered a partnership in his law firm. “I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my father into the family business. When I saw all the care he brings to the job, I was ready to take on the legacy, and it’s the best move I ever made.” Eric’s a relative newcomer to the Richter & Phillips staff — a group of 18 professionals, some of whom have been on the payroll for more than 40 years. “The staff is the perfect mix. With them, the sky is the

limit for our store,” he says, “no matter what the future holds.” Eric envisions the possibility of more jewelers and watchmakers, more in-store events when it’s safe to bring in a crowd, or online educational opportunities — all things to enhance the customer experience, to educate the consumer, and make the business of buying jewelry less intimidating and a lot more fun. “For all of us at Richter & Phillips, we see an ideal we’re always trying to achieve,” he explains. “We offer an awesome product and a great price, and over the years, we’ve given our customers a great experience that has snowballed through generations, from granddad to dad to son and from mother to daughter. Once you have that Richter & Phillips experience, you’re done looking for your jeweler. You’ve found us — your jewelry family. You’ve found Richter & Phillips.”

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