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What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own or wear every day? My favorite piece of jewelry that I wear every day is my wedding ring! What advice do you have for people when mixing metals? I say go for it! Do not be afraid. A lot of the fashion rules we continue to follow don’t really apply anymore. Wear white before Memorial Day! Mix red and pink! Getting dressed and putting on jewelry should be fun and expressive. If it feels right to you and you like the way it looks, then that’s all that matters. How can you add layers or stacks without looking like you’re trying too hard? Follow the sage advice of Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” I would also add to that the rules of thirds, which declares that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye than even numbers. So if you have four necklaces stacked, just choose three.

You’ve probably seen her on The View and The Rachel Ray Show . Or you might have been to her high-end boutique in the Boston area. Better yet, you’ve probably booked a facial and massage at her award-winning salon and spa. No matter where you’ve encountered her, one thing’s for certain: Gretta Monahan has become a go-to for celebrity styling and has established herself as an authority women rely on to inspire their everyday style. As the Founder and CEO of Gretta Enterprises, Monahan is well-respected throughout Boston and beyond. So, it was our honor to sit down with her to discuss trends, jewelry, and more!

As a well-known fashion and beauty expert, why do you think jewelry is an important part of fashion? Having a unique collection of jewelry is integral to building a personal aesthetic. It’s the toolkit you dip into to elevate an outfit from every day to “wow”! It’s the finishing touch: the pieces that make any ensemble something that is distinctly you. Which fashion trends are you predicting for 2022? I see people wearing big, bold, statement pieces. I think after what has been a really hard time for most of us, everyone is ready to embrace

some sparkle. And we’re tired of being subtle. We want to go big! What is a staple piece of jewelry that everyone should have? I think everyone should have a really nice watch. It’s a piece of jewelry that doesn’t ever really go out of style. It can be passed down and become a family heirloom. And I just think it’s refreshing to not rely on your phone for everything! If you wear a watch, you don’t have to scramble around in your bag or your pocket just to see the time. You can do a subtle, classy, flick of the wrist and not interrupt a conversation or a moment.

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