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SPIRITUALITY & HEALING Spirituality plays an important role in defining a meaningful life. In jewelry, spirituality often takes the form of certain pendants or even pieces that marry science and art, such as those from the Temple St. Clair collection. One such jewelry piece is the Astrid Convert ring that aligns the planets with a quote from Dante’s Divine comedy. For healing and guidance, the feather reappears as this symbol. Often associated with ascension and heaven, a gold and diamond feather pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry to adorn. A feather in your path has also been closely associated with a message from a loved one on the other side. Though there are many gemstones that can guide you, only one conceals the power to help you through all of life’s turmoils. The labradorite contains mystical energy and holds a rich history in urban legends. Believed to be the Stone of Transformation and the Stone of Courage, the labradorite mimics the aurora of the Northern lights. Many people use labradorite as a mood booster and a daily reminder to remain grounded in the world around them.

NATURAL WORLD SYMBOLISM If you love the symbolism associated with the natural world, then our Prehistoric Works collection is a must-see. You’ll find everything from the honey bee - representing the queen woman - to the Hamsa hand which clears your path of any negativity. Sometimes, you might be looking for a little more trust, strength, and wisdom in your life, which is what you’ll find while adorning the Prehistoric Works feather charm. Or perhaps you know someone with a warrior’s heart that deserves the spearhead charm for strength from the gods. Just don’t forget the protective shield of the turquoise charm. 7) 14K Yellow Gold Open Long Cable Chain by Long’s Jewelers 8) 14K Yellow Gold Feather Pendant with Diamonds by Long’s Jewelers 9) Sterling Silver and 24K Yellow Gold Turquoise Charm by Prehistoric Works 10) Sterling Silver and 24K Yellow Gold Spearhead Charm by Prehistoric Works 11) Sterling Silver and 24K Yellow Gold Feather & Diamond Charm by Prehistoric Works

12) Sterling Silver and 24K Yellow Gold Hamsa Charm by Prehistoric Works 13) Sterling Silver and 24K Yellow Gold Honey Bee Charm by Prehistoric Works 14) 18K Yellow Gold Labradorite Ring by Amali 15) 18K Yellow Gold Astrid Convert Diamond Ring by Temple St. Clair

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