Longs Magazine 2021/2022

18K Tri Gold Earrings by Sia Taylor

18K Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Turquoise Pendant Enhancer by Suzy Landa

18K Yellow Gold Rectangular Diamond Locket by Monica Rich Kosann

18K Rose Gold Rectangular Black Diamond Ring by Etho Maria

18K Rose Gold Black Diamond Drop Earrings by Etho Maria

Pre-Owned Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Panthère Wristwatch

What are some of the hottest jewelry brands that people are loving right now? Etho Maria feels very contemporary because they do such a great job mixing metals. Their big sculptural statement rings are also very in right now. Gabriele Ofiesh makes a great eye- catching ring as well. And although he often uses the classic combo of gold and diamonds, his shapes and clean lines make them feel very of the moment. Sia Taylor is very on-trend with her fringe earrings - tassels were seen all over the fall runways! And Monica Rich Kosann’s time- honored lockets manage to be both traditional and new. I think lockets layered with a couple of additional necklaces look really cool. We can’t forget about timepieces! How can men and women style their jewelry with their watches? When you pair other jewelry with your watch, you want to choose pieces that will complement and not compete. So if you have a timepiece with a large face, choose bracelets that are small and delicate. Conversely, if your watch

is more dainty, you can wear a larger bangle or cuff. As for rings, I would say try to match the style of the watch. If your timepiece has a more classic design, stick with rings that are more conventional. If your watch is contemporary, opt for sculptural, statement rings. You can follow suit with necklaces and earrings, but remember not to overload! You want your jewelry to shine and not get lost in a big, blurry pile of bling. What are some ways you can bring old jewelry back to life? One fabulous way to bring old jewelry back to life is to bring it to a jewelry designer [like the ones at Long’s Jewelers]! They’ll work with you to create subtle changes, like choosing a new, more contemporary setting for a ring. Or they might suggest dramatic alterations like melting down the metals and taking out the stones and transforming them into entirely new pieces. It’s amazing how older keepsakes can be reimagined into stunning new collectibles.

How can you keep up with trends on a budget?

The way to keep up with trends is to invest in one spectacular piece when you can, and then complement that with more affordable accessories. Another great way is to shop estate. You can find some really special and unique vintage jewelry for a lesser price than if you had bought it brand new. A lot of high-end jewelers, Long’s included, have fabulous selections of curated estate jewelry.

18K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold Orbit Diamond Band by Gabriel Ofiesh

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