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en who are comfortable wearing jewelry every day approach the idea of shopping for a wedding band with more of a sense of what they want than men of previous generations did. Even men who don’t normally wear jewelry view it as an opportunity to play up their personal style. The wedding band may be the first piece of precious metal jewelry a man will wear, and too many options can overwhelm, so a simple rule is to match the personality to the metal. Gold and platinum bands are classic and remain the metals of choice for most grooms, but what makes these bands modern is a thinner width with a textured surface, such as carving, etching, or hammering. M EXPRESSING AN INDIVIDUAL SENSE OF STYLE WELL G OOMED

Top row, left to right: Goldman band in 14k yellow and 14k white gold, polished $1,595. Goldman band in 14k yellow gold, brushed $1,610. Bottom row, left to right: Goldman band in 18k white gold and rose $2,168.

Goldman 7mm band in platinum $2,578. Goldman 6mm band in platinum $2,095.

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