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There is no gift that can capture moments, milestones, and meanings in our lives quite like jewelry. For couples, the journey that began with the exchange of iconic wedding rings can be retold and celebrated with each passing year together in personal gifts of fine jewelry. The sky’s the limit when it comes to anniversary jewelry. It can be diamonds every year, your favorite color or birthstone, lustrous pearls, or classic gold and silver pieces. The choices are as unique as the couples making them. But there are precious gems and metals that have come to signify special anniversaries and might be a part of your perfect gift. MOMENTOUS MILESTONES

Richter & Phillips Jewelers, Sparkling Halo Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k gold starting at $1,199.

Jewels by Jacob, Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 18k white gold $5,000.

Henri Daussi, Diamond Milgrain Vintage-Inspired Anniversary or Wedding Band starting at $1,210.

Afarin, Blue Sapphire & Diamond Cross Over Ring in 18k white gold $1,649.

SES Creations, Sapphire & Diamond Ring featuring a 3.03ct Pear-Shaped Stunning Blue Sapphire $8,995.

SES Creations, Halo Oval Diamond Anniversary Band $6,590.


Jewels by Jacob, Diamond Link Bracelet in 14k white gold $7,500.

Jewels by Jacob, Decorative Blue Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet $5,000.


Diamond, which signifies forever, is the gemstone suggested for anniversaries number 10 and 60. The name is derived from the Latin diamas meaning unconquerable, and this gemstone has maintained its position throughout history as a perfect icon for everlasting love and marriage. Diamond is believed to inspire loyalty, romance, and a joyful life. Chosen by most first brides to seal the deal, diamond offers many ways to celebrate each year together — from studs and solitaire pendants to stackable bands and bracelets. ruby Ruby symbolizes the power of attraction and long-lasting love. It is the top suggestion for anniversaries number 15 and 40. This fiery red gem — the color of the heart — has always been associated with deep love. Stackable bands set with ruby and white diamonds are popular, as are bold cocktail rings and three-stone styles. It doesn’t have to be a ring, though. Stud earrings, ruby pendants, and diamond bracelets set with rubies also make a statement of love.

Sapphire is suggested for anniversaries number 5 and 45. This gemstone has historically signified truth and promises, perfect sentiments for any marriage. Next to diamond, sapphire is a favorite wedding gem, inspiring sincerity, peace, and joy. The most popular anniversary gift in sapphire Jewels by Jacob, Decorative Blue Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet $5,000 One great thing about sapphire is that it comes in several colors, with blue, yellow, and pink to choose from.

Jewels by Jacob, Ruby & Diamond Stud Earrings $5,000.

Jewels by Jacob, Diamond & Ruby Bracelet in 14k gold $5,000.

Jewels by Jacob, Diamond & Ruby Pendant $3,125.

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