BC Clark Magazine 2021/2022

THE ULTIMATE TEAM By the time B.C. and Flora were married in 1894, B.C. had several showcases in the front part of a drug store. In an interview, B.C. states, “With Flora’s help and inspiration, my business grew steadily.” Together, B.C. and Flora moved BC Clark jewelers from Purcell to Oklahoma City, helped establish over 20 Methodist churches over the years, and developed programs such as the Church Coupon which is still honored today in all BC Clark locations. The two truly were a team and together helped to change the state of Oklahoma and the BC Clark brand, forever.

Dear Flora Edwards, May I have the exquisite pleasure of accompanying you to church Sunday night April 22, 1894. Very Respectfully, B.C. Clark PS: If it meets with your approbation, I will call early and stay late.


Over the years, B.C. and Flora created a beautiful life and family. Like many marriages, it was full of trials and tribulations. B.C. once said, “Flora and I have had many ups and downs in a financial way trying to raise our family and keep something to eat and wear, but the good Lord was with us, and I am glad to say I never lost faith in myself, God, or my fellow man.” At the age of 92, B.C. said “The greatest thing in the world is love. My wife is a wonderful person and she has been a source of inspiration to me all these years.” Ever a fixture of BC Clark Jewelers, Flora passed away in April, 1963, and B.C. passed away in June of the same year. While their love story concluded after 69 years of marriage, their legacy lives on today. We are proud to continue that timeless legacy through this new collection.

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