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legacy of love


We are exc i ted to i nt roduce you to our pr i va te l abe l engagement r i ng and wedd i ng band co l l ec t i on , BC + F l ora . Th i s co l l ec t i on i s as e l egant and t ime l ess as the l ove s tory i t i s i nsp i red by. We are honored to te l l you a l i t t l e about tha t l ove s tory.


When B.C. Clark turned 18, he moved away from the family farm in Mississippi and joined his older brother who had purchased a jewelry store in Abilene, TX. There he immersed himself into the business and learned all about the jewelry and watch repair trade. Hearing stories of people making their fortune in an area to the north known as Indian Territory, B.C. began dreaming of opening a jewelry store of his own in this exciting new land. He saved up some money, and in 1892, at the age of 23, he boarded a train headed north.When he arrived at a stop in Purcell, Indian Territory, he realized he had lost his wallet containing his life savings of $50. Penniless, he began wandering around town, and as luck would have it, he ran into a gentleman he had known in Abilene, TX, who was now operating a racket store. As a favor, the gentleman allowed B.C. to set up his watchmaker’s bench and a small display case in one corner of the store. This is how the BC Clark legacy and more-than-a- century-old love story began.

THE MEETING A few days after his arrival to Indian Territory, B.C. met Flora Edwards, a young widow who was working in the Purcell post office. Out of pity for the young man, Flora loaned B.C. a dollar and a stamp. Right away, B.C. was smitten. He took every opportunity to visit Flora. As rumor would have it, B.C. would “check the mail” multiple times a day even though the mail train only came once.This first chance encounter blossomed into a beautiful friendship, two- year courtship, and timeless love story.

COURTING A love letter, framed with a photo of the couple, was the start of the “Original BC Clark” love story, and the inspiration behind the new BC + Flora engagement ring and wedding band collection.

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