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Platinum Three-Stone Emerald Engagement Ring by Long’s Jewelers

18K Yellow Gold Prong Set Engagement Ring Setting by Artcarved

18K Rose Gold and Platinum Four-Prong Engagement Ring Setting by Mark Patterson

What should couples expect from their experience with Long’s Jewelers?

Should couples start shopping together for an engagement ring? Sonja: I think it varies. Some couples want it to be a surprise, and the wearer knows nothing about it, and I think that’s a very special way of doing it. But it’s such an important decision to make, and it’s great to make that decision together and to be able to have that experience together, as well. What information is important to know before purchasing an engagement ring? Judd: There’s nothing wrong with doing a little research on your own, going online, and learning a little something. I think it’s really important. Whether you come to Long’s or you go anywhere else, you should want to learn a little bit about this. There’s a lot of confusing, complex things, and this is not like buying a sweater. This is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make in your life outside of a car or house. You should take your time to learn, and make sure that you feel comfortable and confident before you pull the trigger with whomever you buy your diamond from.

What’s the difference between coming into Long’s Jewelers to buy an engagement ring vs. buying an engagement ring online? Sonja: I think the major difference is the education behind it. Some websites give you a little bit of education, but you’re not physically seeing that stone in front of you. We pride ourselves on education here. The customer needs to know exactly what it is that they’re buying and see it in front of them before making that decision. I think a lot of people look towards buying online for the convenience factor, but we make it as easy as it can be here. Judd: I spend a lot of time with customers buying diamonds, and they tell me when they come in here, “I thought it was going to be overwhelming coming in here. But I was even more overwhelmed online.” They’re really confused by the abundance of possibilities online and not being able to see those diamonds in person. The difference at Long’s is that you can visit any of our multiple locations for convenience, comfort, and selection. As a brick- and-mortar store, you can see the diamond in person with your own eyes. There’s nothing more reassuring and more confidence-building than you trusting your gut.

Judd: You’re not going to feel pressure to buy something. Our staff is made up of experienced diamond specialists and does not work on commission. We want you to try a few things so you can make a choice you feel good about.Take the time to process everything. We encourage customers to come in and spend as much time as they need to make the right choice. For us, it’s all about relationship building and creating a relationship that goes well beyond your first purchase. We take care of you through services, wedding bands, gifts for anniversaries, and kids. We’ll take care of your friends and family. Our stores are always here and available for anything you’re going to need, whenever you need us. We’ve been around for over 140 years, and we’re not going anywhere!

Platinum Three-Stone Engagement Ring with Baguette Sides by Long’s Jewelers

Sonja: The number one thing is quality of service.We always pride ourselves on the service that we give. We really like to get to know our customers while helping them make this big decision. As soon as you come through the door, you can feel that warmth and that we’re excited to see you. We really love being a part of these milestones in our customer’s lives.

18K White Gold Oval Halo Engagement Ring by Long’s Jewelers

Platinum Engagement Ring Setting by Mark Patterson

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