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David and Ivanna met in 2015 and have spent the last six years exploring New England. They’ve been all over the East Coast: from Massachusetts to Connecticut, Rhode Island to New Hampshire. So, it was only fitting that they’d choose to spend a Fourth of July weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. “We checked into the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown on July 3rd. Once we got to our room, David ran out saying he had to get something from the car. He came back with four boxes wrapped and numbered. Box number one was a bottle of 1942 tequila because he knows I love tequila so much. Box number two was a pair of shoes! As I took the left shoe out, I turned it over and the bottom read, ‘For my tiny dancer, I love you!’ Then I took the right shoe out, and it said, ‘Will you marry me?’ Not realizing the shoe had the ring tied to it in a tiny baggie, I yelled, ‘Of course I’ll marry you!’ David grabbed the shoe from me, took the ring out, got down on one knee, and asked those magical four words every girl in love wants to hear.” The two had peeked at engagement rings before, falling in love with a particular design from Long’s. David took matters into his own hands and worked with Kirk to customize the ring and make it perfect for Ivanna. “After he proposed, we went to dinner, and he told me all about keeping the secret and how it killed him to hold it in. He told me how he had this planned for months, spoke with my mom and dad, and how he worked with Kirk from Long’s Jewelers in Burlington to pick out every stone. Incredible!”

Paige & Shawn


Sometimes the stars align, and that’s just what happened with Long’s couple, Paige & Shawn. The two met at the end of the summer in 2017 and had their first date in September.Two weeks later, Shawn convinced Paige to come spend a magical weekend with him in Stamford, CT, and the rest is history. Shawn popped the question in November 2020 on the campus of their alma mater: UMass Amherst. “[Shawn] told me he’s not sure of a lot of things, but he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee, on the most beautiful November 7th day there ever was, and he asked me if I wanted to marry him. How lucky one is to meet the love of their life, for the stars to align, and find that one person who drives you wild in the best ways while making you better each day. This moment was the most magical moment of our lives. If you had told either of us as undergraduate students, that this moment would happen here and because of the path each of our lives took we would cross paths at the ideal moment, I would say you are crazy. If you are reading this, do not ever settle, your great love is out there too.”

Ivanna & David


Kim and Pat’s Christmas holiday was filled with cheer, joy and some serious sparkle! Kim and Pat’s love story began by meeting through friends at Hong Kong in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, and during the 2020 Christmas season, Pat decided it was time to ask Kim to continue their love story. On Christmas Eve 2020, Pat surprised Kim with a family photoshoot. Little did Kim know, Pat had more in store than just snapping a few Christmas pictures with their son. “Pat surprised me with arranging to have family photos taken of us and our son on Christmas Eve. I was so surprised because he doesn’t love to take photos. Halfway through the photo shoot he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him! I was stunned, and so happy our best friend, who takes our photos and was in on it the whole time, was there to capture the moment.”

Kim & Pat

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