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W elcome to the fifth annual R.F. Moeller Jeweler Magazine !

Over the course of three generations, we have had the privilege of helping the Twin Cities celebrate all of life’s milestones — from engagements to weddings, births of children to graduations, promotions to retirements, and all the birthdays and anniversaries in between. Celebrating your milestones brings us immense joy. We would like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to Matt and Christie (and their photographer, Whitley Sander Photography) for allowing us to use their engagement photo on our magazine cover. Make sure to check out pages 34-35 for photos of our happy couples. We’re delighted to offer a carefully curated selection of engagement rings, fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches from the finest names in Swiss watchmaking. Our in-house metal smiths, watchmakers, and appraisers are here to ensure your jewelry and watches will last for generations. We are honored to be entrusted with evaluating,

repairing, and restoring your most precious heirlooms. Our family and team are committed to going above and beyond to do what’s right for you. We hope you enjoy the latest issue of our magazine. It provides background on the intricacies of goldsmithing, Rolex watchmaking, and natural diamonds, along with highlights of up-and-coming fashion trends. Each year we like to celebrate other locally owned businesses and organizations in our magazine. This year, we’re sharing pieces featuring Circus Juventas (page 24) and Cafe Latte (page 58). Make sure to visit us in Edina and Saint Paul to experience exceptional quality and service. We look forward to seeing you! We wish you and your loved ones joy in 2024, The Moeller Family

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8 MARCO BICEGO ACADEMY Training the next generation of master goldsmiths


36 POPULARITY CONTEST Rings to marry your personality 42 THE SYLVIE SHELL Elegance embodied in design 44 SPARKLING SYMPHONY Celebrate with these captivating champagne cocktails 46 EVERYDAY EMERALDS Add rich beauty to any ensemble

12 A VOYAGE INTO THE WORLD OF ROLEX The founder’s philosophy is more present than ever 20 MEET LILY JAMES Follow the journey of an NDC global ambassador

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58 CAFÉ LATTE More than just a restaurant

60 A GOLDEN LEGACY Italy’s rich heritage of goldsmithing 64 A BIT OF WHIMSY Fun accessories to fit your lifestyle 66 EXQUISITE CARE FOR TIMELESS TREASURES Premier jewelry and watch repair services

24 CIRCUS JUVENTAS TURNS 30 And we’re helping them celebrate 28 ESTATE JEWELRY Timeless pieces, inherently captivating

48 SHOCKING EV CONVERSIONS Electric vehicles that stand out from the crowd

30 MEANINGFUL MIX A guide to adding bands to your engagement ring 32 CRAFTING TIMELESS ELEGANCE Let R. F. Moeller Jeweler’s custom designers make your unique dream a reality 34 CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER Celebrating R.F. Moeller couples



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T he most prestigious Swiss watch brands are paying tribute to the timepieces that influenced modern watchmaking. This year, Tudor honors the brand’s first diver’s watch by introducing cutting-edge watchmaking technology to a timeless design. At the 2023 Watches and Wonders fair in Geneva, Tudor launched a Black Bay 54 diver’s watch with elements from the 1954 original, including the 37 mm size originally worn by the French and U.S. navies. Modern touches to the re-edition include an automatic in-house movement, caliber MT5400 with a 70-hour power reserve, Super-LumiNova highlights on the hands and markers to make them glow in the dark, and water resistance to 200 meters. The modern version of the Tudor Black Bay launched in 2016 with a burgundy bezel and a

41 mm case. This newest model revisits the iconic burgundy bezel and case proportions, but there is one big difference: it contains an evolved, elite movement that is tested according to METAS Master Chronometer certification standards. To qualify, a watch must be able to function within a 5-second range of variation each day (0 /+5), that is to say 5 seconds less than the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) (-4 /+6) carried out on a single movement. Also, it must guarantee that accuracy in the presence of magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss. The

caliber MT5602-U meets all these criteria and has a power reserve of 70 hours. Another modern touch on this vintage-style watch is the Tudor T-fit clasp on its rubber strap or steel bracelet, which is equipped with a system for rapid length adjustment in five positions, making it an ideal choice for an heirloom timepiece to be passed down for generations.




MARCO BICEGO ACADEMY TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION OF MASTER GOLDSMITHS M arco Bicego, the renowned Italian fine jewelry brand celebrated for its nature- inspired collections, has embarked on an extraordinary new journey: the Marco Bicego Academy, a prestigious training program designed to nurture and develop new master goldsmiths and professional jewelry artisans. This unique initiative combines formal classroom teaching, structured hands-on training, and personalized coaching to enhance the brand’s specialized production capacity and create a legacy for generations to come. In collaboration with recruitment agency Gi Group and the Vicenza Professional School of Art and Crafts, the academy has initiated a comprehensive artisan recruiting and selection process to identify talented individuals to learn the revered craft of goldsmithing. Throughout an intensive and immersive 120-hour training program, artisans learn and develop their handcrafting skills under careful guidance from the industry’s finest. By passing on this old-world technique to the next generation, Marco Bicego is enshrining its heritage and influencing jewelry-making for decades. “The importance of learning and mastering a craft seems to be a recommendation from the past,” says Marco Bicego, founder and creative director of the eponymous brand. “Instead, it is very current, and it can be prestigious.”

Marco Bicego, founder and creative director.

“We have launched this academy to enhance the quality of our work and make our territory attractive again,” he says. “It is part of our mission to preserve and elevate historical savoir-faire, supporting the bond with our local community and the territory where our goldsmith tradition originates.”

A Marco Bicego master goldsmith utilizes a modern burin tool to skillfully engrave the fine lines synonymous with the brand onto a gold ring.

Hand-engraved yellow gold earrings from

the Lunaria Collection.


From backgrounds diverse in experience and expertise, every artisan to attend the academy embarks on a transformative journey, mastering old-world techniques. One of those techniques is burin engraving, an exquisite distinctive handcrafted process synonymous with the brand’s heritage. Relying on an ancient tool, the burin engraving technique dates back to the 15th century, with Maso Finiguerra being one of the first notable Italian goldsmiths to utilize the process. With quick, meticulous motions, artisans scratch into gold, leaving behind fine lines that produce a smooth yet captivating brushed texture. More than 5,000 hand movements go into each design, and no two pieces are alike. That makes each necklace, earring, and ring one-of-a- kind.

Hand-hammered and twisted 18k gold coil pieces from Marco Bicego’s signature Marrakech Collection.

Bicego is revered for his ability to fuse ancient traditions with contemporary creativity. He has developed this signature style that resonates with women seeking refined yet unconventional luxury for their everyday lives. His designs draw inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature, the allure of 18k yellow gold, and the captivating radiance of precious gemstones. Present in more than 50 countries worldwide, Marco Bicego has become one of the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands. Now, as the company embarks on this remarkable journey to nurture a new generation of master artisans, the brand reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the preservation of time-honored craftsmanship.

Skillful and meticulous, a Marco Bicego master goldsmith hand engraves the fine, brushed texture onto a gold jewelry piece.


A VOYAGE INTO THE WORLD OF ROLEX Hans Wilsdorf was firmly convinced of a person’s ability to innovate and strive for excellence. More than 100 years after the creation of the brand, the founder’s philosophy is more present than ever, from the manufacturing of the company’s watches to its commitments worldwide.

HANS WILSDORF, 1945 Rolex founder and visionary entrepreneur.

a voyage into the world of rolex

“ T he opposition I encountered seemed insuperable.” At the turn of the 20th century, a visionary entrepreneur based in London was on the verge of success. His aim? To introduce the watchmaking world of the day to an as-yet-unknown dial signature: Rolex. A new name, invented in 1908, it would become one of the world’s most respected brands in the space of a few decades. As Hans Wilsdorf recounted in his memoirs of the early days of his company, the opposition he faced seemed insurmountable at first. The entrepreneur started out with very little, but he did possess invaluable qualities: vision, hope for the future, perseverance and an extraordinary ability to work. An orphan at the age of 12, with nothing other than his determination to help him overcome challenges, Hans Wilsdorf went on to invent the world’s first waterproof self-winding wristwatch with a Perpetual rotor — a watch that has become a benchmark in terms of quality and prestige. “Too complicated, too fragile, ill-adapted” — the wristwatch was met with scepticism in Edwardian England, then the sporting country par excellence. Yet, relying on his intuition, firmly- held beliefs and determination to push boundaries, Hans Wilsdorf managed to achieve his bold objective of establishing the Rolex watch — the Oyster Perpetual — as the archetype of the waterproof timepiece: precise, robust and able to withstand all conditions. But Hans Wilsdorf was not simply a visionary who, through his watchmaking knowledge, spirit of enterprise and ability to think differently, endowed Rolex watches with their fundamental technical and aesthetic characteristics and set the way for his company’s long-lasting success. His constant quest for perfection was accompanied by a profound generosity and unshakeable faith in human potential – in our capacity to both innovate and overcome difficulties. Hans Wilsdorf was a compassionate man always prepared to challenge himself and who encouraged others to give their all. Draw from traditions to drive innovation. Push back the limits to inspire. These convictions enabled Rolex to create an exceptional product — a watch that brings together considerable expertise and has accompanied a great many human adventures in widely diverse fields. Uniting expertise An integrated and independent company, Rolex has manufacturing resources that encompass a wide range of skills and knowledge. Watchmakers, engineers, designers and other specialists work closely together from the design to the manufacturing of the watches. Rolex’s company culture is based above all on human values, which place both expertise and soft skills at the heart of the brand’s different activities. Rolex is host to a variety of professions, brought to life by employees who are experts in their fields. This diversity comes from the company’s complete control over its essential components, from the casting of gold alloys to machining, finishing and assembly of the movement, case, dial and bracelet elements, as well as gem-setting.


As the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, the original 1926 Oyster played a pioneering role in the development of the modern timepiece.

a voyage into the world of rolex

Rolex is host to a variety of professions, brought to life by employees who are experts in their fields.


The brand is able to constantly reinforce its quality requirements thanks to its exclusive equipment. Its know-how is also made available right across the world thanks to an exceptional after-sales service network. To ensure the brand’s expertise exists into the future, Rolex has its own unique Training Centre. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the development of its employees, the center, located in Geneva, provides training to employees and instructs apprentices. The company aims to pass on to younger generations its pride in its skills and mastery of its knowledge. Hans Wilsdorf wanted to ensure both the commercial success of Rolex and the well-being of its employees. The Training Centre perpetuates this philosophy by passing on the company’s heritage through the training and development of each individual. It therefore affirms the brand’s position as a role model and source of inspiration for the present generation and for generations to come. A watch unlike the rest Nearly a century ago, Hans Wilsdorf created the most precise and reliable wristwatch in the world. Thanks to uncompromising requirements, today the brand still produces watches at the forefront of technology and continues to improve them over time. The Oyster Perpetual collection was built on the success of the original Oyster model, patented by Rolex and launched in 1926. As the world’s first waterproof wristwatch, it played a pioneering role in the development of the modern timepiece. Over the years, the Oyster became the proud bearer of many other innovations — such as self-winding by means of the Perpetual rotor (1931) — that defined the identity of the models in the collection and forged Rolex’s reputation for excellence, of which chronometric precision and reliability are among the cornerstones. After acquiring its definitive form in the early 1940s, the Oyster gradually evolved into a collection of watches that integrated new functions and innovative technologies. All of the collection’s models share fundamental features and a strong visual identity that makes them instantly recognizable. Today the collection consists of 12 ranges, split into two categories: Classic watches such as the Datejust, the Day-Date and the Sky-Dweller, and Professional watches, including the Explorer, the Submariner and the GMT-Master II, designed for specific activities. Rolex watches have proven their reliability in the most extreme conditions, from the deepest reaches of the ocean to the top of the highest mountains, in the air and on the racing circuit. To ensure the quality of its products, Rolex designs and produces in-house the essential components of its watches (casting of gold alloys, assembly of the movement, case, dial and bracelet, machining and finishing). As the pioneer of the wristwatch, the company is at the origin of numerous major innovations in the watchmaking industry and has filed over 500 patents in the course of its history.


a voyage into the world of rolex

Commitment to making the world a better place Throughout its history, Rolex has partnered with events, institutions and individuals whose commitment and actions are a source of inspiration. Guided by the vision of its founder, the brand was quick to support and accompany initiatives that aligned with its own values – the quest for excellence, pushing the boundaries and the passion for elegance. This is how Rolex created the Testimonee concept in 1927 with British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze, who demonstrated the waterproofness of the brand’s watches. Since then, Rolex has teamed up with a large number of exceptional partners, supporting the initiatives of major organizations as well as personal projects of its Testimonees. For Hans Wilsdorf, the world was also a living laboratory. In the 1930s, Rolex tested its watches in real-life conditions. Explorers subjected them to some of the most extreme conditions in the least hospitable corners of the globe. But, over time, these expeditions also highlighted the

Sylvia Earle, legendary marine biologist and Rolex Testimonee since 1982. Sir David Adjaye (right) and his protégée Mariam Kamara, 2018-2019 Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative – Architecture.

fragility of the planet’s ecosystems and the need to preserve them. Rolex therefore gave its full support to the adventurers who went on to become pioneers in protecting the environment. Today, Rolex is linked to more than 100 major international events ranging from The Championships, Wimbledon, to La Biennale di Venezia and the Oscars® ceremony, while also enjoying close ties with more than 80 renowned institutions, such as The R&A, the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The brand also has more than 140 Testimonees, including tennis legend Roger Federer, marine biologist Sylvia Earle and filmmaker Martin Scorsese. In addition, two programmes were created: the Rolex Awards for Enterprise and the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. The former supports individuals with innovative projects in response to major challenges, while the latter champions excellence in the arts and culture to ensure the world’s artistic heritage is passed on to the next generation. Since the beginning, the story of Rolex has been characterized by the quest for perfection and the ambition to push back the boundaries. To strive to do better, to never give up, to think differently. Thanks to its founder Hans Wilsdorf, who believed in human potential above all, the brand has continued to innovate and grow, thereby guaranteeing its long-lasting success.


Since the beginning, the story of Rolex has been characterized by the quest for perfection and the ambition to push back the boundaries.

ROGER FEDERER Winner of 20 Men’s Singles Grand Slam ® titles.



B y 1:30 pm on a Monday afternoon in Orapa, Botswana, a mining town over 300 miles from the country’s capital, Gaborone, the classrooms at the Livingstone House Primary School had emptied for the day. Except for one. The students in third grade had stayed late, not as a punishment but a reward. “Who are we going to see?” Emily Mompe, the class’s teacher, asked the room of 8 and 9-year-olds. “Lily James!” they answered in unison.

Lilly James in the Orapa Game Park in Botswana. One of eight conservation sites funded by De Beers Group around southern Africa.



The English actress is known for her roles in Pam & Tommy and Downton Abbey , but the kids remember her as Cinderella from the 2015 Disney film. When she arrived, they plied her with questions: How did you become an actress? Where do you live? “Can I have your phone number?” one boy inquired. James was in Botswana to get an education herself. When she signed on to be the Natural Diamond Council’s global ambassador, it was not to play a character. Her trip included visits to every part of the

local diamond value chain — the Karowe Mine, De Beers Global Sales, KGK Diamonds cutting and polishing unit — and the surrounding communities and the Orapa Game Park, where rhinos, zebras, giraffes and impalas live on 50,000 protected hectares. “You want to make sure when you’re putting your name to something, that there’s more to the story,” said James. “Part of all of this is about breaking down any stigma and really telling the true diamond story. With regards to Botswana, the ethical side of it was a massive draw.”


James was educated about the country’s unique relationship with natural diamond mining, which at 33 percent is the largest contributor to the country’s GDP. Botswana was a British Protectorate from 1895 to 1966 when it declared its independence. Diamonds were discovered the following year, and the mineral is owned by the country per the prescience of the country’s first president, Sir Seretse Goitsebeng Maphiri Khama. Any diamond-related industry is conducted via a licensing agreement with the government, which puts more than 80 percent of revenues back into the country’s economy. Botswana has a large middle class and investment in critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, roads, and schools. The Livingstone House Primary School is one of four in Orapa funded by Debswana, a 50/50 joint venture between De Beers and the government of Botswana, providing free primary and secondary school education to every child. Many of the students’ parents are employed by the natural diamond industry, but the kids are encouraged to envision life beyond. “I asked them all what they wanted to be when they grow up and the answers were presidents, vets, doctors, rappers,” said James.

Lily James with students at the Livingstone House Primary School.

Orapa is home to two active diamond mines — the Orapa mine, owned by De Beers, and the Karowe mine, owned by Lucara, which recently secured $550 million to extend the mine’s life to at least 2040. That means more jobs, more growth, more progress and stability in Orapa. Karowe’s workforce is 31 percent female and 75 percent of its executive committee is female, including its CEO Eira Thomas. The mine supports 18 villages, reinvesting in their economies and communities via healthcare, education, agriculture and Gender Based Violence initiatives. “In some villages the girls didn’t have access to sanitary towels, so they weren’t able to go to school,” said James. “Now, Karowe is providing that for free. It’s such a simple thing, but the impact is huge.” James’s trip followed the route of the “rough” mined in Orapa to the city of Gaborone, where much of the raw material ends up at KGK Diamonds, the largest diamond cutting and polishing facility in the city. Run by Siddarth Gothi, KGK prioritizes employing disabled and disadvantaged young adults. Armstrong Gabanamotse is a 23-year-old polisher who started with the company in 2019 and now operates KGK’s most technologically advanced machine, the Optimus, to yield fancy cuts. “From rough to the final product, when you look at it, it gives you a smile,” Kamanan said. “I’ve made something shine.” One of the final stops on James’s trip is the De Beers Global Sightholder Sales, where rough diamonds from all over the world are sorted and sold. Security is tight. More than 32 million carats in diamonds passed through the building in 2021. “You really feel the power,” said James, holding a 100 carat stone in her hand. “This is Mother Nature. These stones were created billions of years ago, lifted up to the earth’s surface via volcanoes.”

Diamond cutter at KGK Diamonds.



Circus Juventas is a nonprofit performing arts circus school for youth, dedicated to inspiring artistry and self-confidence through a multicultural circus arts experience. It is widely recognized for providing innovative programming, world-class training, and for putting on professional-level performances in a state-of- the-art circus center.

BY CAROL BESLER turns 30 CIRCUS JUVENTAS W hat started out in 1994 as a small, family-run after-school program in the Twin Cities is now the largest circus performing arts school in North America. Circus Juventas will be celebrating 30 years in youth development and circus artistry during its 2024 season. The program, originally called Circus of the Star, was founded in 1994 at a neighborhood recreation center by Dan and Betty Butler. The couple trained at Sailor Circus, one of the oldest circus schools in the

country, and worked with some of the stars of the golden era of circus shows, including Gunther Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas and Willy Edelston of the Ringling Brothers. It was run as an after-school program for up to 30 students, and it became a place where children of all ages could come and learn the secrets of the circus arts. Its first performance was held after its first year during Saint Paul’s Highland Fest, and it was a hit!


Interest in the program flourished, and before long, there was a waiting list of 300 students clamoring to join the fun. By 1997, Circus of the Star was serving 120 students, and the waiting list had grown to 400. Clearly it was time to expand. A board of directors was established and the search for a permanent home began in earnest. A fundraising campaign ensued, raising $2.1-million, and before long, construction of a 21,000-square-foot big top was underway. The new center opened in 2001, and the program was renamed Circus Juventas, for the Roman goddess of youth. An expanded curriculum now serves all age groups, from age two to twenty-one — toddlers to adults — with an emphasis on performing.


Today, Circus Juventas is the largest performing arts circus school in North America, with over 1,500 students taking year-round classes and summer camp programs. Performances by students of all levels attract approximately 50,000 spectators annually. In 2017, Circus Juventas was invited to perform at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival Circus Arts Program in Washington, D.C. After seeing their performances at the Festival, Circopedia founder Dominique Jando presented the program with the prestigious Circopedia Award for Excellence in the Circus Arts — the first American circus to receive the award. Students have received gold medals at festivals in Italy, Sweden, Germany, Australia, and Las Vegas. Closer to home, the program has been recognized by City of St. Paul by former Mayor Norm Coleman. Circus Juventas is also a founding member of Global Alliance of Circus Schools.

Some of the circus’ students will go on to explore careers in professional circus performing, and in 2022, it was named as one of two U.S. organizations to partner with Cirque du Soleil’s NexGen Talent Development program, which aims to create training opportunities and develop emerging artists by holding workshops at its global training centers. But the Circus Juventas experience goes beyond performance. Part of the goal is to instill students with confidence and self-discovery and to create an environment that encourages leadership and life skills, including teamwork, athleticism, artistry, pursuit of excellence, and community service. It is a place where all students, coaches, staff, and collaborators can feel welcome, safe, accepted, and valued for who they are.

Each Circus Juventas season features spring, summer and holiday shows. Visit circusjuventas.showare.com for tickets!



THE TIMELESS APPEAL OF In a world dominated by mass-produced accessories, there’s something inherently captivating about estate jewelry. Laden with history, these unique pieces offer a glimpse into the past and a sustainable approach to fashion. ESTATE JEWELRY

T he timeless beauty of estate jewelry, coupled with its nostalgic allure and environmental benefits, make it an increasingly popular choice for discerning individuals. Many choose estate jewelry due to the nostalgic charm they exude. Estate jewelry carries a sense of romance and sentimentality, evoking memories of bygone eras. Each piece tells a story, reflecting the artistic and cultural trends of its time. Whether it’s an Art Deco cocktail ring or an elegant Victorian brooch, estate jewelry provides a tangible connection to history, infusing a touch of magic into one’s personal style. Beyond its sentimental value, estate jewelry champions the cause of sustainability. Adding pre-owned pieces to your jewelry wardrobe reduces the environmental impact. By choosing estate jewelry, you ensure that beautiful creations from the past continue to be appreciated and enjoyed for generations to come.

On that same note, look through your own jewelry collection to see if there are pieces that you no longer wear or enjoy and consider taking advantage of our estate purchasing and gold buying services. We purchase karat gold jewelry, diamonds, and even Swiss timepieces, paying you for your unwanted items and rehoming them to someone who will be the next in line to enjoy them. If you have a piece that isn’t quite your style, but you’re not ready to part with, our custom design artisans are skilled at redesigning and repurposing estate jewelry into something new to enjoy. Next time you seek a one-of-a-kind accessory that carries a touch of history, consider exploring the enchanting world of estate jewelry — it’s a step towards sustainable elegance and an opportunity to create new memories while cherishing the old. Or cash in or trade in your unwanted items and have fun shopping for something new to add to your jewelry box.




One of the fastest and most exciting trends is ring stacking. Not only is this a great way to express your individuality, your rings can tell the story of your life. Here are some pointers to help you build your look.

VARY TYPES Mix it up and keep variety in mind while also showing good balance. Statement Rings — Start here with your engagement ring or a vintage cocktail ring. The statement ring will be the center of attention, and you build around it. Eternity Rings — Some of the most beautiful ring stacks include an eternity ring. Don’t be afraid of using different stone shapes and metals to create interesting texture and visual appeal. Classic Bands —Think simple metal bands in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. They can also have smooth or textured surfaces for added interest. There are so many options and combos from which to choose. Mix and match metals for the most modern look. Add bands with colored gemstones for added punch. Building your stack over time allows you to celebrate life’s milestones. You don’t have to limit yourself to your ring finger; spread the cheer from index to pinkie!

MILESTONE BIRTHDAY OR BABY! “You say it’s your birthday!”

ENGAGEMENT RING Your statement ring.

THE BAND From the day you said, “I do!”

ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION “We’re rockin’ this marriage thing!”



timeless elegance CRAFTING

A t R. F. Moeller Jeweler, we believe that every piece of jewelry should be as unique as the individual who wears it. That’s the mission behind our world-class custom jewelry design, where imagination knows no bounds and your dreams of owning a one-of-a-kind masterpiece come to life. UNLEASHING YOUR CREATIVITY A custom-designed piece can be the perfect celebration of your individuality and personal style. We understand that you may desire something truly special — a piece that reflects your personality and captures the essence of your most cherished moments. Our skilled artisans and design experts are dedicated to collaborating with you to bring your vision to reality, step by step. FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION Creating a custom piece of jewelry is a collaborative journey, and we are with you every step of the way. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation, where we take the time to understand your preferences, style, and inspiration. Whether you have a clear idea in mind or need some guidance, our team will provide expert insights to ensure your custom design exceeds your expectations. REVIVING SENTIMENTAL VALUE We believe that jewelry carries sentimental value, evoking memories of precious moments and loved ones. If you have inherited older pieces that may no longer suit your lifestyle, our custom design service offers the perfect solution. Our artisans can skillfully redesign and repurpose treasured heirlooms into new, contemporary pieces that honor the past while embracing the future. EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP Craftsmanship lies at the heart of jewelry design, and our custom service is no exception. Our artisans are masters of their trade, employing both traditional techniques and the latest technology to meticulously craft each piece. The use of premium materials and attention to detail ensures that your personalized jewelry is not only a symbol of beauty but also a lasting investment. EXCLUSIVITY AND LEGACY When you choose custom design, you are not merely acquiring a piece of jewelry; you are investing in a legacy. Your one-of-a-kind creation will be the embodiment of your unique story, destined to be cherished and passed down for generations. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of custom jewelry design. Let us travel this creative journey together, as we turn your dreams into tangible, sparkling reality. Visit us today and let your imagination take flight.

Read the touching story of this special ring crafted especially for Laura and Craig on page 35.



Meet the elegant automatic watch for navigating urban journeys, with shock resistance and high-end ceramic unidirectional bezel.

5+ Y


Congratulations are in order


Annelise & Jack

Christie & Matt

Claire & Chris


Alex & Austin


Tiffany & Kurt

Marisa & Spencer

Kaecey & Ryan

“Laura and I met during our first year of college at St. Ben’s/St. John’s. We did Laura & Craig

theater together and became good friends throughout our time there. We continued our friendship after college in Minneapolis and discovered that there was potential to be more than friends. Turns out, we were right! We got engaged in Hawaii, and married in 2022. Laura’s engagement ring is a beautiful reminder of our promise to each other and a reminder of our family. Three of the diamonds came from my grandma’s engagement ring that she wore from the time of her wedding in 1947 until she recently passed away at 103 years old. She was able to see the new ring, and now her story can continue with us. We love that the engagement ring is custom made, with three stars

on the bottom of the band to mark her diamonds. It’s so special to have a deeper connection to a piece of jewelry that is not only important to us but to our families. We feel so lucky to be able to keep her with us and add our own love story to her heirloom. We also love that the ring is one-of-a-kind with a timeless look. The R.F. Moeller team made the whole process fun and exciting, and gave me confidence in creating a piece that Laura would proudly wear for the rest of our lives. We love all three of our rings from R.F. Moeller!” ~Craig







W e took a page out of our high school yearbook to create this style guide and highlight a few of our favorite engagement rings. After all, jewelry is the ultimate expression of your style, and engagement rings, just like each individual who wears one, have unique personalities all of their own. When selecting a ring, the options can seem endless, so begin by seeing which styles you naturally gravitate toward. Then, come on in and see a bigger selection of rings that suit your style. Because we make shopping for rings fun!

No basic uniforms here. These styles are dressed to impress! Delicate milgrain and intricate filigree detailing in precious metals set the stage for these charming and ethereal designs, while floral and nature- inspired motifs evoke a timeless feel. Details make an engagement ring come to life, giving it depth and awakening emotions with every glance. best dressed

Engagement rings from Sylvie and Christopher Designs are dressed to impress with graduated side diamonds.


Photo provided by The Byes Photo thebyesphoto.com @thebyesphoto

life of the party

Nobody puts these babies in a corner. You’ll be the life of the party when you don one of these popular multi-stone

engagement rings. Your ring symbolizes the love between you and your betrothed, so why not celebrate with more diamonds? — include three, four, five, or more gems to create more sparkle on the dance floor. Varying the gem combination as well as the cut, carat weight, and placement makes this concept even more personal. Engagement rings last a lifetime, so the party can go on and on.

most likely to succeed

Classic rings are enduring, elegant, and always in style. Whether you choose a traditional six-prong setting with a diamond solitaire, pavé diamonds, or a simple, unadorned band, you’re destined to succeed! To add a bit of flair to your solitaire, include a bezel or half bezel around the center diamond to give your ring a modern twist. The classic three-stone ring offers a weightier effect. Feature it with ovals, emeralds, or marquise-cut diamonds for a fresh look. Beautiful styles have staying power for a reason.

Update the classic diamond solitaire with a bezel setting.



East-west set radiant cut yellow diamond from R.F. Moeller Designs.

best personality

An engagement ring in a modern design is an opportunity to use various metals or colors that can reveal your individual style. Mixed metals give rings a certain type of flair that can be realized in a single ring or by choosing different metals for each of your rings that you wear in a stacking style. Alternatively, add color through your center stone, accents, or even your band, and show the world you do things your own way. The possibilities are endless.

most environmentally conscious

Selecting an engagement ring and staying true to your values is getting easier today, with so many environmentally friendly options. Selecting an estate engagement ring honors the concept of recycling and proves what’s old is new again. Or mix it up: choose your favorite modern setting and set it with an antique rose-cut or old Eurpoean cut diamond.






E ngagement ring and jewelry designer, Sylvie, has created a concept that adds another layer of significance to the world’s most enduring symbol of love and commitment. The company’s signature Sylvie Shell design is created by seamlessly connecting the ring’s shank to the setting that surrounds the diamond, representing two souls forming an eternal bond together as one. The unique shell shape created in the negative space inside the ring’s shank recalls Sandro Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, a painting depicting the arrival of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. The glow of intense light radiating from the shell in Botticelli’s painting is repeated in the shower of light radiating from the ring’s center diamond. The Sylvie Shell collection celebrates every bride standing on the cusp of a new phase of her life, one that is full of promise and hope. It is a daily reminder of the strength, energy, and positivity that radiates light to every corner of their lives.






T here’s something inherently glamorous and celebratory about champagne. But did you know that this effervescent elixir can be more than just a stand-alone indulgence? When mixed with complementary ingredients, champagne can elevate a cocktail to new heights. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with these intriguing mixed drinks that feature champagne as a star ingredient.

CHAMPAGNE MARGARITA — Bring a touch of effervescence to the beloved margarita: In a shaker, combine tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and a splash of simple syrup. Shake well and strain into a salt-rimmed champagne flute. Top it off with chilled champagne and garnish with a lime wheel. The combination of zesty citrus, tequila’s earthy notes, and the lively bubbles of champagne creates a tantalizing twist on the classic margarita that is sure to impress your guests.

RASPBERRY MINT SPARKLER — Elevate your champagne experience: In a glass, muddle fresh raspberries and mint leaves. Add a splash of raspberry liqueur and a squeeze of lime juice. Fill the glass with ice and top it off with chilled champagne. Stir gently and garnish with a mint sprig and a raspberry. The burst of tart raspberries, the invigorating mint, and the lively champagne bubbles dance harmoniously on your tongue, delivering a vibrant and flavorful cocktail that is both visually stunning and irresistibly delicious.



Immerse yourself in the taste of summer: In a blender, puree fresh watermelon chunks and strain to remove any pulp. In a shaker, combine the watermelon juice, a splash of lime juice, and a few basil leaves. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top it off with chilled champagne and gently stir. Garnish with a small watermelon wedge and a basil leaf. The sweet juiciness of watermelon, the aromatic basil, and the effervescence of champagne create a vibrant and thirst-quenching drink.

FRENCH MARTINI ROYALE Unleash the allure of a classic French Martini by adding a touch of champagne: In a shaker, combine vodka, pineapple juice, and a splash of raspberry liqueur. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top it off with a generous pour of champagne and garnish with fresh raspberries. The marriage of the martini’s velvety smoothness with the champagne’s lively bubbles adds an exquisite layer of complexity, making this cocktail a glamorous choice for special occasions or sophisticated soirées.

BLUEBERRY LAVENDER SPARKLE —Indulge in a burst of fruity elegance: In a glass, muddle fresh blueberries and a touch of culinary lavender. Add a splash of lavender syrup and a squeeze of lemon juice. Fill the glass with ice and top it off with chilled champagne. Stir gently and garnish with a few blueberries and a sprig of lavender. The combination of juicy blueberries, delicate floral notes of lavender, and the sparkling champagne creates a sensory experience that is both visually stunning and delightfully refreshing. When it comes to adding sparkle to your cocktail repertoire, champagne takes center stage. The marriage of champagne’s crisp bubbles with a medley of flavors creates a symphony for your palate. Whether you prefer classic elegance, fruity sophistication, or a refreshing twist, these mixed drinks will enhance any occasion with their captivating charm. So raise your glass and indulge in the effervescence of champagne-based libations. Cheers to the art of mixology!



T he emerald is one of the most storied gemstones in history. For thousands of years, it has been cherished for its gorgeous rich green color and its association with good fortune. One thing is for sure, it adds a rich beauty to any ensemble. In the top quality range, fine emeralds are more valuable than diamonds, but there are plenty of smaller, more affordable emeralds out there, set into jewelry that is perfect for adding a pop of color. Mixed with pearls — which are huge at the moment — or other colored gemstones, emeralds make an elegant, eye-catching fashion statement. The deep green color of emeralds has carved a presence in everything from runway fashions to home decor. The gem’s color is at its best when it is given an “emerald” cut, a rectangular or square cut with beveled corners, which emphasizes the richness of color by leading the eye into it rather than deflecting attention away from it. It can also be cut into gently rounded cabochons or beads. The emerald is seen as a symbol of rebirth, loyalty, peace, and security, making it all the more alluring. BY CAROL BESLER

everyday emeralds

Because of the popularity of emeralds, when you enter R.F. Moeller you can spy them throughout our store — from emeralds sprinkled on watch dials to one-of- a-kind jewelry pieces. Pictured at top, from our estate collection, these cultured pearl and emerald earrings are a bold reflection of the past. Also featured here are 3 stunning necklaces, the first featuring a 1.26 carat emerald with diamond set on top. The second is one of our custom designed pear-shaped emerald and diamond pendants set in yellow gold. Spark Creations designed the third emerald necklace shown with a diamond halo. The two rings nested together are also by Spark Creations, the bottom one featuring a 1.70 carat emerald cut gemstone. Pear shapes are popular in every gemstone cut and this 1.12 carat emerald is certainly among the stars in our showcase this year.


Since 1972




A few diehard backyard mechanics and budding entrepreneurs are turning vintage gas burners into eco-friendly rides that only need electrons for a wild ride. Here are a few examples to pique your interest in unique EV options.

NEW VW ID BUZZ Not actually a conversion, the 2024 VW ID Buzz is just cool. The Buzz is the funky new all-electric version of the iconic VW Bus, with enough room for a volleyball team with seating for up to seven people. Retro design cues meet a tailored interior, cutting-edge EV technology, and advanced driver assistance features.

VINTAGE VW BUS The original VW Bus was notoriously under- powered, barely able to climb a hill with a few friends on board. An EV conversion eliminates that problem. The EV conversion updates the Bus with modern amenities like seat belts, power disc brakes, and a restored yet vintage interior. The 200-mile range is perfect for a jaunt to the beach or a picnic with friends.

FORD MUSTANG The classic first-generation Mustang gets a new lease on life with an

EV conversion. Electric GT offers drop-in EV swap kits that deliver the equivalent of up to 400 horsepower. Upgrades include air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes. Blend the joy of a vintage muscle car with the reliable drive train of the future.

MEYERS MANX The lovable Meyers Manx dune buggy from the 1960s has been revived as an EV conversion. The Manx 2.0 EV has up to 300 miles of range and seats two. It glides almost silently along the beach, making the buzzy VW engine noise a relic of the past.

FORD BRONCO Using an electrified platform or skateboard, Zero Labs transforms classic

SUVs like a vintage Ford Bronco or Land Rover Series III 109 Wagon. These rugged off-roaders achieve more than 235 miles of range with four times the horsepower of the originals.


freelancer collection #PRECISIONMOVEMENTS




T here is no greater expression of your personal style than the accessories you choose. Picture this: you pull on an oversized navy sweatshirt and matching yoga pants — don’t judge, it’s chilly out! Go ahead and throw your hair up in a messy bun, too. Got a visual? But before you leave your closet, grab a little choker-length necklace and a yellow gold long-link chain. Then a pair of diamond stud earrings and a big chunky aquamarine ring to wear on your middle finger — now how do those yoga pants look? You have style! And every day, you are empowered to choose it for yourself.

A choker is a bold statement. Create a dramatic stack of necklaces with a slim-lined simple choker at the top; then work your way down adding longer lengths, adding additional necklaces to suit your outfit and mood for the day. If you choose a bold, thick choker or open necklace then it may look best all on its own. start at the top


oh so fancy!

Round brilliant diamonds, make way for your fancy cut friends. It’s time to update classic everyday diamond jewelry styles and make them feel all new. Try on an all pear-shaped or baguette-cut tennis bracelet. Pop on a pair of asscher-cut stud earrings. Or try an emerald-cut diamond ring in an east-west setting. Fancy-cut diamonds are no longer reserved just for engagement rings; they’re everywhere! These oval, emerald-cut, and pear- shape diamond bands are pretty enough to stand alone on your finger, or stack a few together for a real “look at me” sparkle. Sweet shapes on a simple yellow gold necklace really create a stand-out look. Shown here are marquise, cushion-cut and pear-shape diamond pendants. Bring some sparkle to the sides of your face with these round and pear-shape diamond huggy hoop earrings.

blue gemstones

Blue gemstones, anyone? Talk about a trend that’s making waves! From the oceanic vibes of aquamarine to the royal allure of sapphires, blue is the hue to rock right now. Imagine a tanzanite ring that’s as deep as the night sky or a turquoise charm that’s giving total beach vibes. Mix ‘n match metals, too — sapphire and rose gold? Yes, please! Whether you’re going for queenly elegance or boho cool, a pop of blue is your go-to.

Aquamarine gems are light and bright — we love this Marco Bicego bracelet and 2.50 carat emerald cut ring! Other blues in store include blue zircon, as shown in this oval cut necklace, blue topaz, which is framed by yellow gold to create this simple but stunning Marco Bicego ring, and Tanzanite, which comes in hues ranging from blue to violet. Check out this 2.80 oval Tanzanite ring by Spark Creations — a real show stopper!


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