BC Clark Magazine 2021/2022

Your ring. A symbol of a lifetime together. The past. The present. And the future. If your engagement ring or wedding bands could tell your story, wouldn’t it be a great tale full of twists and turns? That’s the idea behind You.Two., a new podcast by BC Clark. In its 129-year history, the company has witnessed more than its share of love stories unfolding in its stores. “Since 1892, my family has sold engagement rings, wedding bands, and so many gifts to celebrate family milestones,” said Coleman Clark, president of BC Clark. “This has always allowed us a glimpse at some very inspiring love stories, and more importantly, we’ve been privileged to see these couples’ love and commitment blossom over the years. So, we decided we should share some of these stories with the world.” The podcast features couples reflecting on their journey together. Listeners get to share in their most significant milestones - happy, tragic, messy, or divine. And are invited to dream, aspire or reminisce about their own journey. In the first episode, released in late-summer, listeners met Joe and Jamie Lewallen of Oklahoma City. The Lewallens tell their story from the first date through their When the story of You becomes Two . A new podcast series tells customers’ real-life love stories.

engagement, wedding, to the present day. They share what commitment and happiness mean to them today after 36 years of marriage, the loss of a child, putting three kids through college, and watching those kids embark on their own journeys. The second episode, released in the fall, featured Kevin and Lauren Costello of Los Angeles, California. From their roots in Oklahoma to their Hollywood happy ending – it’s a romance that couldn’t be sweeter even if Kevin, a professional screenwriter, had scripted it himself. This Pray for Rain winning couple woke up on their wedding day to an inch of unexpected snow. In their episode, they talk about how they made their way from OKC to L.A. and how the twists and turns along the way prepared them for their next adventure... parenthood. The podcast, paired with a campaign that combines a unique storytelling approach with highlighting engagement and wedding rings bought at BC Clark years, sometimes decades ago, has been a wonderful way for the Clark family and their team of longtime employees to connect with some of their customers and highlight the rich lives they have lived since their wedding day. “You.Two. describes the moment when two lives are joined. While ‘ You ’ stands for an individual’s story, ‘ Two ’ stands for a shared journey,” Clark explained. “For so many couples, commitment starts at the proposal, but it becomes so much more over the years. Our family has felt so blessed to play even the smallest role in these journeys, and we are so grateful for the couples that have agreed to tell their stories.”

All episodes are available for streaming at BCClark.com/YouTwo or you can subscribe with these leading podcast apps:

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