BC Clark Magazine 2021/2022

Lexington 9.8mm chain necklace with 18k yellow gold, $1,850

LEXINGTON: Named after the street of Art Deco icons like the GE and Chrysler Buildings, Lexington celebrates the sleek sensibility of 1930s Manhattan architecture. Clean lines and the juxtaposition of smooth and cabled metal transform David’s signature oval-link chain into a city-chic essential that can be styled with unique amulets or the collection’s faceted pendants.

THOROUGHBRED LOOP: This season, DavidYurman returns to his equestrian roots with a new collection inspired by boleadoras or the bolas, a loop used by Argentine and Uruguayan gauchos to round up cattle. David transforms this simple form into sculptural bracelets, rings, and handcrafted chains. As with all of his equestrian-inspired collections, Thoroughbred Loop mixes silver and gold, emphasizing the beauty of metal without gemstones.

Thoroughbred loop ring with 18k yellow gold, $495

Thoroughbred loop bracelet with 18k yellow gold, $1,250

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