BC Clark Magazine 2021/2022

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COSMIC CREATIONS The otherworldly charm of the heavens makes for a special vibe in jewelry, conveying the magic and mystery of the night sky. Adding diamonds and gemstones creates a celestial glow that reminds us of the power of the universe.

Starburst Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold by David Yurman, $1,600

Starburst Yellow Gold Bracelet by David Yurman, $2,200

Starburst Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver by David Yurman, $395

18” Rose Gold Station Necklace by Penny Preville, $1,595 Moon & Star Locket in Rose Gold by Penny Preville, $3,005

Starburst Sterling Silver Single Station Bracelet by David Yurman, $850

MOVERS AND SHAKERS Statement earrings are making a comeback, thanks to Zoom calls, and our newfound freedom to go out into the world again and sparkle. The best earrings are the ones that move, with strands of gems, detachable danglers, and attachable charms that move with the motions of your every step.

Starburst Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver by David Yurman, $2,400

Petite Helena Earrings in Yellow Gold by David Yurman, $2,500

Diamond Drop Earrings in White Gold by Roberto Coin, $7,800

Lexington Diamond Drop Earrings by David Yurman, $2,100

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