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Sapphire is suggested for anniversaries number 5 and 45. This gemstone has historically signified truth and promises, perfect sentiments for any marriage. Next to diamond, sapphire is a favorite wedding gem, inspiring sincerity, peace, and joy. The most popular anniversary gift in sapphire has been stackable bands. And the great thing about sapphire is that it comes in several colors, with blue, yellow, and pink to choose from. Other iconic designs include bold sapphire rings and three-stone styles with diamonds, as well as different earring treatments and bracelets, sometimes in ombré or mixed color patterns. sapphire

Kwiat ASHOKA® Diamond and Calibre Sapphire Halo

Pendant, $18,300.

Kwiat Splendor Sapphire and Diamond Earrings with 3.64 carats of sapphires.

ruby Ruby symbolizes the power of attraction and long-lasting love. It is the top suggestion for anniversaries number 15 and 40. This fiery red gem — the color of the heart — has always been associated with deep love. Stackable bands set with ruby and white diamonds are popular, as are bold cocktail rings and three-stone styles. It doesn’t have to be a ring, though. Drop earrings, ear climbers, and line bracelets set with ruby also make a statement of love.

Burmese Ruby Heart Pendant in 18K White and Yellow Gold.

Colombian Emearld with Double Halo in Platinum.

Colombian Emerald Pendant with Oval Emerald and Diamonds.


Emerald, which is suggested for anniversaries number 20 and 35, is upheld as a symbol of devotion, contentment, and undying love. The gem of enlightenment, emerald has a calming effect that clarifies insight. Emerald eternity bands have been the most popular anniversary gift, often set with fancy shapes and mixed with white diamonds. Other iconic designs include bold emerald rings and three-stone styles, as well as different earring treatments.

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