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REDEFINES CLASSIC DESIGN DAVID YURMAN David Yurman is known for creating jewelry that is dramatic yet simple and organic. It moves with the body, it is proportioned for the body, and it makes a statement about the way jewelry can be used to reflect the beautiful forms that surround us in everyday life. The Starburst collection, with its dramatic bursts of light, is a perfect example of the designer’s ability to translate his talents as a sculptor, and the Helena collection is a celebration of the signature Cable motif from the 1980s. Starburst Y Necklace with Diamonds in Sterling Silver $1,500.

Featuring the Starburst Collection.

The Starburst collection has romantic origins. The inspiration came about while David Yurman and his wife Sybil were watching fireworks illuminate the Paris night sky. The magical bursts of light showering the Eiffel Tower and Tuileries Gardens greatly moved the couple, inspiring David to create designs of brilliant star motifs. The collection explodes with bursts of gold and silver, accented with diamonds. Ethereal golden rays set with diamonds radiate out from the center as three-dimensional objects that seem to be in the midst of exploding.A Starburst bangle, earrings, or a pendant with stations of small motifs along the chain adds just the right touch of drama, conjuring images of fireworks, planets, or stars in the night sky.

Starburst Center Station Bracelet with Diamonds $850.

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