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R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E • A U T U M N / H O L I D A Y 2 0 2 1

Eric Fehr, Vice President, Owner Graduate Gemologist

Rick Fehr, President, Owner Graduate Gemologist

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our 2021 holiday issue of Richter & Phillips Jewelers Magazine . We pray that you and your loved ones have stayed healthy. This is a special year for us as we celebrate our 125th anniversary. One hundred and twenty five is a big number that is hard to comprehend, even for us. Since 1896, our company’s story has been one of transformation and evolution. It is hard to believe that we used to mail catalogues filled with pictures of silverware, gifts and other jewelry to customers around the country, and now we find ourselves assisting customers with diamonds, engagement rings, and watches, in one of the nicest showrooms in the Midwest, and virtually, via text, email, webchat, Zoom and FaceTime. As the times have changed, so have we — but with one common denominator. That is a commitment to excellence, in the quality of the products that we carry, in the dedication and talent of our staff, and in how we treat each and every customer we encounter. Each year, we look for opportunities to enhance your experience and to better serve you. Our on-site jeweler, watchmakers, and repair departments enable us to provide expert service in one place. We have also fully renovated the bank vault downstairs to offer a truly unique and remarkable customer experience. We continue to bring in new jewelry and watch lines and updates to our own designs to stay current in an ever-changing environment. Your exclusive look in the pages ahead, showcasing some of our finest jewelry and watch brands, will give you a glimpse into our artistry and imagination of decadent beauty.We are very proud and grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and we thank you for entrusting us as your favorite jeweler.

Cheers to another 125 years!

Wishing you all the best,

The Fehr Family

6 0 1 M A I N S T , C I N C I N N A T I , O H 4 5 2 0 2

5 1 3 . 2 4 1 . 3 5 1 0 • W W W . R I C H T E R P H I L L I P S . C O M

C O M P L I M E N T A R Y V A L I D A T E D P A R K I N G A T 6 1 6 M A I N S T .


time zone

b y C A R O L B E S L E R



Breitling has completely redesigned its Chronomat collection, keeping it true to the original, which became a cult favorite when it was launched in 1984, because of its distinctive tube-like linked bracelet. The redesign leaves most of the model’s signature features intact, including the integrated onion crown and the distinctive rider tabs at 3 and 9 o’clock that allow the bezel to be used as either a count-up or a countdown timer. Most notably, though, is the unmistakable rouleaux bracelet with its rounded, tube- like stainless steel links. “There are very few distinguished steel bracelets out there,” says Breitling CEO Georges Kern. “A design like this is very unique, but very recognizable. It’s like the Porsche 911, which is a classic design that has evolved over time but essentially remains the same.”

Breitling, Chronomat B01 42 Bentley in Stainless Steel - Green, $8,250

The new collection includes a Bentley edition, with a British racing- green dial to mark its ongoing partnership with the British luxury car brand. There is also a Frecce Tricolori Limited Edition, celebrating the acrobatic flight team that inspired the original Chronomat. The chronographs in the line are powered by the Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01, with a 70-hour power reserve. Breitling has also finally introduced a ladies’ version of the Chronomat, and it’s a full collection with several options in two sizes. The design is classic and minimalist, with markers rather than numerals on the dial and a diamond bezel to add a feminine touch. There are 10 references, with case options including stainless steel, 18K gold, or a combination of both. Dials for the 36 mm include lacquered white, pale green, midnight blue, or copper, and for the 32 mm, white or midnight blue. The 36 mm contains a Breitling automatic mechanical movement, and the 32 mm contains an in-house SuperQuartz movement with a 3-4-year battery life. The ladies’ Chronomat was launched with help from a squad of celebrity Breitling ambassadors: Charlize Theron, an Oscar-winning actor; Misty Copeland, a ballerina and the first African American woman to become a principal dancer; and Yao Chen, an award-winning Chinese TV and film actor. Breitling also debuted new packaging that is made from recycled fishing nets and can itself be recycled.

Breitling, Chronomat B01 42 Frecce Tricolori Limited Edition in Stainless Steel - Blue, $8,250

8 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E


time zone

Glashütte is a small town nestled between the forests and hills of southeast Germany, halfway between Berlin and Prague.This is where NOMOS Glashütte, one of the few owner-operated watchmaking companies in the world, creates the finest mechanical timepieces. NOMOS watchmakers count among the very best in their field — what they have mastered is still a challenge for their colleagues elsewhere.That is because watches have been crafted in Glashütte for many generations — for over 175 years, to be precise. The timepieces are made with many unique characteristics and always of the very best quality. These are watches that transport a love of handcraft and tradition within them, and are yet always contemporary — these are watches for life. Exemplifying the brand and its rich heritage are the models Tangente, Ludwig, Orion, and Tetra, representations of the elegant and classic design with NOMOS craftsmanship ticking away inside. In-house movements such as the Alpha — a highly acclaimed classic — and the innovative DUW6101 with its patented quick-set date mechanism, are both modern and typically Glashütte. Features such as the three-quarter plate, sunburst polishing, and tempered blue screws are reminders of times gone by and markers of watchmaking heritage. The designers from NOMOS’ in-house creative agency in Berlin construct their superb form, drawing from the tradition of Deutscher Werkbund, Bauhaus, and the Ulm School of Design. Such styles are essential to the form of a NOMOS timepiece and are still more modern than ever before. It is in Berlin that the designs are brought together with the watchmaking skill and innovative technology from Glashütte. Showcasing this is the Tangente neomatik 41 Update, with its clean form and innovative and patented date with the highly precise in-house manufactured self-winding movement, DUW6101. The round watch with the many right angles represents NOMOS Glashütte like no other.

Tangente neomatik 41 Update – Slender despite its date function and automatic movement: The new neomatik date caliber DUW 6101 keeps Tangente in shape.

10 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Metro neomatik 41 Update. The unique NOMOS ring date in neon orange is patented and easy to set—in both directions. This is made possible by the in-house automatic caliber DUW 6101 within, which is highly precise and also features a patented date mechanism. Now available at Richter & Phillips Jewelers. More here: and

time for whiskey

b y R E B E C C A S C H A E P E R

p h o t o s b y J I L L I A N F R A N C O I S

Presented by NOMOS Glashütte & Whiskey Watches

There is simply something fine about a glass of whiskey in hand and a watch on your wrist— both a perfect form of admiration for the thoughtful artistry of their craftsmanship. Whiskey & Watches is a Richter & Phillips tradition. Old and new customers alike flock to the store on the Thursday after Thanksgiving, knowing this annual event is the perfect way to kickoff the holiday season. As the showroom glistens with holiday cheer and the bustle of the busy month ahead sets in, you’ll see familiar faces and meet new friends as you explore our selection of exquisite timepieces, while sipping on your favorite Christmastime spirit.

This year, Richter & Phillips welcomes a new watch family to the party: NOMOS Glashütte. What better way to welcome this German watchmaking family into Richter & Phillips than to challenge them to a Whiskey & Watches pairing. We asked NOMOS to explore four locally-crafted and barreled whiskeys and bourbons and complement each of their unique flavor profiles with one of their beautiful timepieces. This is what they had to say.

NOMOS Glashütte, Tangente neomatik 41 Update midnight blue, $4,100

THE SPIRIT — New Riff Distillery Bourbon THE FLAVOR — New Riff Distilling’s core bourbon expression is a genuinely high-rye, full-bodied whiskey offering savory, spicy character. New Riff bourbon is Bottled in Bond without chill filtration. Featuring a mash bill of non- GMO grains at 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley, it represents a new riff on Kentucky’s most hallowed whiskey traditions. Aged four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels, there are no shortcuts taken in this production. THE TIMEPIECE — Tangente neomatik 41 Update midnight blue

THE COMPLEMENT — Like New Riff’s bourbon, the NOMOS bestseller Tangente Update is perfection with perfect proportions. Against the deep blue dial, the hour and minutes hands shine silver, with the new superluminova green NOMOS ring date display framing the current date. The clear lines and precise angles of the stainless steel case and the lugs paired with the completely flat sapphire crystal glass, allows the Tangente Update to remain as slender as ever on the wrist. Highly precise and equipped with the NOMOS DUW 6101 automatic caliber, this elegant timepiece is setting new standards to a brand’s classic, as New Riff does for Kentucky Bourbons.

12 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

THE SPIRIT - Second Sight Spirits Oak Eye Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey THE FLAVOR — This bourbon is handcrafted in ultra-small batches from a mashbill of corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley by two friends on a still they designed and built to deliver unique flavor. This spirit is then offered to the oak barrel with its all-seeing Oak Eye. Having perception beyond ordinary sight, only it knows the future of the bourbon resting within. Let Oak Eye Kentucky bourbon whiskey reveal its hidden knowledge to you in each glass. THE TIMEPIECE — Club Campus 38 Future Orange THE COMPLEMENT — As with Second Sight Spirits’ Oak Eye Kentucky bourbon whiskey, the NOMOS Club Campus 38 Future Orange is a celebration of things to come. Expertly handcrafted, this timepiece hosts a manually wound Alpha caliber giving it incredibly high precision for up to 43 hours. The velour leather strap discreetly allows the watch to attract worthy attention, flattering particularly delicate wrists and letting the watch appear even more refined.With a joyful dial in a shade of promising orange, this timepiece is an exquisite gift for anyone looking forward to a bright future. THE SPIRIT — Northside Distillery Whiskey THE FLAVOR — Giving off a rich, caramel aroma and a hint of vanilla, Northside’s bourbon whiskey is crafted with a low rye mash bill and filtered using their zero-chill process to preserve more natural flavor. Each barrel is hand-selected after five years of aging and is the perfect ingredient to make a classic old fashioned, Boulevardier, or whiskey sour, but it is best served neat. THE TIMEPIECE — Metro neomatik 41 Update THE COMPLEMENT — Cosmopolitan, smart, with plenty of contemporary flair — like Northside’s whiskey, the NOMOS Metro neomatik 41 Update is your new classic staple. This timepiece offers a clean, elegant look for all occasions, with a pop of orange in the innovative date display. This watch is slender and minimalistic in style, so like Northside whiskey, we guess you could say it is best served neat. THE SPIRIT — Boone County Bourbon THE FLAVOR — A sip of Boone County Small Batch bourbon begins with an elegant roundness bearing appropriate notes of sweet oak, caramel, vanilla, and almond biscuit. The copper liquid is the perfect balance of chestnut and caramel, fueling light notes of aged oak, vanilla, almond, and sugar cookie. Finishing off with a dash of aged rye and a pinch of cinnamon, the finale is smooth, consistent, and satisfying. THE TIMEPIECE — Ludwig neomatik 39 THE COMPLEMENT —On your wrist or in a glass, Boone County bourbon and the NOMOS Ludwig neomatik 39 can both be described as effortlessly cool, for the traditionalists of today. Complete with an innovative self- winding movement, coined the neomatik, this beautiful timepiece displays Roman numerals complemented by a subtle minute scale with Arabic numerals. The Ludwig offers a lesson in refinement, sporting steel, tempered blue hands, and its galvanized, white silver-plated dial encased in stainless steel with a tripartite sapphire crystal glass back. Like a glass of Boone County, this timepiece is an elegant touch to any contemporary hand ... or wrist.

NOMOS Glashütte, Ludwig neomatik 39, $3,700

NOMOS Glashütte, Metro neomatik 41 Update, $4,660

NOMOS Glashütte Club Campus 38 Future Orange, $1,650

R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 13


b y C A R O L B E S L E R


modern time WATCHES THAT INCLUDE THE BEST OF BOTH OLD AND NEW WORLDS The luxury watch industry is very traditional. Many of the brands’ current collections have been in existence for a long time, with new releases consisting of variations and updates of existing iconic models. For the past several years, the trend has been to faithfully reproduce the design elements of original models. Homage editions revive the dial configurations, colors, and marker shapes of fan-favorite models from the ’50s to the ’70s. Recently, however, tribute pieces have given way to the introduction of new editions that represent thoroughly modernized editions of old favorites. Color is a big part of this rejuvenation. Dials are red, green, blue, and edgy black or gray, instead of the vintage ivory and off-white dials that dominated vintage designs. Super-LumiNova, which didn’t even exist until the 1990s, is everywhere, in bolder applications and more color variations, sometimes lighting up full dials. New movements are another big part of the rejuvenation, with most brands now producing state-of-the-art, in-house movements to be introduced throughout their collections. Here are some examples of the latest modern additions to fan-favorite watch collections.

Rolex, Cosmograph Daytona, $34,050

Grand Seiko, Grand Seiko Elegance Collection SBGK009, $7,700

THE ROLEX DAYTONA is one of the most sought-after watches in the world in both vintage and current forms. The new special-dial version of the Rolex Daytona adds a whole new look to the traditional model, with a solid meteorite dial that lends a unique, decorative flair. There are white, yellow, and Everose gold models. Other modern touches include the Cerachrom ceramic bezel and modern caliber 4131, an in-house automatic movement with a 72-hour power reserve. It is fitted with a blue Parachrom hairspring, manufactured by Rolex in a paramagnetic alloy that makes it up to 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks.

GRAND SEIKO ELEGANCE A modern take on the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection, the charcoal gray dial, curved thin case design, andmesh link combination create a sleek appearance while still faithful in traditional mechanical design. The Caliber 9S63 offers a small seconds hand at the nine o’clock position and a power reserve indicator at three o’clock, delivering an accuracy rate of +5 to -3 seconds a day.

14 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Shizukuishi. A land of majestic white birch groves. A spring of constant inspiration for Grand Seiko. Here, light and shadow are in dynamic harmony. And Time is etched with intricate precision. Here, the TAKUMI infuse the essence of Nature into each and every timepiece, bringing its true beauty to life.

Shizukuishi, Iwate Prefecture

THE TUDOR BLACK BAY CERAMIC has a case made of the miracle material of the modern watch industry: ceramic. It is scratch proof, hard enough to be bullet-proof, and lightweight, which makes it ideal for a sports watch. This model also has one of the most advanced movements in the watch world, the manufacture caliber MT5602-1U, certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The watch also comes with a Master Chronometer certification from METAS, meaning it is able to function within a 5-second range of variation each day (0 +5), as opposed to COSC’s slightly less stringent standards (-4 +6).

As the new official partner of Ironman, there is a new power watch in its ENDURANCE PRO COLLECTION BY BREITLING . The colorful case of the Endurance Pro Ironman is made of a robust and ultra-light material called Breitlight, which Breitling first introduced in 2016. It is 3.3-times lighter than titanium and 5.8-times lighter than steel, which makes it ideal for sports watches. It’s also thermally stable, scratch proof, and hypoallergenic. The watch contains a modern quartz movement called SuperQuartz. First introduced by Breitling in 2014, it is 10-times more accurate than conventional quartz, and COSC certified, which means it is accurate to -4/+6 seconds her day.

Tudor, Black Bay Ceramic, $4,725

Breitling, Endurance Pro Ironman®, $3,350

THE OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 is the latest version of the brand’s first dive watch, introduced in 1957. The many updates and upgrades include a slimmer, more wearable case and a thinner bezel made from an oxalic, anodized aluminum for increased hardness. The most notable change, though, is the dial, for which Omega used a sandwich concept, including a base layer with Super-LumiNova and a second plate over the top with cuttings for the hours and numerals. And of course, there is a new movement, the co-axial master chronometer caliber 8912, certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), the industry’s highest standards of precision, performance, and magnetic resistance.

OMEGA, Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41 mm, $11,600

HAMILTON INTRA-MATIC AUTO CHRONO Powered by the specially-developed Hamilton caliber H-51, the new Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H marks the bold return of a hand-wound chronograph movement to Hamilton’s collections. Celebrating the fundamental principles of watchmaking with both precision and charm, this American classic timepiece rekindles the golden age of sports watches with subtle individuality and unique character. Precise and reliable, with an extended power reserve of 60 hours, the hand- wound H-51 movement ensures this vintage favorite has the cutting-edge technology to keep up with modern life. Not just a tool for telling time, the Chronograph H’s story continues with every interaction. Feel its personality when you wind the movement, activate the stopwatch, or merely fasten it to your wrist. This is a watch with soul.

Hamilton, Intra-Matic Auto Chrono 40 mm, $2,195

16 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

In 1868, Japan opened its doors to the world. So began a period of rapid modernization that affected every aspect of Japanese life. Seiko was at the heart of this revolution. Founded in 1881 as a company importing, retailing and repairing clocks and pocket watches made in other countries, it soon started to manufacture its own timepieces at a factory that the founder, Kintaro Hattori, called “Seikosha” which is best translated as “the house of exquisite workmanship.” Hattori’s goal was to create timepieces that were as precise and reliable as possible. Today’s Presage collection embodies this spirit. Inspired by the idea of “Japanese beauty, crafted into a mechanical timepiece,” Presage is a broad collection of mechanical watches, each of which expresses a different facet of Japanese culture. Presage offers a uniquely Japanese aesthetic combined with an attention to detail that only true craftsmanship can deliver. The Sharp Edged Series is quintessentially Presage. Each dial has a traditional Japanese design motif and every case displays the strength and precise workmanship characteristic of Japanese Katana swords.

SPB221 $1,400

The dial features the Asanoha, or hemp-leaf, pattern that, ever since the Heian period (794-1185), has been used to decorate kimonos and other traditional fabrics. It is a symbol of health and strength, reflecting the rapid and vigorous growth of the plant itself. The pattern is often seen in the Ukiyo-e prints that were first popular in the 18th century and made such an impact in the West in the late 1800s. From a distance, the dial looks simple, but close up the beauty of the pattern appears. The rich texture and intricacy of the sharply edged geometric pattern create a subtle color gradation as each angle captures the light. The case and bracelet incorporate many flat surfaces with a contemporary sharpness that allows the watch to shine and sparkle from every angle. The precisely engineered and polished surfaces and the crisp edges of the case’s silhouette contrast with the subtle hairline finish to create a distinctive multi-dimensional effect. The Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series. Powerful, but understated. Cosmopolitan, but distinctly Japanese. Modern, yet rooted in tradition.

SPB167 $1,000




A DE S IGNE R ’ S PERSPECT I VE Steven Lagos D i scus ses the Evo l ut i on of Cav iar

My des igns have always been in- spi red by the strong, smar t women who wear LAGOS. I l ike to explore different mater ials and offer options so that every woman can f ind something she loves. I began my career as a goldsmith and became a mas - ter jeweler, work ing with gold exclusively. Later, I star ted mi x- ing gold and si lver to of fer ver sat i le, two- tone col lections that our customer s have real ly embraced. This fal l, my focus on gold continues as the com- mon thread running through al l my designs. It’s an invitation to wear your gold, your way. Our customers have made it clear that they wanted to see more designs in rose gold. New this sea- son, LAGOS has incorporated 18K rose gold across our col lections. Woven into bracelets, necklaces, r ings, and into our best-sel l ing Smar t Caviar* bracelet, it is a new expression of two-tone that pai rs

beautiful ly with our Caviar col lections.

I’m always looking for ways to innovate our iconic Caviar beading and br ing beautiful and functional designs to our cus- tomers. I developed Smar t Caviar, the fi rst f ine jewel ry bracelet designed for the

Apple Watch ® , to en- hance the look of the casual timepiece for women who don’t want to sacr if ice per- sonal style to stay con- nected. Distinct, luxe bracelets handcrafted in stainless steel, 18K gold, smooth ceramic, ster l ing si lver, and dia- monds provide options to dress up your watch and create your own unique look.

From the inclusion of rose gold to our expanded Smar t Cav- iar offer ings and throughout many col - lections, we remain true to the timeless sophistication of LAGOS.

My gold, my way. My LAGOS, my way.

R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 21

lavish looks

DIAMONDS Diamonds are an essential staple of any jewelry collection, and when it comes to design, the possibilities are endless. From foundational classics to modern masterpieces, it’s easy to build a jewelry wardrobe with pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a look that is all your own. Here are some of this year’s most dazzling diamond jewelry styles. by D esign

curated classics

There are certain foundational pieces that should be included in every diamond jewelry wardrobe, but the best classics have a twist, a little tweak that makes them special — the tennis bracelet set with baguette diamonds instead of rounds, the hoop earrings with diamonds on the inside, the halo diamond pendant on a chain carefully chosen to layer with other necklaces in your collection — unique versions of those anchor pieces. From diamond stud earrings to classic strands, here are some options from this year’s variations on the tried and true.

SES Creations, Round Diamond Halo Pendant in white gold, call for pricing

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, Classic 3.98, round cut Diamond Studs with diamond halo, call for pricing

Jewels by Jacob, Diamond Ring in 18k white gold, $12,600

Jewels by Jacob, Graduated Diamond Riviera Necklace in 14k white gold, $17,600

SES Creations, Diamond Bracelet in 14k white gold, call for pricing

24 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

modern magic

Looking for a way to stand out in the crowd? Take your favorite looks and tweak them into something unique. Instead of wearing a necklace with the traditional vertical setting, why not choose a necklace with an east-west orientation? From fancy-shaped diamonds to artful silhouettes, seek designs that offer something extra special, giving you a modern look.

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, Cushion Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace on Diamonds by the Yard chain, call for pricing

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, Dainty Emerald Cut Pendant on Diamonds by the Yard chain, call for pricing

SES Creations, Emerald Cut Diamond Band in white gold, call for pricing

Jewels by Jacob, Modern Wave Stackable Diamond Bangles, available in yellow, rose, and white gold, starting at $6,500

yellow diamonds

Diamonds with a rich, pure yellow color are the world’s most valuable yellow gemstone. Formed when a small amount of nitrogen is contained within the diamond’s crystal structure, a yellow diamond’s sparkle is a marvel. A stunning symbol of love and devotion, yellow dimaonds are a sought after, luxurious display of color.

Jewels by Jacob, Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring, call for pricing

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, Pear-Shaped Drop Diamond Necklace featuring a fancy yellow pear-shaped diamond, call for pricing

SES Creations, Fancy Yellow Tiered Diamond Necklace on Diamonds by the Yard chain, call for pricing

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, Fancy Yellow Pear-Shaped Diamond Chandelier Earrings, call for pricing

Jewels by Jacob, Modern Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring, $6,600

R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 25



style guide


JudeFrances, Pair of Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings, $690

JudeFrances, Provence London Blue Topaz with Rhodolite Star Earring Charm, $980

“Over the past year, jewelry designers were busy in their studios, envisioning fresh, new creations to lift our spirits. Here are the latest ways to liven up your layering game or add some new statement pieces to your jewelry wardrobe.”

CONVERTIBLES There’s a whole new collection of necklaces and earrings that do double or triple duty in one piece. By unhooking and reattaching them in different ways, JudeFrances earrings can be three looks in one — packing more looks for you to choose from! With their collection of hoops, frames, and earring charms, you can transform your look every single day, because we all like options!

JudeFrances, Casablanca

JudeFrances, Provence Emerald Oval Earring Charm, $830

Moroccan Earring Charm Frames in 18k yellow gold, $1,700

STACKS AND LAYERS You have a style of your own, so let it shine through loud and clear with your signature stack.Rings or bracelets or layers of necklaces in just the right combination let you experiment with your jewelry. Mix in the latest options to change up your look or add just the right hint of color, texture, or shape. Rules don’t apply, so go for it!

Julie Vos, Windsor Trio Ring, $125

From left to right: Lagos, Gold Caviar Bracelet, $7,750 • Lagos, High Bar - Gold Caviar Link Bracelet, $1,675 Lagos, Caviar Spark - Diamond Beaded Bracelet, $1,400 • Lagos, Black Caviar Beaded Bracelet, $500 Lagos, Gold Caviar Bracelet with Smooth Gold Stations, $6,500 • Lagos, High Bar - 6mm Gold Station Caviar Bracelet, $1,500

28 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Julie Vos, Monogram Pendant on 35” chain, $155

Shy Creations, Diamond Star of David Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $490

Frederic Sage, White Mother of Pearl & Diamond “Happy” Bumblebee Pendant, $995

Shy Creations, Diamond and Blue Sapphire Composite Turquoise Eye Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $730

MEANINGFUL MEDALLIONS Medallions in forms ranging from charms to statement pendants pack symbolism and style into one piece. Whether it’s lucky charms, commemorative symbols or talismans that ward off evil, medallions are a great way to express personal style packed with special meanings.

BIG GEMSTONES Bold is beautiful! What better way to showcase the fabulous jewel tones of fall and winter than to go big! Striking in color and unique properties, big gemstone looks are a fun way to communicate a bold palette and style. Big gemstone looks draw attention and add elements of interest to your daily wardrobe. Many colored gemstones are faceted to the shape that best aims to demonstrate that stone’s vivid color. Because of this, gemstones offer a unique sparkle through these unconventional cuts. With so many designers adding gorgeous, big gems to their collections, now is a fantastic time to stock up on new gemstone centerpieces. Brightly colored gemstones are a great way to add a burst of color to all black, monochromatic, or neutral-colored outfits.

Julie Vos, Honey Bee Statement Necklace in Jade Green, $395

Julie Vos, Savoy Statement Hoop, $165

Luvente, Gemstone and Diamond Bracelet in 14k rose gold, $6,500

R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 29

colorful collections


As the holiday season sets in and a new year approaches, fashion is being redefined. Excitedly, we see a refreshing twist in jewelry with a spotlight on unexpected colors. Bold, vibrant colors are taking the lead. From glowy warm oranges to lush, vibrant greens, colorful gemstones have become the next jewelry obsession you will want to add to your collection.

Lagos, Citrine Glacier Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver & 18k yellow gold, $900

ORANGE Representative of vitality and adventure, fiery oranges are taking center stage. Found in many semi- precious stones such as citrine and fire opal, oranges are stunning set in yellow gold.

Luvente, Citrine Gemstone and Diamond East West Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $1,370

Luvente, Citrine Gemstone and Diamond Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $1,250

This warmth is especially exquisite in its precious form — orange sapphire. From deep umber to cherry neons, orange is the next gem color to add to your jewelry box.

PINK Fun, flirty, and feminine, pink gemstones add a delicate touch of color to any piece of jewelry. Pink sapphire, rhodolite garnet, and morganite all reflect a soothing aurora representative of love, and often gifted in celebration of motherhood.

JudeFrances, Provence Rhodolite Oval Earring Charm, $630

SES Creations, Flora Pink Sapphire Necklace with Diamonds in 18k rose gold, $12,800

Julie Vos, Calypso Delicate Bracelet in Rose, $95

30 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Richter & Phillips Jewelers, East to West Natural Emerald set in 14k yellow gold, $4,000


GREEN These gems will make anyone green with envy! With an intensity unmatched, green gemstones have been a prized possession for royalty — particularly emeralds. Emerald, jade, or peridot, these lush hues are the embodiment of luxury. Today, we celebrate the color as a vivacious, lively statement stone in all its forms from bright to deep.


Luvente, Victorian Emerald and Diamond Eternity Band in 14k white gold, $1,540

Julie Vos, Windsor Demi Cuff in Iridescent Jade Green, $275

BLUE From dark, moody, and mysterious to light, airy, and calming, blue gemstones come in a beautiful array of shades and textures. Whether it’s cracked turquoise, or a soft London blue, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous hues.

Frederic Sage, Abalone and White Mother of Pearl “Venus” Cushion Earrings with Diamond Bale, $2,000

Luvente, Blue Topaz and Blue Enamel Pendant in 14k yellow gold, $1,300

Lagos, Maya - Double Heart Earrings, $675

Luvente, Sapphire Baguettes and Pavé Diamond Band, $1,350

Lagos, Ceramic Wrap Bracelet, $795

R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 31

nice & neutral

b y R E B E C C A S C H A E P E R & T R A Y L I M O N R O E

From black & greys to whites & beige, neutrals aren’t just about blending in. For 2022, neutrals are taking their moment in the spotlight with stand out colors and patterns that go with everything! Like earthy shades of terra cotta and funky styles of leopard print, jewelry is coming through with its own unexpected forms of fabulous new neutrals. IS THE BOLD new neutral Lagos, Caviar Gold - Gold Caviar Necklace in 18k yellow gold, $6,300

YELLOW GOLD A beautiful shade on every skin tone, there has been a huge resurgence in yellow gold jewelry and it’s not going away anytime soon. Whether you prefer your gold in the form of thick, chunky chains, stacked bangles, or dainty pendant necklaces, your gold jewelry goes with absolutely everything (including other metal colors!)

Julie Vos, Bee Hoop, Starting at $65

Frederic Sage, Slanted Marquise Diamond Center Hoop Earrings, $3,000

Julie Vos, Meridian Pendant on 36” chain, $185

DECORATIVE HOOPS Bold, gold, and decorative - hoops are simple no more! Donned with neutral assets, like diamonds and yellow gold, these eye-catching pieces are the perfect unique staple to add personality to all of your outfits.

Lagos, Caviar Gold Gold Hoop Earrings in 18k gold, 50mm diameter, $2,300

Julie Vos, Palladio Link Necklace, $225

34 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Shy Creations, Diamond Dangle Station Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $830

LAYERED DIAMONDS Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend and what better way to show them off than to layer them together? Consider diamond pieces that are your everyday staples; diamonds by the yard, single station pendants, tennis bracelets, etc. Then, select well-made, sturdy pieces in your color of choice that you intend on wearing daily. With these staple pieces, it is easy to layer your additional, daily fashion pieces with them, creating stacked looks that vary everyday! After all, whether it’s necklaces, bracelets or rings, diamonds always look their best with friends.

Richter & Phillips Jewelers, Diamonds by the Yard Necklace, starting at $1,300

Lagos, Caviar Icon Gemstone Necklace in Turquoise, $325

Luvente, Turquoise and Diamond Pendant in 14k yellow gold, $1,220

TURQUOISE Turquoise is our favorite new neutral! Offering a pop of color that compliments all others, turquoise adds that little bit of organic spice to top off any look. With big and brightly colored gemstones all the rage right now, turquoise is the on-trend neutral that belongs in your jewelry staples (don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself!)

Luvente, Diamond and Turquoise Color Enamel Earrings in 14k yellow gold, $1,650

Lagos, Caviar Icon Gemstone Necklace in Turquoise, $600

Richter & Phillips Jewelers, One-of- a-kind Turquoise and Diamond Ring in white gold, $4,170

R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E [ 35

style guide

b y R E B E C C A S C H A E P E R

Jewelry is an essential part of our everyday uniform and filling your box with staple items is the best way to keep your style complementary. Diamonds are the precious stones that go with absolutely everything. Incorporating everyday diamonds into your daily wardrobe ensures that you curate a collection that isn’t only meaningful, but is full of pieces you won’t want to take off. Heading into 2022, these are the everyday diamond staples to invest in!

DIAMOND BY THE YARD BRACELETS Yellow, rose, or white gold, pick your favorite metal and run with it. These dainty bracelets are affordable ways to add that daily dose of sparkle to your wrists (just wait until you see them shimmer in the sunlight!)

Richter & Phillips Jewelers, Diamonds by the Yard Bracelet in 14k gold, starting at $750

ENAMEL AND DIAMONDS Enamel is a chic, modern way to display a pop of bright color along with your diamonds. Invest in a collection of pastel colored combinations for a fun way to showcase your diamonds.

Luvente, Enamel and Diamond Modern Hoop Earrings, $975

Luvente, Chic Diamond and Enamel Earrings in yellow gold, $650

Luvente, Micro Diamond Pavé Band in 14k gold, $250

Luvente, Minimalist Diamond and Enamel Earrings, $450

DIAMOND BANDS Compliment your diamond ring collection with petite pavé diamond bands. Delicate diamond bands allow you to mix metals into your look, setting the tone for the rest of your jewelry selection.

Shy Creations, Diamond “x” Ring in 14k gold, $460

36 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

Luvente, Diamond Sphere Necklace in 14k gold, $2,290

Shy Creations, Graduated Diamond Necklace, $750

Frederic Sage, Half Diamond Milgrain Nebula Pendant with chain, $2,400

Luvente, Open Sun Diamond Pendant in 14k gold, $1850

DIAMOND NECKLACES A special diamond necklace on a short chain is a staple meant to be left on. Typically in the form of a stationed diamond or pendant, this piece is easily layered with statement necklaces. Choose the necklace in the metal color you wear most often to ensure the styling is consistent.

Lagos, Caviar Lux - Diamond Ring, $1,295

RIGHT HAND DIAMOND STATEMENT RINGS Your right hand is a totally open canvas ready to host a bit of extra sparkle. A mixed metal right hand diamond ring will balance out your ring game.

Richter & Phillips Jewelers, Diamond Stud Earrings, starting at $200

Peter Storm, Leaf & Flower Milgrain Diamond Band in yellow gold, call for pricing

DIAMOND HOOPS AND STUDS Diamond earrings are the quickest way to dress up your look. Flattering with jeans and a blouse or elegant with a cocktail dress, both of these items are must haves for any complete jewelry box.

Lagos, Smart Caviar - 18k Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Diamond Watch Bracelet, $6,500

Luvente, Inside-Outside Diamond Hoops pictured in 14k rose gold, starting at $1,080

SMART CAVIAR WITH DIAMONDS Elevate your functional style with a designer watch bracelet from LAGOS. The Smart Caviar collection offers designer watchbands for the ever-popular Apple Watch™ to maintain productivity while exuding confident style.

38 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

history in your hand



he journey is long. The glistening diamonds that line the showcases at Richter & Phillips Jewelers truly have a remarkable past. Each diamond has its own story, from mine to mounting. Diamonds are older than life on Earth, a true miracle of nature. According to the Natural Diamond Council, long before there was life on Earth, there were diamonds. Most were created one to three billion years ago, and the youngest diamond ever found was over 100 million years old. Originating more than 100 miles beneath the Earth, they were pushed to the surface by volcanic eruptions 300-400 million years ago, long before dinosaurs roamed. Diamonds are the oldest thing that most of us will ever hold. The journey originates when a diamond is mined from the earth’s surface. In its raw form, the uncut stone is called, “rough.” Next, expert diamond cutters study the rough and carefully determine the size and shape of the diamond, or multiple diamonds, that can be produced from each piece of rough. Just as technology improves so many aspects of our daily lives, it also has tremendously enhanced the centuries-old art of diamond cutting. “The cutting process of the rough diamond is a unique skill that requires deep understanding of the rough diamond structure,” says Gadi Cohen of Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds. “However, we are able today to use state of the art technology in order to carefully analyze the rough’s characteristics and calculate its total dimension to maximize the size and number of diamonds that can be cut from it. The computer creates a blueprint for the diamonds prior to cutting, much like an architect creates drawings for a new home, prior to building.” Once the computer maps the way, the cutting begins. It is a slow, lengthy, and meticulous process. The computer’s progress and robotic cutting technology is always overseen by a highly trained expert, with checkpoints at every phase. Cohen states, “It is truly a co-production between man and machine.”

And what a beautiful production it is!

40 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E


knowledge is power

Deciding on your engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s the one piece of jewelry that you plan to wear forever. There is so much newness in the bridal world that it’s important to consider which new designs will remain timeless. Luckily 2021 has brought about some stunning styles that you’re sure to love for decades. Our top four recommendations all have one thing in common — it’s all about the setting. OF THINGS TO COME shape

FANCY SHAPE SIDE STONES IN THREE STONE RINGS Who doesn’t love a ton of sparkle? We’ve seen a lot of three-stone settings this year, but what’s really sparkling are fancy-shaped side stones. From tapered baguettes and brilliant-cut half-moons to pointed trillion and pear shapes, side stones are taking a fancy spin in the spotlight and they know how to own it.

Setting by Martin Flyer, White gold Engagement Ring featuring two 0.25ct Pear- Shaped side stones

Setting by Classique Creations, Engagement Ring featuring 4 asymmetrically set marquise side stones

Setting by Classique Creations, Engagement Ring featuring 2 Pear- Shaped side stones

Band by Joshua J. Fine Jewelry, Oval Eternity Band

Pro tip: The perfect complement to fancy-shaped side stone engagement rings are big, beautiful diamond bands. Brides are choosing unique diamond shapes, such as emerald or oval cut, to complement their engagement rings.

Setting by Classique Creations, Yellow gold Engagement Ring featuring 4 Pear Shaped side stones

Band by Christopher Designs, L’Amour Crisscut Eternity Band

42 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

When Two Become One

WHISPER-THIN BANDS If you want your diamond to take centerstage, a petite band is for you! This engagement ring style stole the show in 2021. The juxtaposition of the thin band with a large center stone are two anomalies that work together beautifully. A petite band will bring the full attention to your diamond, making it appear larger and more noticeable.

Pro tip: Bring some color back into your wedding set! Yellow gold is still glittering in the jewelry scene, especially in bridal jewelry. Yellow gold complements all skin tones and really sets off the fiery sparkle of your center diamond.

Setting by Henri Daussi, Diamond Engagement Ring with Hidden Halo in Yellow Gold

Setting by Martin Flyer, FlyerFit, slender silhouette with hidden halo in white gold

OVAL BANDS Alternatively to the thin, simple bands are oval bands. Blinged-out bands typically consist of round diamonds, but we are seeing increasing requests for rings set with ovals all around the band. Ovals appear similar to round diamonds in regard to brilliance and sparkle. Oval shapes offer glamour, luxury, and elegance in design, while maintaining a modern feel — especially when applied in a unique way, such as set in the engagement ring band. This also looks great when paired with an oval wedding band!

Setting by Michael M, Hidden Halo set in 18k gold or platinum

HIDDEN HALOS Hidden halos have become one of the biggest requests for rings in 2021, and we expect this sweet ring of delicately placed diamonds to stick around for quite some time. A hidden halo is a modern twist on a classic halo, featuring tiny round diamonds secretly tucked underneath the center stone. Especially exquisite in a cathedral setting, hidden halos offer you that extra bit of sparkle while maintaining a solitaire look.

Setting by Classique Creations, Engagement Ring featuring sparkling Oval Diamond Band

Setting by Peter Storm, Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Setting by Classique Creations, Unique 14k rose gold Engagement Ring

Setting by Art Carved, Vintage inspired 14k rose gold Engagement Ring

The best part about engagement rings going into 2022? Nothing is off the table. We encourage you to break tradition and look for something meaningful to reflect your individual style. Richter & Phillips Jewelers is the tri-state’s leader when it comes to custom designing the perfect engagement ring. Whether making small adjustments to a setting you find in our shop, updating a family heirloom, or inventing a completely original combination of your favorite Pinterest rings, we have the ability to bring your dream to fruition and create something totally you!

Setting by Art Carved, Pavé Diamond Band Engagement Ring

44 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E


wedding planner

b y R E B E C C A S C H A E P E R & T R A Y L I M O N R O E

do you have


Top row, left to right: Goldman band in 14k yellow and 14k white gold, polished. • Goldman band in 14k yellow gold, brushed. Bottom row, left to right: Goldman band in 18k white gold and rose. • Goldman 7mm band in platinum. • Goldman 6mm band in platinum.

When thinking of your wedding band, you picture one, singular piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life. But, have you considered the ongoing traditions and practicality of putting a huge chunk of money into one irreplaceable piece of jewelry? Today, it is increasingly more common for men to opt for several wedding bands, even before the big day! Multiple wedding bands allows longevity of your marital band, the opportunity for new looks, and offers you and your partner a new tradition of gift giving. Your marital wedding band can be defined as the ring your partner puts on your finger during the ceremony. This ring is likely something unique or incredibly special to you. Perhaps the ring was a family heirloom or you chose to invest in a higher-priced, luxury ring such as 18k gold with diamonds. Although this ring holds special meaning, you may not want to wear it every day. Instead, while shopping for a ring, leave room in your budget for a second

ring meant for everyday wear. A 14k gold ring or a Tungsten piece would be a great option for the natural wear of your everyday life, ensuring your marital band stays safe for special occasions. Additionally, multiple bands are exceptional opportunities to define your look day-to-day. Men’s bands are more than just white or yellow metal. With an artful array of textures, patterns, and even designs meant to stack, your wedding band will be the singular part of your daily uniform that you wear without hesitation. Black, bronze, and even pavéd with diamonds, your band should be an exciting expression of your style. The option of having multiple bands also opens the door for holiday gifts, anniversary celebrations, and more. Create meaningful moments out of your jewelry by tying new looks to your relationship’s milestones. New bands are gifts that keep on giving, for both you and your partner.

Your wedding band is something special that is meant to be reflective of your personality and relationship with your partner. Just like your love, your personality and style is ever-growing, why shouldn’t your band collection grow with it?

46 ] R I C H T E R & P H I L L I P S J E W E L E R S M A G A Z I N E

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