BC Clark Magazine 2023_2024



5th generation Clark, recent Fine Arts graduate from the University of Oklahoma, Art Teacher at Midwest City H.S.

transformed I n the realm of artistry, creativity knows no limits. Artists continually seek inspiration and innovative avenues to express their imagination, whether through traditional canvas paintings or digital masterpieces. In the heart of the BC Clark family, there is a treasure trove of artistic talent and we feel truly fortunate to introduce you to one of those talents, Emmy Clark. Emmy is a fifth-generation Clark and is the daughter of President Coleman Clark. She is an accomplished University of Oklahoma Fine Arts graduate and we are excited to watch her passion for creativity come alive in our stores. Over the past few years, Emmy has completed several remarkable commissioned pieces, yet her latest creation stands out among the rest for the time and creativity she poured into it. Emmy seamlessly blended intricate artistic elements with vintage components sourced from our jewelers’ and watchmakers’ workshops to craft a unique masterpiece for our newly renovated Downtown location.


Embedded within these paintings are fragments of gold, the delicate gears, springs, and wheels that drive timepieces, repurposed repair materials, watch bracelets, buckles, and other recycled compenents, resulting in a pair of complementary works of art. The paintings represent a captivating union of mechanics and aesthetics, coming together to form the working intricate details of a watch movement. We chatted with Emmy on her inspiration and dedication to making these pieces in this fun Q&A session.


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