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GO SWIMMING Swimming is a gentle exercise that doesn’t put your joints and muscles under too much stress but does give you a full- body workout. If you can regularly get to a pool and put in enough time, you can get everything you need out of swimming. GO DANCING Go out dancing a few times a week. You can have fun, socialize, and get in a decent aerobic workout, if you dance vigorously enough. You don’t even have to go out if you don’t want to. Just put on some music and dance at home. No one is watching!

DO YOGA Yoga provides you with an effective workout that isn’t too hard on your body. It develops core and stabilizer muscles and, if you choose the right kind of yoga, you can even get an aerobic workout. Because yoga involves meditation and balance, you might find it easier to get into than more traditional forms of exercise. Again, think about mind, body, and soul. GET INTO GARDENING Gardening may not seem like exercise, but it involves a lot of crouching, bending over, and walking around. If you put in enough time at it, you can get in some minimally decent exercise. If you enjoy being outside and hate exercising, this could be an effective way of getting a little, anyway. Besides the exercise, you’ll find it is therapy for the mind, and you’ll be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment (and healthy treats). You can learn how to get the exercise you need even if you aren’t a very motivated person. All you need to do is...

We all agree that regular exercise is an important part of having a long, healthy life. Right? But when working out seems like a chore, you often come up with reasons to avoid it. Well, you might be more likely to stick with it if exercising is more fun. You just have to look at it in a new way and find opportunities that are more enjoyable for you. Working out in these ways is healthy for the mind, body, and soul — and you might even get a job done in the process! PLAY GAMES OUTSIDE Find some other people (your kids?) with the same motivation problem and put together a regular game of some sort: touch football, baseball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee. It doesn’t matter what, as long as there’s a lot of running around. You could even play kid’s games like capture the flag, tag, or red rover. These kinds of outdoor games provide an excellent aerobic workout, and they’re a lot of fun. Best of all, it is time spent with family and friends and it gets you outdoors. WATCH TV ON AN EXERCISE BIKE Put an exercise bike in front of your TV or vice versa. It might be easier for you to exercise if you make it as easy and entertaining as possible. Because you’ll be sitting down, it will be easy for you to put in a good, long biking session while watching your favorite shows or perhaps an old movie.

...change how you think about exercising!

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