Polachecks Holiday 2021 Magazine

Brick stone neogothic town church in the Olympic town of Lillehammer.

LILLEHAMMER The journey between Oslo and Lillehammer was picturesque, as there was a deep fall of new snow, which weighed heavily on the branches of the tall pine trees enveloping the landscape. As we travelled inland, the river could be seen freezing over, creating what appeared to be a mist a few feet above it. We visited Maihaugen, where numerous buildings from different eras form an open air museum. Icicles hung from the roofs, but inside fires were lit, and period actor’s portrayed life as it used to be. There is a great wooden stave church, but unfortunately, it was closed. The streets of Lillehammer were enchanting. Life here is unhurried, and we had a ride in a horse drawn cart. We later enjoyed reindeer for dinner at a traditional ski lodge with its blazing log fires and twinkling candles. Before we left the following morning, we visited the ski jump and surrounding area. For those who want

to ski, this is a great location. At nearby Oyer, the gondoliers were unable to operate, as it was too windy, but we drove up the twisting route to the mountain top to enjoy the sweeping view LOG CABIN IN THE SNOW Our last night was in a log cabin semi-buried in snow in an isolated location. It was difficult to believe it was only half an hour from the airport. It came complete with two fluffy affectionate cats, a blazing log fire, and a hot tub. Outside white fairy lights twinkled, and inside candles flickered and old fashioned oil lamps cast a muted light. It was furnished with old folk art. Blankets, rugs, and sheepskins abounded. Early next morning, we watched the birds and squirrels as they played outside, before we waded through the deep snow and left the enchantment of Norway behind. Arriving back home, it seemed as though we had stepped back into the wardrobe and Narnia was gone, but we knew we could return and it would be just as magical.

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