Polachecks Holiday 2021 Magazine

THAT NARNIA FEELING Stepping into Norway’s awesome winter landscape on a winter’s morning felt as magical as stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. The white snow crunched under our feet, and the trees were laden with soft powder, as though they had been dredged in icing sugar. Lights twinkled in the early morning light, and although snowy, the temperature hovered just around freezing. THE THIEF We had arrived late the evening before and sank into the soft comfy beds of The Thief, one of Oslo’s top hotels. A warmer welcome would be hard to find. At one time, its location was a haven for smugglers, thieves, and vagabonds, but today it is hideaway for all those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Surrounded by international art and an appealing atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax, enjoy Nordic cuisine, and chill out in the spa. THE FJORD Oslo’s fjord is easily accessible and was just a stone’s throw from the hotel, so early next morning, we made our way to the quayside, where the ferries leave for the islands scattered off shore. The white glistening snow gave the illusion of daylight, even before the sun rose. We took a ferry, which left every hour, calling in at several tiny islands, where colorfully painted cabins rose from the deep, white, crisp snow, which surrounded them. Streaks of blue and yellow broke free from the snow laden clouds and were reflected in the calm icy waters.

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