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The redesigned Tank Must is another of Cartier’s savvy remasters. Here, the Tank is paired with Cartier’s “Must” designation, a reference to its can’t-live-without accessibility. The revamped line includes new colors, smaller sizes, and a strap that is the star of the show: It is made of 40 percent plant matter, and thus geared to the growing masses of eco-conscious buyers. Specifically, they are made using waste from the processing of apples grown for the food industry in Europe. Cartier touts them as an ecological alternative to calfskin and says they will be rolled out across other Cartier collections in the near future. The new quartz-based Tank Must also incorporates a new eco-movement technology called photovoltaic. It involves creating perforations in the dial through the Roman numerals that allow solar energy to reach the photovoltaic cells hidden under the dial. It took two years to develop and works in conjunction with what Cartier calls the SolarBeat movement, which has an average lifespan of 16 years.

The revitalized Cartier Tank, with straps made from recycled material.

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