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CONSCIOUS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Sentient furniture and appliances are those that read the environment and react accordingly on their own. These aim to improve convenience and increase the security of homes. A great example is the kitchen shelf that remains closed if a child attempts to open it and doors that let you know when your child or pet passes through them to make you more aware. IKEA announced that they will spearhead this chapter in smart home technology with the introduction of the wireless charging lamp. This is just one of the upcoming innovations in connected furniture technology. This lamp will charge devices that share the same charging standard wirelessly.

LOCKDOWN FITNESS TECHNOLOGY Following movement restrictions due to the pandemic, smart home technologies will prioritize home fitness appliances and applications that will encourage physical activity. This could be in form of webcams on your television to help keep track of your workouts and other connected appliances that will remind you to use your fitness equipment daily. Your ho e should be your safe space, the one place you will feel relaxed and at ease. With smart home technologies, your tasks are made easier, you get help staying healthy, and invasions are kept at bay. 2021 is a good year as any to go smart and improve your living experience. IMPROVED SECURITY AND SAFETY SENSORS One of the biggest concerns for home-owners is security. Why invest in all of this technology is if it is only going to get stolen, right? Smart home trends in 2021 will therefore strive to improve existing security technology. This includes better sensor technology that will help detect invasions more quickly. These sensor systems will not only help keep human invaders at bay but also curious animals and destructive insects. In 2021, advanced sensors are predicted to have the capacity to detect termites, roaches, and houseflies and either release an electric pulse to scare them off or a small dose of insecticide. For now, confirmed technology will let you know when an insect infestation is taking root in your home. 5


A good example of a green technology feature is the smart thermostats, connected to heating systems to enable more precise and even automated temperature control. It is estimated to reduce energy wastage by 30%. Other appliances are also following suit, coming in features that minimize their carbon footprint. You will find green technology items like motion sensors and other automation that will help reduce energy consumption by only activating devices when they are needed. BETTER DATA SECURITY Data theft and hacking have become serious concerns for owners of smart homes. 2021 smart home trends will therefore include a lot of antivirus and anti-hacking software that you will need to purchase to safeguard all networks and appliances in your home. More appliances will also be made with hardware and software that is harder to infiltrate externally.

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