Longs Magazine 2021/2022

If you want to experience The Newbury but don’t have the need to book a room, you’re still in luck! There are two locations on the property where locals and admirers can relax and enjoy the hotel’s ambiance. Located off of Arlington Street, you’ll find the revival of a beloved watering hole: The Street Bar. With interior design by Jeffrey Beers International, the bar overlooks the Public Garden and takes guests back to the roaring glamour of the 1920s speakeasies. Take a seat at the bar in one of their leather stools, or enjoy your favorite classic cocktail by the cozy fireplace. If you’d prefer a full-course meal, then make your reservations at Contessa, one of the only restaurants in Boston to currently overlook the Public Garden. This 4,000-square-foot glass enclosed rooftop dining experience is operated by Major Food Group and combines world- class hospitality with an exquisite interior. You’ll enjoy iconic Italian cuisine, cocktails, and 360-degree views of Boston. “[Contessa is] really an atmosphere that takes

you to a different era. But at the same time, it’s not pretentious. It wants to be something that you feel familiar with,” Bueno said. “It feels like you’ve been here before. Or perhaps this is the place that you wanted to go to, and you just didn’t know about it until you came up to Contessa.” While everything in The Newbury has been restored from top to bottom, the one thing guests love the most hasn’t changed - the people. “The most joyful aspect of the atmosphere has been getting to know our associates,” he said. “About 150 associates returned from when the property closed, and those associates range from a couple of years to 45 years of service.” With so much experience, you might say that hospitality runs through the veins of everyone who associates themselves with The Newbury. But you won’t just find this kind of luxury and expertise within the hotel - you’ll also find it throughout all the boutiques along Newbury Street, including the Rolex Boutique by Long’s.

Inspired by the grand estate of the Back Bay, the Rolex Boutique is a flagship store that welcomes guests with a warming grandeur. Even some of The Newbury guests have wandered through the doors, ready for a new watch- buying experience. According to Bueno, “You hear a lot of the guests talk about that beautiful depiction of the Boston Public Garden as you [go into] the store, the sitting area in the back where you can socialize and grab an espresso, then those private rooms on the second floor, and you can even have a watch repaired. It’s just pretty exquisite and unique. Not something that a lot of people are able to offer. Our guests love [the Long’s Rolex] team, the levels of hospitality, and the warm welcome. But again, it’s just a beautiful boutique.” Whether you’re spending a night out on the town or are nestling in for an extended stay, both The Newbury Boston and Long’s Rolex Boutique welcome you to enjoy all the historical Boston charm located on Newbury Street.

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