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Who says quarantine is boring? You certainly won’t hear that from Ben and Rachel! This couple met on Bumble and shared a memorable first date in the Upper East Side. It wasn’t long before Ben knew Rachel was the one. Then COVID hit. So he gave it some thought about whether or not it was the right time to propose, but ultimately decided it was the perfect time to propose to Rachel! “The only problem was, I hadn’t picked out a ring yet. I reached out to Judd, who’s a great friend of my family (thanks again, Judd!), and within days I was nervously holding the diamond ring I’d use to ask Rachel to be my wife. The actual question didn’t happen until a few days later. It was Saturday and a beautiful spring Saturday at that. The air was crisp. The sky was blue. It was a perfect day. We went for our daily walk around the neighborhood, and by the time we got back, it was almost lunch. Rachel wanted to make some food, but I convinced her to walk down to the water with me instead. We got down to a rocky section of beach, and both of us were kind of squatting on the ground. It was then that I fully got down on one knee, and reached into my pocket to find the ring. I started to giggle nervously, then I started to cry. Finally, I showed her the ring and asked if she would marry me. She then also started to cry, and said, ‘Yes, of course!’”

Kelly & Chris


Everyone loves a good Justin Timberlake song, but not everyone can say he helped them find their forever person. However, Kelly and Chris can! After attending a JT concert just 24 hours apart, Kelly and Chris were ultimately set up by his cousin, Ami. Ami and Kelly went to the same concert Chris had the night before, and on the way to the event, Ami talked Chris up, even declaring that he and Kelly should date. From there, the couple shared a memorable 4-hour first date together and you could say the rest is history. After spending all winter 2020 cooped up because of the pandemic, Kelly and Chris were anxious to get away. A little vacation also meant Chris had the perfect excuse to propose! “All this past winter, Chris had been dying to get away on vacation, so he booked a trip for us to go to Ocean Reef Club for April vacation. On our first full day there, we had our new member orientation in the morning and during our tour, the membership advisor told us about a “new member” lunch that they were hosting that day. This did not sound too exciting to me as I was excited to just relax with Chris by the pool all afternoon. He managed to pull me away from the pool and it turns out that Chris had set it all up and there were no new members there. Once we walked out there he proposed to me at the end of the jetty called “The Point” and we had an amazing lunch afterwards. He had the whole area closed so we were able to spend the afternoon there together.”

Rachel & Ben


Matt first met Sarah when she worked at Kate Spade on Newbury St. He went in with every intention of buying Mother’s Day gifts for his mom and grandma, not exactly expecting he’d walk out with a date. Ask Sarah the story and she’ll tell you she ‘oversold him.’ After dating for nearly four years, Matt decided it was time to ask Sarah to marry him. He planned an entire trip for them to Stowe, where he had more in store than just snow and the sights. “On the morning of February 20th, we went for a snowy hike where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After saying ‘Yes!’, I said ‘You went to Long’s?!’ It was the perfect ring from my perfect person! We’re over the moon and taking in every moment as we embark on this next chapter!”

Sarah & Matt

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