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W EDDING Bands M I X , M A T C H , S T A C K WHEN IT COMES TO ENGAGEMENT RINGS, TODAY’S MODERN COUPLES ARE THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. WE’VE SEEN IT MANY TIMES OVER—COUPLES TRADING THE TRADITIONAL DIAMOND FOR A COLORFUL GEMSTONE, OPTING FOR A VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RING THAT CAN’T BE REPLICATED, OR EVEN CHOOSING SOMETHING SO ELEGANT AND STRAIGHTFORWARD AS A SOLITAIRE MOUNTING. Now, we’re seeing couples carry that same energy into selecting their wedding bands. For the ladies, this means looking at options that don’t precisely match their engagement ring. For the guys, this might look like something non-traditional. Either way, the trends for today’s wedding bands have really taken off, and we’ve got to say we’re here for it!

FANCY SHAPED DIAMONDS Most couples are looking for something unique in their wedding sets. That’s probably why the modern couple is being so drawn to wedding bands with a mix of fancy shapes. Some wedding bands combine pears with brilliant rounds. Others pair baguettes and marquises for a classic and elegant wedding band. If you can’t decide between a fancy shape, don’t worry! Multi-shape bands are also a great option.

Platinum New Aire Silk Prong Eternity Band by Precision Set

18K Rose Gold New Aire Silk Prong Band by Precision Set

THIN ETERNITY BANDS Being modern also means keeping things sleek and elegant. Thin diamond eternity bands are making a name for themselves, requiring us to name them as a wedding trend. Many couples are even looking for that vintage style look in these thin bands, adoring the beaded trim and arrangement of different fancy stones throughout a single wedding band.

18K Rose Gold Bezeled Alternating Round and Marquise Diamond Band by Mark Patterson

18K Yellow Gold Prong Set Round and Baguette Diamond Band by Long’s Jewelers

Platinum Shared Prong Eternity Band with Alternating East-West Diamonds by JB Star

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