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Antique 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Old Mine Cut Earrings

Tiffany & Co. Art Deco Platinum Diamond Cross Pendant

Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Pearl Ring

Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Art Deco Platinum Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Ring

Art Deco Platinum Engagement Ring

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Bracelet

ART DECO Jewelry pieces from the Art Deco period were made between 1920-1935.Similar to Edwardian pieces, Art Deco jewelry utilizes white gold, platinum, and old-cut diamonds. However, these pieces differentiate themselves from Edwardian jewelry through the use of distinct geometric shapes, calibre cut gemstones, and filigree, or small cut-out designs. The filigree is one of the most distinctive features of Art Deco jewelry and is near impossible to recreate today.

In our estate collection, you’ll find the Art Deco period represented in a variety of stunning old- cut diamond rings. Hand-crafted and alive with intricacies, these rings capture the eye and are the perfect conversation starter. If you’re looking for a unique and special engagement ring, these just might catch your eye. Or, a beautiful Art Deco bracelet that will add more depth to your current bangle stack.

“Art Deco is more structural, and you’ll see more geometric patterns and cleaner lines. They used a lot of platinum, and engagement rings became popular, too. Many pieces have a balance of color, using sapphires, jade, onyx, and diamond accents. And most of the pieces are handmade and are one-of-a-kind.”

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