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SUZY LANDA A series of happy accidents: that’s how designer Suzy Landa describes the journey that took her little tinkering hobby and turned into the label of “Rising Star” at the JCK Las Vegas show in 2004. Landa is not shy about her lifelong love for at- home arts and crafts. Throughout her life, she’s created everything from sculptures to kinetic mobiles to embroidered pillows. Today, Landa’s jewelry designs pay homage to her 1960s-70s childhood, featuring minimalist designs with bold colored gemstones — all of which she makes right here in the US. “My collection is made entirely in New York City. I have worked with the same jeweler and setter since the very beginning — when he rescued a piece I was having trouble finishing properly in a metalsmithing class. Though I no longer sit at the bench myself, I have an understanding of the whole fabrication process, and in supervising production.

18K Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Pendant Enhancer by Suzy Landa

I’m very scrutinizing about the way pieces are constructed. I still personally hand pick and match every stone for every piece.” Landa uses only the finest gemstones that she sources from a handful of suppliers — the same suppliers she’s used for nearly 18 years. Currently, you’ll find a lot more opal in her pieces, and there’s a good reason for that. “I am crazy about opals, particularly the boulder opals from Queensland, Australia. To me, they’re like Mother Nature’s little paintings.” Inspired by modern art and mid- century designs, Landa prefers to make one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to a woman’s sense of style and beauty. Something she’s accomplished by going against mainstream designers and trends. “My goal is to have a woman love my piece in ten years as much as she loves it on the first day she wore it.”

18K Yellow Gold Multistone Color Block Drop Earring by Suzy Landa

ZOË CHICCO The first piece of jewelry Zoë Chicco ever created was a stylish broach made from a camera lens, a single coin, beads, and a safety pin. Now, you might not think it was much, but to a 6-year old Chicco, it was the beginning of her career in jewelry design. Inspired by all the adornments her grandmother wore, Chicco pursued jewelry making in high school before going on to study Studio Art and Metalsmithing in college. After spending some time working at the bench for other designers, Chicco finally launched her line in 2000. Since then, Chicco’s designs have built a cult-like following among some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Yet, pleasing the stars isn’t her main focus. Instead, Chicco prides herself on creating jewelry for everyone and keeping it all in-house. “My team of jewelers and I have full control over the creative process from start to finish. My other biggest source of pride is

14K Yellow Gold Double Curb Link Chain by Zoe Chicco

that I strive to design pieces that can appeal to customers with different economic backgrounds. We try to offer price-friendly options as well as more aspirational pieces — there is something for everyone.” Last year, Chicco celebrated her 20th year in business as a jewelry designer. To commemorate the occasion, she launched the 20x20 campaign: 20 collaborations to celebrate 20 years. Working with other Los Angeles female founders and innovators, the 20x20 campaign gave others a chance to give back using the proceeds from their limited-edition jewelry designs. “I love the opportunity to collaborate with so many inspiring women and introduce them to my community. It’s a way to share that I haven’t done before. Each person is completely unique and has their own perspective, and it has been a lot of fun to work together to bring their ideas to life through the medium of jewelry.”

14K Yellow Gold Sunbeam Medallion by Zoe Chicco

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