Longs Magazine 2021/2022

18K Yellow Gold Ruby Heart Pendant by Long’s Jewelers

Platinum Cushion Cut Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Long’s Jewelers

Blue Blue is cooling, soothing and is associated with wisdom and clarity. Soft blues calm the mind and aid concentration. Dark blue implies trust, dignity, intelligence, and authority. Bright blue signifies strength, dependability, and coolness. People everywhere are drawn to the blue sapphire, yet blue hues also grace gemstones like topaz, opal, and aquamarine.

Platinum Three Stone Cushion Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring by Long’s Jewelers

Yellow Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors in the spectrum, and it manages to capture our attention more than any other – the human eye processes yellow first. Embellishments of all kinds highlight yellow sapphires, Canary yellow fancy diamonds, and even yellow garnets.

Red Red is the color of love. It radiates passion and vitality. Two magical elements are associated with red: fire and blood, which represent warmth and life itself. It is the color of intensity, appetite, and adventure. It’s an attention- grabbing tone, synonymous with gemstones like ruby, topaz, and garnet.

Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Ruby and Diamond Earrings by Long’s Jewelers

Platinum Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring by Long’s Jewelers

18K Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Band by Long’s Jewelers

18K Yellow Gold Multi Stone Drop Earrings by Suzy Landa

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