Blue Sky Eye Magazine 2020

FoodsforYourEyes Give Yourself Colorful Choices Even your medical doctor would agree: A colorful diet is a rich diet. Fruits and vegetables vary in color and nutrient value, so you can’t go wrong with your choices, but balance is key. To support your eyes with lutein and zeaxanthin, consume more spinach and kale. For vitamins A, C, and E, try carrots, oranges, red bell peppers, tomatoes, and avocados. Your diet doesn’t have to be boring, so go ahead and add some color so you can keep supporting your eyesight and eye health! Omega-3s & Minerals Fatty acids and minerals are just as important for your diet. To reduce AMD risks, experts suggest you consume more cold-water fish, such as wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, trout, and tuna, while staying away from the Omega 6s that are often found in farm-raised fishing sources. Fatty acids are also essential for tear production and lubrication, just like orange fruits and vegetables. If you need to increase your zinc and copper intake, try black-eyed peas, kidney beans, and lima beans.

These foods will help promote tear production and blood supply to your eyes, which is a vital part of reducing your risk for AMD. Remember: It’s all about fueling your eyes(ight).

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