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CALL FOR BACKUP Why You Need Backup Glasses

You never know when you’l l accidentally break your glasses or rip a contact lens — and especially now that we’ve learned that the world can shut down in a moment’s notice, it’s important to be prepared. The thought of your

eyesight being compromised in any situation is stressful and potentially debilitating. Before it’s too late, call for backup and rest easy knowing your eyesight will never be an issue!

Oops! Accidents Happen We’ve all done it: sat down and heard that dreadful CRUNCH! Screws can come loose, nose pads can pop off, frames can break, or the glasses can be lost altogether. If you don’t have a backup pair of glasses, you could be out of luck until you can get a new pair, which could take days or weeks. Don’t let accidents keep you from seeing straight. Get your backup pair before it’s too late! Travel with Ease Having a backup pair of glasses gives you flexibility while traveling. You won’t always have access to your eye doctor while on the road. Keeping a spare pair of glasses in your bag will also come in handy when you run out of contact solution at the most inconvenient time. Avoid Eye Infections Our eyes are sensitive, and infections can happen at any time. Continuing to wear your contacts will further irritate your eyes, causing more discomfort. If you have an eye infection, stop wearing your contacts and turn to your backup glasses to allow your eyes to heal. Dr. Ashley Fritz of Blue Sky Vision-Three Rivers explains, “If you have eye pain, blurry vision, light sensitivity, excessive redness, watering, or feel as if there is something in your eye, stop wearing contacts and call your eye doctor right away.” Screen Time If you’re spending more time on the computer these days, it’s time to consider a backup pair of glasses that provide extra protection against digital eye strain. Yes, it’s a thing, and it could be the cause of your midday headaches, blurry vision, and red eyes. Glasses equipped with an anti-reflective coating or blue-light filter lenses will protect your eyes and help you power through your workday.

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